Virginia Unemployment Information – Benefits, Eligibility etc.

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) handles all unemployment claims in Virginia. The unemployment program in Virginia is meant to provide financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. The benefits are funded by taxes paid by employers as a part of the Virginia Seal_of_Virginia.svgUnemployment Compensation Act.


In order to qualify for unemployment insurance in Virginia, you must have earned wages from an employer covered by the state’s unemployment insurance law. You must have earned enough wages over 12-month period (the base period) to qualify. If you earn enough wages, you must also:

  • Have lost your job through no fault of your own
  • Be able to work and available to work when you file your claim
  • Be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the US

You’ll be required to register an account with a job search service, or the VEC when you file. If the state awards benefits, you will have to show a good faith effort to look for work.

Eligibility Requirements Explained

Lost Job Through No Fault of Your Own

Your actions or decisions cannot be the cause of your separation from employment. Laid off workers are a prime example of this. Quitting for personal reasons or getting fired for rule violations are examples of disqualifying circumstances.

Able and Available

You must be physically and mentally able to work when you file your claim. You must also be available to accept an offer of suitable employment. “Suitable employment” is a job you are capable of performing through training or experience and at a salary commiserate with prior employment.

Legally Authorized

You need not live in Virginia to be eligible for benefits, but you must be a US citizen. Non-citizens must be able to prove that the US government has given permission for them to work in the US.

Wage Requirements and the Base Period

To qualify for benefits in Virginia, you must have earned enough wages from a covered employer during a 12-month period called the base period. The base period is the first four of the last five months prior to your filing the initial claim.

unemployment base period

This chart shows the base period.

You must have earned a minimum of $3,000 in two quarters of your base period in order to be eligible for benefits.

Calculating Benefit Payments

The VEC will use your base period wages to determine how much you’ll receive each week, your weekly benefit amount (WBA). The state will use the two highest earning quarters in your base period to calculate this figure. High quarter earnings also determine the number of weeks you can claim benefits during the benefit year, from 12 to 26 weeks.

The current maximum WBA is $350 and the minimum is $60. You will have to have earned at least $18,900.01 to get the max WBA.

You’ll receive a wage determination in the mail. This does not guarantee you’ll be receiving benefits. Look it over carefully. If you notice any errors or simply disagree with the determination, you may request that the VEC look again. Call the VEC at 1-866-832-2363 and prepare to provide evidence of your claim.

Extended Benefits

During times of high unemployment, the state or federal government will authorize additional weeks of benefit payments on top of the mandated maximums. Currently, there are no extended benefit payments available.

How to apply

Like most states, Virginia allows you to file new claims by phone or online. In order to file by phone, you must call:

  • New claim: 1-866-832-2363

After registering with the online site, you can use this site to update your personal information, enter employment information, check your eligibility, select a payment method, and access more information about your benefits.

Before you start to file your claim, make sure you have the following information available:

  • Your social security number
  • Information for all of your employers in the past 18 months (names, addresses, dates of employment, phone numbers)
  • For union workers, the name and number of your local union hall
  • If you are not a U.S citizen, your alien registration number
  • Your routing number and bank account number if you wish to receive direct deposit

You may also choose to file for unemployment by visiting one of your local VEC offices. A list of all of the offices can be found here.

Weekly Certifications and Maintaining Eligibility

You must maintain your eligibility status during the period you receive unemployment. You must also show that you are making a good faith effort to find a new job. The VEC monitors this by requiring you to file a weekly claim, also called “certifying” your claim each week so that you receive your payment that week.

You will file the weekly claim just as you filed the initial claim, either over the phone or online.

Weekly claim number: 1-800-897-5630

The VEC will ask a number of questions meant to determine whether you remain eligible for benefits. The questions will cover a number of topics including:

  • Whether you are able and available to work
  • Whether you are looking for work
  • Whether you have refused an offer of employment
  • Whether you have earned any reportable wages or income
  • Whether you have participated in any training programs

If you have earned wages, you must report them during the week you earned them, not the week you were paid.

If you refuse a job offer, you must report it to the VEC. Someone will decide whether you refused a suitable offer. If so, you may be disqualified from receiving benefits.

Hours of Availability for INTERNET and VRS:

Sunday (9 a.m. – Midnight)
Monday (4:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)
Tuesday (7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)
Wednesday (7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)
Thursday (7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.)
Friday (7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.)
Saturday & Holidays (9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.)

Partial Unemployment

In some instances, your employer may have to reduce your hours significantly from full-time to part-time. You may file for partial unemployment in this case. If you wish to collect partial benefits, your employer must provide a Statement of Partial Unemployment that states your wages for every week you wish to claim partial benefits.

You will still have to qualify for benefits and the VEC will determine a WBA for you.

To qualify for partial benefits, you must complete the form and send it to:

VEC Benefit Pament/Charge Unit

P.O. Box 1779

Richmond, VA 23218

The form must be mailed within 14 days of receiving it form your employer. You cannot file for partial benefits during weeks in which you don’t have enough hours because you missed days or did not work all of the hours offered to you.

Part-time Work and Receiving Benefits

This situation is different from partial unemployment. You may lose a full-time job and find part-time work later on. You can work part-time and still receive benefits as long as the wages you report don’t equal or exceed your WBA.

If you earn more than $50 during a benefit week, the state will deduct a dollar-for-dollar amount from your WBA. You may see this $50 amount called an “earning allowance.”

Job Search Requirements

The state requires that you make a good faith effort to find work. You must make verifiable job contacts each week. This means you should apply for jobs with a contact available, or your research should determine who it is you are contacting to get hired. Keep records; the VEC may audit your job search efforts at any time.

  • Month, day, year of contact;
  • Complete name of employer contacted;
  • Complete address (street, P.O. Box number, city, state, zip code) of employer contacted;
  • First and last name of the individual for the employer/company with whom you talked;
  • Telephone number of the employer; fax number; and e-mail or web address;
  • Type of work or position for which you applied; and
  • Result of contact.

Reasons for Denial of Benefits

If you don’t meet the wage requirements, you will not qualify for benefits. As noted earlier, you will be able to request a redetermination of your base period wages. You may also file an appeal.

You may meet the wage requirements; however, a VEC examiner may still deny benefits because of the cause of your separation from work.

Separation Issues

If you meet the wage requirement, the state will inquire about the reasons for separation from work. If you quit for a cause unrelated to work or personal reasons, the state will deny benefits. If your employer dismissed you for “misconduct,” the state will deny benefits.

Examples of disqualifying reasons to quit are generally easy to figure. If you just “got tired” of the job and quit, that’s a personal reason. If you quit because you couldn’t get afterschool care for a school-age child, that’s a reason unrelated to work, even though finding child care may be a “good cause” for you. The legal standard is a “good cause connected to the work.”

The “misconduct” standard is defined as some action or inaction showing a disregard for your employer’s interests. Repeated violations of a rule after receiving repeated warnings from your boss is a clear example of misconduct connected to work. Even a one-time violation may fit the definition of misconduct.

Quit and Still Eligible

If you quit work for some good cause connected to your job, you may be eligible for benefits even though you made a decision to quit. If your employer did something or failed to do something to cause you to quit, like refusing to take care of a health hazard, the examiner may determine your employer forced your hand.

In these cases, you will have to show that you tried to work things out with your employer. You will also have to show that the conditions that forced you out in fact existed.

Fired but Still Eligible

Employers may dismiss you for various reasons. However, for those reasons to lead to a denial of benefits, they must be “misconduct connected to the work.” “Misconduct” is actions that show a disregard for the employer’s interests.

Usually, violations of policy and rules will be misconduct. An employer may dismiss an employee for reasons that aren’t misconduct, like a one-time mistake in judgement. Rarely, a one-time violation of a rule may not be misconduct.

Other Issues

Failing to act at the VEC’s request can cause them to end your benefits, either temporarily or for a year. You may even have to reopen your claim or you may be barred from receiving benefits for a period.

If you don’t look for work or become unavailable to work (disabled, returning to school), those issues may affect payment.

What Happens When the VEC Denies Benefits

Virginia allows claimants to file an appeal online. Carefully review your determination letter you receive in the mail prior to filing your claim. You will have 30 days to file your appeal. Find out how by reading our guide to filing an unemployment appeal in Virginia.


Find your VEC local office

Call VEC Administration office in Richmond


VEC Central office address

VEC Central Office
703 E. Main St
Richmond, 23219

VEC Mailing Address

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1358
Richmond, VA 23218-1358

File new claim or weekly certify online

Register for Job Services


  • Nicole Gayle

    I have been with an agency for 11 years and I do home health. Been taking care of the person the entire time. My employer, who lives in the home I worked at is my patients spouse. I am currently drawing unemployment in Va. because my patient has been in hospital but my employer/ patients spouse currently has an open investigation through social services/Adult Protection Services. I dont feel comfortable returning back to work due to this. If I quit would that be considered a good reason or not. Please help me. I dont know what to do.

  • Ben Logan

    will I be awarded unemployment because the employer did not answer the phone during phone interview(fact finding)

  • Mihaela Taylor

    I lost my job of 22 years due to company closing. I am receiving UI for 26 weeks. I have been applying to jobs everywhere with no luck. What happens if I don’t find a job? Is there anything else after the 26 weeks of regular unemployment?I live in Virginia and the statistics considers the state #15 on unemployment. Do I qualify for EUI? Is it a case by case decision? Or Virginia is completely out? I will probably loose my house if I don’t find a job or get continued benefits! Beside Work Force does the unemployment office offers any other kind of help?

  • Debra Curtis

    I have been on unemployment for over 20 weeks and just received my first social security survivors benefit check on my late husband’s social security. I am 62 and still unemployed. Will my unemployment be affected?

  • Eric

    I was fired due to no call no show which I have proof I called in and problem didn’t start until I filed for partial unemployment yes I have write ups but never was fired by their policy I was just told we had lack of work we I get denied benefits and I also have proof I was following policies prior termination

  • Amy

    Hi, I was fired yesterday from my job immediately after putting in my two week notice. I have another job already lined up. By firing me, I am out of the two weeks of pay I was expecting and was informed that I will also not receive my weeks worth of vacation pay that I was entitled to prior to them firing me. I was not fired for job performance and would continue to be employed here if I had not accepted another position. Do I have any recourse to file for benefits to cover the two week loss in pay and my week of vacation pay?

  • mikki

    My husband filed an appeal late due to technical issue & being instructed wrong on how to appeal by a VEC representative. When he finally was instructed in the correct way by a different VEC representative, it was 2 days past claim deadline. Even though he got the hearing, the deputy examiner refused to hear anything about the reason he had appealed & said he was denying the claim due to the untimely claim for appeal. He intends to file an appeal, but when will he be able to defend himself on the reasons he was denied in the first place before he had to make an appeal? Is the deputy examiner allowed to deny benefits for this reason only, since he didn’t want to hear the reason for the appeal?

    • All states are very, very strict on timely filing of claimant appeal requests. Almost without exception, the claimant is not allowed any latitude on this. So, yes, there needs to be a decision on the late-filing of the appeal before the hearing on the merits of the claim can actually take place. Chances are the next hearing will cover both. Expect the process to take another one-two months.

  • Tami

    I have not yet received my pin number so I cannot get any information through the automated system. I have searched everywhere for a phone number to be able to talk to an actual person…can you please assist with a good contact number so I can get assistance from a person and not an automated system?

    Thank you

  • Dave

    I am a W2 employee currently. I was informed that I will be let go at the end of the month at no fault of my own. Or I have the option to become a 1099 subcontractor. My concern is if I will be able to draw unemployment if the company does not give me work after I switch to a subcontractor. I’m affaid the company is trying to avoid paying me unemployment.

    • You do NO 1099 work at all until you have applied for unemployment benefits and the claim is approved. Technically, you should be able to work 1099 after application and before approval, but this risks muddying the waters considerably, especially since there is no change in employer. Employer will argue you are still employed SE working 1099 – and VA may see it their way. Wait until the claim is approved and you have begun collecting benefits before going back to this employer on 1099. Actually, imo, it would be better to avoid that employer entirely on 1099.

      Yes, you are correct, if the 1099 work is your “last” employment, you lose eligibility for benefits from the W-2 job. You can work on a 1099 basis later while collecting benefits provided you report the income – just be careful you don’t give the appearance of self-employment which impedes your ability to search for and accept W-2 work.

  • Melissa

    I have recently been fired. I had the first informal hearing as the deputy said just to determine the reason of my being fired. I got a letter a couple days later stating i was awarded benifits due to no misconduct and started receiving payments. If my employer decides to try to appeal it, will I stop receiving benefits until the appeals hearing determination? Or will my payments continue until a new determination is made? I’m in VA

    • Your payments should continue until the hearing and a decision overturning your approval. That said, if employer did not respond before VA began paying benefits, it is possible VA will suspend benefits until the hearing. Many states do. In that event, usually a very short date is for the appeal is scheduled.

  • Christina

    Good afternoon, I am currently receiving unemployment from Virginia. I was offered a full-time position which I excepted this week. The start date isn’t for two weeks. (5/11/17) do I continue to search for jobs and file unemployment claims weekly until my start date? I don’t want to be this honest, but I can’t afford to go to weeks without unemployment payments.

  • Jacqueline

    What if a medical situation arise and you have to possible surgery. Will this stop unemployment claims sue to having therapy etc…

  • Deb

    My son in law has been off work on workers compensation for 18 months. The w/c doctor released him today back to full duty. His employer does not have a job for him. Can he collect unemployment? Will the w/c payments count as wages?

  • Lenore

    Suppose one is on long-term disability for more than a year, and the employer fills the job with someone able to work. Once the illness is over, after more of a year of convalescence, can one receive unemployment insurance while looking for work?

    • Yes. You were discharged. Medical reasons are not disqualifying. Absolutely apply for benefits, as quickly as possible this week. If you apply no later than April 1st, VA will use wages October 1, 2015-September 30, 2016. There should be at least six months wages on which to base a claim. Do not wait, because you will lose a quarter of wages in the base period if you apply on April 2nd or later and will be ineligible.

  • Suzanne

    Hi Daphne,
    I am a teacher for a small private school that is closing in June. I have been employed with them for 10 years, receiving a contract from June 30 to July 1 each year. Am I entitled to unemployment when my contract and school ends on July 1?

  • Tawania

    Hello, I have been working with the company for over 11 years in th same position Monday -Friday during the day. Three months ago I return from maternity leave and was told that I need to close and work weekends or step down from my supervisor position. I have a 3 month old and a 4 year old and my husband works nights. If I quit my job because of child care would I qualify for benefits. My employer has given me 4 verbal 2 weeks notice but keeps changing why they are giving me another verbal two weeks, recently in my department several people have quit in my department leaving my employer understaffed. So now my employer is trying to force me to work nights and weekends. If I quit will I qualify for benefits or If I call out because of no child care will I qualify for benefits?

    • Most people work during the day, Monday to Friday. A change to nights/weekends after 11 years is significant.

      You need to tell your employer you want to retain your original schedule of 11 years and that if they cannot do that, you have no option but to consider yourself discharged from that position. You are refusing the new position offered because it is unsuitable as to hours. Don’t mention child care.

      If they insist you change your schedule as of x date, you quit because of a material change in the employment contract – hours significantly different from those you had for 11 years. When you apply for benefits, you do not mention child care as a reason because child dare is considered personal and not the fault of the employer. Further, it raises an Able and Available issue.

      Essentially, you tell VA that employer materially changed the terms of your employment, discharging you from your old job and has offered you new, unsuitable employment as to work schedule.

      The hours/schedule change is sufficient. You should get benefits.

  • G. Delgato

    I filed for unemployment in Virginia and was sent 2 different monetary determinations one was zero $ (not enough in 2 quarters) then another one that stated I would get $284 a week–I then started to claim benefits weekly and I received the first 2 weeks-$568.00 on a VA debit card that was sent to me– But I was sent a form that I had to get filled out by a Dr. to show that I was able to work–and I did not get this filled out -I did not turn it in at all–so my question is do I use the money on the card?–I thought that I would not get any benefits until that form was returned–which not sure why I got it in the first place–I am not disabled at all–I do not want to use the money and then they say that I have to pay it back—does that ever happen? I would appreciate any advice or info you may have as this has been confusing from the start!

  • Anthony Mendez


    I was fired due to my clearance going into a pending status. I had a court appearance and failed to go due to living in Cuba working on a govt contract. I never received the notification. I have thus taken care of the court appearance but clearance is still in a pending state until cleared. I have applied for unemployment, and just had the interview with the deputy. Will this be considered misconduct even tho the employer stated that i was a in good standing and it was policy that i be removed for not holding the clearance needed to work?

  • Sara

    How does one determine whether or not work is “unsuitable?” I have never heard of that term (regarding Virginia Unemployment) until now. From what I am reading, it appears that it can either be due to a low salary or inability to do the work. Is an office worker required to take a job doing heavy lifting? If you made $15 per hour at your old job, do you have to accept $10? Is it better to try a job you feel is unsuitable and risk having to quit, or refuse it initially? Thanks.

    • Is an office worker required to take a job doing heavy lifting?


      If you made $15 per hour at your old job, do you have to accept $10?

      No. But, in many states, after a lengthy period of unemployment, you may be required to accept work which pays 80% of your earlier wage – i.e., $15/hr. becomes $12/hr.

      Is it better to try a job you feel is unsuitable and risk having to quit, or refuse it initially?

      Refuse it. It is much easier to keep benefits if you a refuse a job because it is unsuitable, than to accept what you suspect may be an unsuitable job and then need to defend the quit.

      VA says this on suitability:

      You must be willing to accept suitable work if offered and apply for suitable work when referred to a job by the VEC or your workforce services agency if you live outside Virginia. The term suitable work takes into account many factors such as previous work experience, physical and mental fitness, risk to your health, safety, or morals, and the distance from your home. Conditions of the work offered, such as wages and hours, are also considered. If you refuse a job or a VEC/workforce services agency referral to a job, you must report it on your weekly claim filing during the week in which it occurs. A deputy will review the suitability of the work and your reason(s) for refusing it before issuing a determination on your continuing eligibility.

  • Billy

    I’m a W-2 employee for a Class A contracting company. My employer has had no work for their employees for about a week, with next week likely to be the same. Our boss has made no direct effort to inform us of what is going on, wh8ich has lead to several employees suggesting this is an attempt to have people quit, as a way for the company to avoid an unemployment insurance claim. One person has already moved on. The company is having financial issues. My question is this, how much time must pass until I’m considered unemployed, due to the owner’s inability to find work, while providing no information of any kind, particularlly when we should expect to

    • Option 1: You don’t need to quit. File for benefits now, because of no work. One week without pay and no guarantee of future work is sufficient reason for an unemployment claim.

      Option 2: Even one week without work/earnings if previously you’ve been working full-time is sufficient reason for a quit. But first, address the grievance with your employer, via email so you can document this, asking when you can expect to return to work. If employer doesn’t answer, quit and file for benefits.

  • Michelle

    I am a contract worker, I just found out last week that I am being laid-off (contract ending) due to “slow down” and no money in the budget to pay for my position. My issue is that prior to getting this contract. I was laid-off for 2yrs. I started my new contract on June 29th, 2016 and it will end Feb 17, 2017…I am not sure if I can quailfy for unemployment benefits.

    • Assuming this contract job is paid on W-2 – not 1099 – you should be eligible for VA unemployment benefits. VA requires you have two quarters of earnings in your base period and will qualify you based on earnings Jan-Dec. 2016 – which will include quarters ending 9/30/2016 and 12/31/2016. By all means, apply.

  • Casey Buchanan

    I filed my initial claim for benefits on 1/8/17, I have received my letter stating I’m approved, have received pin number as well as also have filed 3 weekly claims not including the week about to end. I set up direct deposit. When can I expect to be paid?

    • If, in fact, there has been an approval, then the money should be on your card. A notice of monetary award doesn’t necessarily mean an approval. People often confuse the two. Claim processing takes three weeks at minimum, more often longer, before an actual approval. You may need to wait another week or two. Otherwise, call your state and ask about exact status.

      • Casey Buchanan

        I received my monetary determination letter as well as the letter stating that I was accepted for unemployment. I called the claims number that allows you to check the status of your claims as well as file. It lists a balance that I owe. It also states online that my payment method is va debit card when I had selected direct deposit. Hoping the va debit card comes soon and I don’t have to wait to much longer.

  • Steve Gehring

    My wife works/worked in retail. She was notified 2 weeks ago that her position was eliminated company-wide and that she was being released. She has 18 years and 6 months with the company; 5y 7 months in Virginia. While her paperwork was being processed by the main HR office they “discovered” her T-I-S status and made the decision that she would have to be “involuntarily retired” as opposed to just laid off. Would she be eligible of unemployment benefits?

  • Reece

    Hello, if someone loses a job due to unscheduled absences due to sickness to self or due to one of your three kids. Will that qualify you for unemployment?

  • Jaz

    I am trying to file for unemployment but apparently my old email that was hacked years ago is linked to my social andevelopment I have no idea how or who tof get help from to get back my username. I’ve called the Claims number and the Customer Service number and have got no where.

  • M T

    I am working as a temporary employee and I will be leaving due to maternity, so my position will end. Will I be able to apply for unemployment due to me being out for delivery of my child?

    • No. Unemployment benefits are paid to those have experienced a qualified separation and to those who are Able and Available – searching for and able to accept work. You have quit because you are not Able and Available. Disability benefits are what you would be applying for if your state offered such a program. CA and NJ offer such programs. I don’t believe VA does, but you should look into it.

  • ELiza

    I submitted a two week notice due to my husbands military orders sending us cross country. The next day my office was robbed and I was told to spend the rest of the week packing up office, files and everything else because they would not be replacing my laptop. Since I gave my notice they didn’t see a point in buying me a new one and I couldn’t really do my job without one. So they let me go a week before my two weeks were up per their request.

    When filing for unemployment do I list this as a lay off or voluntary quit due to spouse relocation??

    • You state resignation due to spousal military transfer. Fyi, VA will pay spousal relocation benefits ONLY in cases of a military transfer, so you’re fortunate. The layoff, at best, would create eligibility for one week which would be offset by VA’s unpaid waiting week, resulting in zero benefits.

  • jaz

    Good Afternoon
    I was let go from my job for attendance issue but ever time I don’t come in I always made my Manger aware and she told me it’s okay . Finally my car broke down and I told her I need to quit because I would be willing to work with me so I didn’t have to quit to make a long story short she fired me and never once did she ever say anything to me about my attendance

    • Apply for benefits. When you are asked why you were discharged, say you don’t know. Employer may not contest. If Employer cites absenteeism/tardiness, you will need to defend that. Lack of transportation is not the employer’s fault and will disqualify you from benefits.

  • FayeB

    Good morning,
    I filled for unemployment two weeks ago. I have received my pin and filed my initial claim. I have already waited the one week with no payment. However I still have not received my payment after I called in my claim this Sunday. I also choose direct deposit. Should I still expect to wait another two weeks for payment?

  • Roger CK

    I have been offered a job that requires a significant commute from my residence in Virginia to the employer’s location in Maryland. Can I decline the job offer due to distance and still collect unemployment? I anticipate getting a job offer that is actually in Virginia and has a shorter commute, but it will take an extra week or two so I want to wait for it.

    • Short answer is – yes. Apply for benefits. Time between application/approval/payment of benefits is at least four weeks, sometimes longer. You will most likely be on your new job before your claim is approved and benefits paid, but you will be paid for the weeks between jobs, after VA’s unpaid one-week waiting period.

  • Frank

    I was fired for attendance because I have no license and therefore no vehicle. Can I still draw unemployment ? I was there almost a year and then my ride stopped.

  • Sean Ortiz

    I lost my pin number needed to file fit unemployment. How can I get another pin sent?

  • Lcarrasco

    My job was base pay and comission. I quit my job to work for a company that pays more with a solid mon-fri but was fired after 2 weeks due to speaking with a customer over pay. Can i recieve unemployment?

    • If your earlier earnings were W-2, you would be eligible, regardless if it was base plus commission.

      That said, in most states, after a quit, you need to have worked a certain number of weeks and earned a certain multiple of your weekly benefit amount at the new job.

      In VA, you are required to have worked four weeks at your new job and earned four times your weekly benefit amount to purge that quit disqualification. On that basis alone, you are disqualified from benefits.

      In addition, however, this employer will allege misconduct, which would result in VA requiring you work at least 30 days or 240 hours of work.

      Even if you are successful on appeal in disproving misconduct, you have not been on the new job long enough to qualify for benefits.

      Certainly you can apply, anyway. Nothing is lost by trying.

    • Terry Golden

      Hello i had notified my manager that i had found another job… But i wanted to keep working for her also when i could….she told me ok just let her know….i texted her to put me on the schedule for a couple of days…. I went to both jobs that week but the following week i went to work on my new job which demanded for all employees on seconded shift to stay and work 12 hours…. Well of course i couldnt make it to my second job and couldnt call becuz phones arent allowed on the floor… my manager fired me for no call no show!!!! I had worked there for 1 year and never called out before….its ridiculous!!!! But what i want to know is can i be approved for unemployment ….now i have had to leave my new job because it was freezing cold in the dept i worked in so i kept getting ill…. Unscheduled absences because of asthma….congestion. …sinus infections. And ear infections. …what can i do?

      • You have a difficult and time-consuming path, here, and won’t be seeing unemployment benefit for months, if at all.

        VA will not initially approve a claim when you are a no-show. However, you might, repeat might, get an approval if you appeal that denial, especially if this was a one-time occurrence with no previous warnings.

        That said, in order to collect on that claim when and if you are finally approved, would require that you present medical evidence for the quit from the second job. Otherwise, even if you win benefits at appeal, VA will deny payment because the subsequent quit was not for good cause.

        If you reverse the order, and apply for benefits on the basis of medical reasons for the quit from the last job, VA would still need to investigate the prior discharge and, unless overturned at appeal, would establish the claim but would not pay benefits until you work 30 days or 240 hours subsequent to that firing. You haven’t been at the second job long enough to do that, so, again, no benefits.

        Sorry the news isn’t better. You should now, immediately, investigate any and all help available through VA social services until you can locate other employment.

  • Theresa

    I was offered a job that I was not qualified for and spent 6 hours at the workplace but was not paid. Will this make ineligible to continue my benefits?

    • No – not if the job was outside your skill set and therefore unsuitable. You would report this as a job refusal (whether or not paid) when you claim benefits, unless employer discharged you. Either way, this will stop your benefits until VA can investigate the reason for the separation. For now continue to claim.

  • JPiggott

    Hello, Ive filing my claims since Aug 10th and have repeatedly requested my debit card and each time i was told it will take 3-5 business days. Well its now 18 Sept and still no card. I checked and the payments we posted,but I have no card. Is there a number i can talk to a real person about this, rather than recordings? Thanks

  • Robert

    I have been trying to get a phone number so I can talk to someone about my unemployment but everything is automated or the lines are busy. Does anyone know a number that you can call so that I can actually speak to someone and get my questions answered


    I work for a school as the accountant. My contract ended on June 30th and they eliminated my job. and offered me a bookkeeping job with a 8000.00 cut. I decided not to take the offer. Can I collect unemployement

  • Paula Holland

    If an employee is laid off due to lack of work and the employee files for unemployment can the employee continue to receive unemployment benefits if he/she is offered a job by the same company out of state and the employee has to refuse to take the job due to he is a single parent with equal split custody of his toddler son?

  • Heather

    I’m filing unemployment benefits in Illinois and just moving to Virginia this week.How to I keep track of my work log? I just filed today in illinois.I put my new address in virginia. What steps do I take now?

  • william

    So I am owed two weeks of unemployment I still have not received my debit card what is going on

  • Greg

    It has been a week since I applied for unemployment benefits, and I still have not received a PIN.

  • Terry

    I work for a church, that is a non stock corporation. At the present time I am unemployed. Am I able to apply for unemployment?

  • D. Welch

    Can you receive unemployment compensation if you are receiving Social Security benefits?

  • A dalton

    Can you collect unemployment if your job is seasonal??

  • Lenetia Andrews

    Hello, I have been waiting since September of this year to receive a determination letter and still haven’t received any, Does anybody know how long this process takes? It has been 3 months and I been doing everything they ask for. I just want answers.

  • m johnson

    I had my hearing with a deputy on 10/6/15 and still have not received a determination. How long does it take to decide if I am eligible.

  • ernestine howard

    Good morning, I am trying to submit my jobs that I applied for but I don’t have not received my pin number I need help asap.

  • Hello, I have been waiting since July the 30th 9:30am for a deputy to call. I was told by the local office that there was phone line issues.. I have yet to hear anything else

    • Visit a local office, or email your state legislator. You will hear from VA.

      • Rachel

        Hello Daphne, I filed for unemployment a month ago and tried calling to get a status. Every number I find on the website takes me to a recording that says “Our operators are unavailable. Good bye.” or “No one is available. Please try later.” Then the call is disconnected. Is the phone system designed in a way where there are zero operators available to talk to you? Should I really try again “later” ? I’m unable to get down to the unemployment center in person. Please advise if there is any way possible to actually get in touch with someone. Thank you.

        • My standard answer these days is if you cannot get through on the phone and four weeks or more has passed, email your VA state representative. You will hear from them immediately, they will contact VA, and get your claim going. Find your state representative, here:

        • I just got fired because my job stated i committed time fraud but as a salaried associate i was hired to work 40 to 42 hours a week in which i always did. They stated some of my clockings didnt match up to some of my alarm settings. Still as stated to them i am a salaried manager and was never told that i had to be there at a specific time. I just had to work my 40 hours. Am eligible for unemployment?

          • Your employer’s word against yours. This is too subjective a decision to be made by any interviewer initially. Apply for benefits. For sure you’ll be initially denied for falsifying time reports or tardiness. You’ll need to appeal to prove specific start/quit times weren’t a condition of your employment.

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