Nevada Unemployment – Know Your Rights

  Last Verified: March 2017  

Nevada unemployment insurance is meant to replace income on a limited, temporary basis. The program has two goals: to maintain economic stability during a recession; and to help those who lose their jobs.Seal of Nevada

As is the case in all states, Nevada unemployment benefits are subject to strict rules and guidelines enforced by the state. In Nevada, unemployment is managed by the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation’s Employment Security Division (DETR). Before filing for unemployment benefits in Nevada, it’s important to know about eligibility requirements, where to go for help, and what information you will be asked to provide. Being informed and prepared will increase your chances of having your unemployment benefits claim approved.

Eligibility for Unemployment in NV

To be eligible for benefits in Nevada, you must have earned sufficient wages within a 12-month period prior to your most recent unemployment. Those earnings must come from an employer covered by the state’s unemployment insurance law. In addition:

  • You must be unemployed through no fault of your own
  • You must be physically and mentally able to work when you file a claim
  • You must be available to look for and accept work in line with your usual occupation
  • You must be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the US

Eligibility Requirements Explained

Unemployed Through No Fault of Your Own

The initial requirement—being unemployed through no fault of your own—is fairly straightforward. It typically applies to layoffs, reduction in hours due to lack of work, your company going out of business, or the company being sold and reducing the workforce.

While illness or injury could also cause no-fault job loss, they do not make you eligible for unemployment benefits. In the case of injury or illness, you must file a Worker’s Compensation claim.

Able and Available

You must be physically and mentally able to work. You must be available to accept an offer of suitable employment. “Suitable employment” is a job you are trained to perform or have performed recently, at a salary similar to what you are accustomed to.

Legally Authorized

You may need to provide proof that you are an American citizen or that you have legal authorization to work in the US (e.g. “green card”).

Wage and Earning Requirements and the Base Period

To meet the wage requirements and qualify for benefits, you must have earned sufficient wages within a 12-month period called the base period. This is the first four of the last five quarters prior to your filing a claim for benefits.

unemployment base period

This chart shows the base period.

Your earnings during this period must meet either of the following conditions:

  • Wages equal to or exceeding one and one-half times the high quarter earnings, or,
  • Wages in each of at least three of the four quarters in the past base period.
Under both conditions, you must earn at least $400 in the high quarter. “High Quarter” means the 3-month period in which you earned the most money.

Calculating Benefit Payments in NV

The DETR uses the base period to calculate how much money you’ll receive each week, your weekly benefit amount (WBA). Your WBA will be 4% of your highest quarter earnings.

The state legislature sets a maximum WBA each year. Your WBA cannot exceed this maximum even if 4% of your high quarter earnings is more than the max. The max WBA in Nevada is $407 as of 2017.

Maximum Time and Amount of Benefits

The maximum number of weeks you may receive benefits is 26 weeks. The total amount you can receive during your benefit year (52 weeks from the date of your initial claim) is the lesser of:

  • 1/3 of your total base period wages
  • 26 times your WBA

Extended Benefits

During times of high unemployment the state or federal government may extend the maximum number of weeks in which you may receive benefits. At this time, the Extended Benefits program is unavailable.

How to Apply for Unemployment in NV

While it’s still possible to apply for benefits in person and over the phone, you also have the option of filing a claim online. You must provide information such as:

  • your social security number
  • names and addresses of your last two employers
  • dates of employment for your last two employers

You will also have to provide information about the circumstances under which you lost your employment, and whether you have sought any new employment.

File a claim for Nevada unemployment benefits here:

If you prefer to file by phone, you may use one of these numbers:

Northern Nevada: (775) 684-0350
Southern Nevada: (702) 486-0350
Long Distance or Interstate: (888) 890-8211

Weekly Certification and Maintaining Eligibility

Once your unemployment claim has been approved, you must certify your status on a weekly basis in order to continue to receive benefits. This is to prevent people from receiving benefits even after they’ve found new work.

The process of certifying the claim is also known as filing a weekly claim. You can file by telephone or online. You may request permission to file a weekly claim by mail. You must show a compelling reason why you need to file by mail.

If you don’t, your unemployment benefits payments may be delayed. The weekly certification process requires you to answer questions meant to determine if you have maintained your eligibility status. The DETR will want to know whether:

  • You are looking for work
  • You are able and available to work
  • You started or quit a job
  • You refused an offer of suitable employment
  • You earned any wages during the week you’re certifying

If you earned any money, you should report it for the week in which you earned the money, not when you received a payment. There are a variety of forms of payment that the state requires you to report including commissions, tips or pensions paid by a base period employer. Some forms of income are exempt from the reporting requirement, like Social Security income.

If you are unsure about whether you are required to report it, refer to the unemployment handbook or call a claims center. The wages you earn may affect the amount of WBA you receive when after certifying.

Part-time Work and Benefits

You may work part-time and receive benefits as long as your earnings don’t exceed your WBA. If you work full-time (40 hours a week), the state will not consider you to be unemployed. The DETR will consider self-employment when determining whether how much time you worked and availability to work. If you spend all your time on your DIY business, you will be considered unavailable to accept a job offer.

The state will deduct 75% of your WBA for any week in which you report earning wages.

Job Search Requirements

The DETR expects benefit recipients to make a good faith effort to find work. The DETR doesn’t mandate a specific number of job search activities, only that you perform a number of substantial efforts each week and keep a record of those efforts. You should exhaust the usual methods of finding work, apply for jobs in the way that is customary for your profession or career.

The DETR may audit your job search efforts at anytime, so keep detailed records of what you’ve done. If the state finds you have not been making an effort to find work, the DETR may stop your benefit payments.

Job Assistance and Training

Nevada JobConnect offers assistance to job seekers. The department that administers the program may work with the DETR to provide special assistance to some workers who may need help finding a job called Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESA). If the DETR contacts you to participate in RESA, you must participate as a condition of receiving benefits.

Some workers may be exempt from the mandatory job search requirement. If you are in a union, disabled or you have a specific return date to work (temporary lay off), you may not have to participate.

Unemployment Payments

If you are approved to receive Nevada unemployment benefits, you will most likely be issued an EPPI card. Many states, including Nevada, use the EPPI card to issue unemployment benefits. It’s a prepaid debit card, but because it has either a VISA or MasterCard logo, it can be used practically anywhere for nearly anything from groceries to gas to other household bills, and even at ATMs.

This is the preferred method of issuing benefits because it’s more secure than mailing checks, and provides beneficiaries with immediate funds when the card is reloaded. It also saves the DETR money that would otherwise be spent printing and mailing checks.

Find out more about the EPPI card here:

vIf you’d rather receive your unemployment benefits via a method other than the prepaid debit card, you’ll need to call DETR and speak to a customer service representative.

You must answer these questions honestly, or you may be subject to repercussions. It’s best to keep a log of your job search activity every week—resumes you sent out, interviews you went on—and have it ready should anyone at DETR request that information.

You may claim unemployment benefits for 26 weeks. After that time, if you are still unemployed, you may file for an extension of benefits, but there is no guarantee your request will be approved.

Reasons for Denials of Unemployment Benefits

If you do not meet the financial requirements (earn enough wages in your base period), you will not qualify to receive benefits. You will receive a Monetary Determination that will show how the claims examiner determined your eligibility. You may file a wage protest (sometimes called a “request for redetermination”) if you believe there was some error in calculating your base period wages. You have 11 days from the mailing date on the determination to file your protest. The DETR may grant your request and review your information or deny it. You should include any supporting documents regarding your wages.

Separation Issues

If you meet the financial requirements, the state may still deny benefits because of separation issues. If your actions or decisions caused your separation from work, the claims examiner may deny benefits.

If you quit for some reason not connected to work, the state may deny benefits. Circumstances you might think would be a good cause to quit, like you couldn’t find a babysitter or transportation, may result in a denial. Quitting because of a lack of child care is considered a cause not connected to work.

If you are fired because of something you did or failed to do, the claims examiner may consider that you committed misconduct connected to work and deny your claim. Misconduct is generally any act or inaction that shows a disregard for the employer’s interests. Being repeatedly late and ignoring warnings about being late is usually misconduct.

Quit and Still Eligible

There may be circumstances where you are left with little choice but to quit work. Your employer may have forced you to work for an unreasonable period without pay. If your employer did something or failed to do something to force you to quit, you may still be eligible despite quitting. You will have to show you made a good faith effort to solve the problem with your employer.

There may be other circumstances that force you into a position beyond your control and you have to quit. You may have to escape a domestic violence situation or you may have an toddler or infant that needs medical care far from home.

Discharged and Still Eligible

Certain situations that get you fired may not be considered misconduct by the claims examiner. You may have been late or absent because of a verifiable medical condition. If your employer fired you because you were sick, and you saw a doctor, you may be eligible for benefits even though your employer dismissed you for violating the attendance policy. Again, you must support such assertions with evidence, or show you made a good faith effort solve any problems if able.

Other issues

The DETR can deny benefits for reasons not related to your prior employment. If you failed to make an effort to find work, you refused a reasonable job offer or you became unavailable to work while reviving benefits, the state may deny your claim

What Happens When Unemployment is Denied in NV

If your claim for unemployment benefits was denied, you have the ability to appeal the ruling. You must file your appeal within 11 days of the date the decision to deny benefits was made. If your appeal is approved, you may have to attend a hearing during which you will be able to state your case about why your claim for unemployment benefits should be approved. Be prepared to give evidence to support your case, such as dates of employment, witnesses to any employer misconduct, or any other information that will substantiate your claim.

If you are denied benefits, please visit our section on appealing benefits decision in Nevada.

For more information, you may call the Appeals Office directly:

Las Vegas: (702) 486-7933
Reno: (775)823-6660
Northern Nevada: (866) 626-0610
Southern Nevada: (866) 626-0629

Contact Nevada DETR
2800 E. St. Louis Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89104

500 East Third Street
Carson City, NV 89713

Phone Numbers

Northern Nevada: (775) 684-0350
Southern Nevada: (702) 486-0350
Long Distance or Interstate: (888) 890-8211
TTY Hearing Impaired Services:
Northern Nevada Claim Center: (775) 687-1109
Southern Nevada Claim Center: (702) 486-0157

For more information on filing an appeal, read our guide to appealing a negative decision in Nevada.


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  • Brandon Bullock

    Hey I work for a construction company, (non-union). I’m a laborer and have been with the company since December 2nd. I worked with with company before and was laid off so I collected unemployment. Now, the same thing is happening. My boss will call/text me the day of or before to tell me he has no work for me that day. It’s been over a month where I only work 3-4 days a week. My question is, if I file unemployment, will the employer find out and fire me? Nevada is a right to work state so I figure it would be extrememly easy for the company to turn my small income into no income. Help please.

    • Yes, your employer will know you filed. Nevada needs to investigate why you are filing. The employer is always contacted since the employer is paying your benefits. If you are still working 3-4 days a week, chances are you won’t receive much of a benefit. Maximum Nevada benefit is $407. From that Nevada will deduct 75% of your gross earnings for the 3/4 days you work and pay you the difference.

  • Benky

    I filed claim in Jun 2017 and was out of work due to workplace renovation. I received my debit card the following week. Since I was using PTO during the duration of my work closure, I was told that I can still file for unemployment along with PTO just I didnt know how much unemployment benefit I will get. When I checked the balance on the debit it was zero. So figured I was not really allowed UI payment due to my PTO. So I didn’t file claim the whole time I was out of work. My workplace was close for 6 weeks and just recently came back to work. I was surprise to find out that my co workers were getting benefits even if they were getting PTOs. Now my question is, can I retro claim those weeks? If so, what are the process I need to do, Thank you.

    • The first week of a NV claim is an unpaid waiting week, so your PTO had nothing to do with nonpayment for that first week. It is too late now to claim elapsed weeks.

      Relative to your coworkers, they should have been reporting that PTO income when they filed their weekly certifications. Read page 12, here:

      Fyi – PTO is the same as accrued vacation time, etc.

      If they didn’t report that income when they filed their weekly certifications, they have committed fraud. It is up to Nevada to determine if it can pay benefits even when PTO is received. Chances are none of your coworkers reported that income when they filed weekly. NV will pick up the PTO income eventually through its anti-fraud procedures and cross-check against benefits paid out and will investigate.

      If you learn coworkers declared this income and still received benefits and/or were told by NV they didn’t need to report it, please post back. Don’t listen to your employer on this issue. It may be mistaken.

  • Jennifer

    Long story short, I was mid-promotion within my company when my manager dug up a common, operational error I had made 4 months prior, and said I was not eligible to promote for this reason. Of course I was upset. Coincidentally I was the highest sales performer and we were short staffed, therefore I felt her motivation was malicious to do this. I emailed her on my day off explaining my grievance, and bottom line said “if I cant go to this new department, Im going to look for another job.” At that point there was phone tag, she wasnt sure what my email had meant so she called. I called back but she was busy, in tears I spoke with the assistant and said I think i am going to quit, I was thinking of giving notice but I would discuss everything with my employer when I came back to work. My coworkers then texted me HR decided to let me go. I emailed my manager again after hearing this and said Id come in for sure until the 8th, a full week away, and she forwarded it to HR with the subject line “notice”. I get an email saying “we accept your resignation immediately. Return your keys.” I honestly was shocked beyond belief! I was being emotional and irrational, but I emailed my boss as a friend to vent and find out what the deal was, as I was tired of being jerked around and we were close on that level. My coworkers told me she was livid i spoke with the assistant before her, so she took it to HR and HR technically termed me. So. Obviously i wasnt financially expecting this, and it appeared to me I was fired after I emailed HR asking if i was rehireable in the future, and she said I was not. I felt all I had left was try unemployment. Denied first round and then 2nd round, my email came back to bite me. The appeal reff was clear the employer had no clear reason(misconduct) to term me that day, but since I never formally spoke with my manager the email saying my last day will be the 8th was an obvious “quit”. She told me right then I needed good cause to quit, of course I stumbled on my words because I had no intent to quit, which i said…i didnt wake up that day to quit my job, infact the promotion was still on the table! I had every intention to work my next shift and talk about all of this in person. Knowing this will result in denial, I google what happens when you put in any notice, and they term you early, what is that? Fired? Quit? Its a grey area. I am interested in pertinent nevada laws regarding this. I know my company had a policy with notice where you sign a paper and so on and so forth, which I obviously never had a chance to do. California and some other at-will states like mine deem cutting an employees notice short generally qualifies for UI, as it is ultimately an employer termination, technically. I cant find anything about similar situations in nevada, or even federal laws. Help!!!!

  • Shellie Gardner

    I am a substitute teacher with a guaranteed position as a long term substitute at a middle school beginning in August for the 2017-2018 school year. I imagine that the reason I had to call in, as per the online registration, is the fact that I am in education and they want to weed out full time teachers who are paid through the summer as part of their 12 month contractual agreement.

    1. I have been on hold for 4 hours. If they are unable to get to me before 5 will I be cut off?
    2. With a guaranteed job offer for August, will I still be required to seek employment while I wait for August to get here? (Side note: I will be obtaining a regular teaching license sometime in the next three months so that I can obtain a regular teaching contract.)

    • 1. Yes, you could be cut off. Nevada also has phone banks at its offices. You may have better luck visiting one of those offices.

      2. Whether substitute or full-time, generally anyone in education with a reasonable assurance of reemployment in the fall is not eligible for unemployment benefits. Have you been able to collect previously as a substitute teacher?

      • Shellie Gardner

        Thank you for your response. I was able to get through before the cut off. 🙂

        While I have a guaranteed position in the fall, according to the unemployment facilitator, I am eligible because it is an on-call position that has not begun. There is no “guarantee” until the job actually begins. I am very fortunate for the determination.

        • Shellie

          Update: It seems as though much depends on your claims representative. One representative said everything would be fine. I am now in the process of working with another and was informed that because I was in education I would never be eligible for unemployment “no educational wages can be considered.”

          I had two claims in the past when each of the corporate owned / for-profit colleges I taught for closed down. I may very well be forced to pay back all of the unemployment benefits that I was provided while I looked for employment. At this point, I would be happy with a denial of the current claim if it could be determined that the previous claims were valid. If I have to pay back the previous claims I will be living in a box on the street until the new school year begins.

          • Educators generally experience a Catch22 in all states. I was surprised to hear they were paying you. Not surprised at your latest comment. Generally, educators with a reasonable assurance of employment in the fall are ineligible. However, there may be a wrinkle in the NV law which allows benefits as you were first told.

            If you end up losing benefits on all previous claims, absolutely appeal this on the basis of the original decision. You have nothing to lose.

            Further, know that, benefits paid to you were “no-fault” – in other words, Nevada made the decision error, not you Therefore, NV is limited in how far it can go to collect – i.e., no wage garnishment, Treasury Offset, or things of that ilk. So, do not be in a hurry to pay this back. Unless fraud is involved, most states do not actively pursue no-fault overpayments. Take care of yourself, first. NV won’t harass you for this money.

            In reality, you may never need to repay as this no-fault debt ages out over the next few years. Worst case may be only benefits from future claims may be affected for up to three years.

  • Dave

    I applied for unemployment earlier this morning online . My status went from “pending” now to “open” does that mean it’s been approved?

  • Persia

    I was denied ui benefits ause they said i quit my job before accepting new employment which isnt true i had my interview on a tues they told me i had the job i took my drug test and everything. I quit my job on weds. They new employer sent offer letter on thursday. I called in and the rep got the supervisor involved cause they said my determination was wrong. My question is should i have done something else they said the supervisor would send it for redetermination but its been a week and i havent heard anything. And i am about to start another job so would i not be entitled to those benefits if i start working again.?

  • Annie

    My unemployment is almost done. Is there extension in Nevada. I’m live in California right now because of my husband relocating job for the military. I can’t find a job. I just want to know if there extension in my situation.

  • Shebly Coon

    I’m a seasonal worker hired by a company under the local School district. Per my employer I was encouraged to sign up for unemployment. Since I am still employed by this company will I still be required to look for work while school is off for the summer even though I still have a job I’m just currently not working?

    • If you have reasonable assurance of a job in the fall, most school employees have no unemployment benefit eligibility. Per Nevada:

      Between Academic School Terms
      Benefits may not be paid to a school employee between school terms based on the wages earned from an educational institution. A claim may be paid if the school employee has sufficient wages from non-educational employment to qualify for benefits.

      That said, your employer is not the school, but another company. You should be eligible for benefits.

      Relative to job searches, in many states, job searches can be waived if you are part of a union and/or have a return to work date within 28 days of layoff. In your case, Nevada probably will not grant a work search waiver. but you can certainly ask.

  • MMD

    There is an “illness and disability” provision in NV unemployment –“A claimant will not be considered ineligible during a period of illness or disability that occurs during an uninterrupted period of unemployment with respect to which benefits are claimed. ..continuous state of filing … offered work that would have been suitable prior to the beginning of the illness and disability the provisions of the law no longer apply.”
    I need an explanation in English. I filed for unemployment, but the shoulder problem I had is now getting worse and requiring more medical attention. It affects the use of my right arm/hand. So am I still eligible for benefits???

    • Yes, provided you are capable of doing some work. The language means if you develop a disability during your period of unemployment which renders you incapable of accepting “suitable” work, you may refuse the job – provided you are able to perform some other work, just not the “suitable” work offered. In other words, you remain eligible to collect those benefits when you are again able and available, but are disqualified during your period of disability.

  • Kathy

    I was employed full time from Aug 2013 to Dec 2016. I resigned from that job using “personal reasons” as my reason for leaving (health related, but I didn’t tell my employer what “personal reasons” were causing me to have to quit).
    Now, I just started a full time job last week, but will have to now quit THAT job for health reasons, after only 3 1/2 days. I went to the hospital yesterday and was diagnosed with a condition that does not allow me to be constantly walking for 8 hours a day, which is what is required at this job I just started.
    (1) Would quitting due to health reasons cause delay and possibly denial of a claim?
    (2) Will I be required to provide proof of the documents from the hospital?
    (3) What’s the average timeframe in Nevada from when you originally file a claim, to when you receive the first payment? I know there could be delays, but I’m just wanting to know the normal processing time…

    • Medical is not disqualifying provided you can do some work, just not a the jobs you had. You need a doctors statement for that – and, of course, proof of your issues – hospitalization, etc.

      Your earlier quit will be the critical issue. If NV determines that quit was not for good cause, it will require you have worked for 10 weeks and earned 10x your weekly benefit amount before it can pay benefits for this latest quit. Get your medical documentation in order for both events. Expect at least a five-six week delay before NV renders a decision, with payment a week later if decision is favorable.

  • Jessica

    Hello, so I got let go of my job due them closing the department down (march 24) I have since then applied for benefits since my employer told us to do so, and have ran into a delay since I did quit my last job to accept new employment since my last job was having me as on call when I clearly stated I wanted full time, I then have to insert 10 weeks of pay stubs from my current last employer. They told me it would take them 48 hours once they receive them to process and make a choice (which I turned them in Monday) it is now Thursday and when I called yesturday they said they would make the decision today. So my question since it has been awhile waiting, once approved how quick will I get my benefits? I already have my debit card that they mailed to me like 2 weeks ago, Is their anything or anyway I can call and get them quicker? I have bills and my daughter and am in serious need of some source of money anything I can do?

    • If NV authorizes payment today, earliest it might be on your card is Saturday. Often monies are not posted on the weekend. Expect your money early next week. Much depends on the bank processing the payment. You could get lucky and have it tomorrow, but that is very unlikely. There isn’t anything you can do to speed things.

  • Crystal

    My husband has an opportunity for a position that would require us to move out of Nevada. If I resign my position because of the move would I be eligible to file?

  • Layla E Fansler

    I originally applied for unemployment Aug 2016 and after MONTHS of disputing my termination i was approved from Aug 2016 to Aug 2017. However i moved to a different address Sept 2016 and saw online that my approval letter wasn’t mailed until Nov 2016. I had given up hope on ever being approved and didn’t file weekly claims. I tried to reopen my claim April 4, 2017 and even though it shows my claim is now open and the original letter stating my weekly benifit amount and shows I’m eligible and approved for benefits it also says “N” for payments made to me… I have over 6 thousand dollars in benifits but nothing paid out to me and no reason why that i can see.

    • How many weekly claims have you submitted since April 4th? It is unlikely Nevada has completed its investigation on this reopening. No payments will be made until it does. Meanwhile, keep claiming.

  • Krystal N

    I received my approval letter for benefits on 4/13 with retro all the way from Jan. 29. How soon will I bet getting any kind of payment?

  • LANE

    How do I cancel my appeal if i have no money to fax a letter to the referee and not enough to time to mail a letter? Is there a number i could call or is there a way I could cancel it online ?

    • Know that many, many employers request appeals and never show up – and don’t cancel either. So, don’t worry about it. If the appeal is Monday and you aren’t available, it’s not a biggee. The earlier decision will stand.

  • Ives Godinez

    I opened my claim April 2016, i went back to work in July 2016. Worked for 7 months before getting laid off. I was able to reopen my claim February 2017. My benefits just expired on April 1st with a balance of 1011.00 left. Can I still collect that money?

    • Because the first benefit year has expired, the remaining benefits under that claim are lost.

      However, because the first benefit year has expired and you worked during that benefit year, you now apply for a new claim. The weekly benefit amount may differ, but you are definitely eligible for another claim.

  • Belle

    I was initially told I wasn’t qualified for unemployment benefits but I actually was. I started to file my weekly claims this week and I am waiting on my phone interview. Is there a chance I’ll receive back pay from the last day I worked until now due the misunderstanding or I only get paid the weeks I started filing?

    • What matters is when you applied for unemployment benefits. You will be paid all retro weeks from the date you applied for benefits. If you submitted the application late because you were “told” you couldn’t collect, those weeks are not available for payment.

  • LANE


    You are not entitled to benefits effective 02/12/2017 until you return to work in covered employment and earn at least $304.00 in each of 10 weeks. (Proof of earnings must be furnished to end this disqualification period.)


    • Yes, but only after you have worked at the job for a least ten weeks, for total earnings of least $3,040.

      You are being penalized for either having quit without cause or you were fired for misconduct.

      If you disagree with this penalty, appeal the decision. You have nothing to lose. You aren’t getting benefits anytime soon, anyway. Many appeals are won. These initial denials/penalties are not cast in stone.

      • LANE

        thank you so much. i really appreciate your advice.

      • Kannon

        I was told I was denied benefits until I returned to work and earned At least $357 for 10 weeks. I worked in excess of 10 weeks totaling 495.75 hours worked and $9,189.50 in gross earnings. I was told that because only 9 of the 10 weeks were 40hrs that I don’t qualify. Even though the 10th week I worked 37.5hrs and mad $707.75. Is this correct? Or should I be elidgable for benefits?

        • You will probably need to appeal that decision, but first try calling and ask for a supervisor to see if you can get someone to take another look at this. According to USDOL, you are only required to earn wages equal to WBA in each of 10 weeks, says nothing about working a 40 hour week. That said, many full-time jobs are under 40 hours a week. The 40 hr wk stipulation makes no sense – at all.

          • Kannon

            Thank you so much!
            Can you possibly source where to find the USDOL, WBA in 10 week period. So I can show said law if need be?

          • One question – does the letter stating you don’t meet the 40 hour requirement cite a statute, rule or reg? Post the exact language of that denial, please.

            Assuming this penalty is due to a previous quit without cause, here is link to Nevada statute re:


            NRS 612.380  Leaving last or next to last employment without good cause or to seek other employment..
            1.  Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, a person is ineligible for benefits for the week in which the person has voluntarily left his or her last or next to last employment:

            (a) Without good cause, if so found by the Administrator, and until the person earns remuneration in covered employment equal to or exceeding his or her weekly benefit amount in each of 10 weeks.

            (b) To seek other employment and for all subsequent weeks until the person secures other employment or until he or she earns remuneration in covered employment equal to or exceeding his or her weekly benefit amount in each of 10 weeks, if so found by the Administrator.


            Weeks, for unemployment benefit eligibility purposes, are generally defined by minimum dollars earned. Some states do stipulate to purge a penalty one must work at least three days in each of x weeks and earn multiples of the WBA, or something along that line – but never 40 hours.

            Nevada defines a “week” as:

            NRS 612.195  “Week” defined.  “Week” means such period of 7 consecutive calendar days as the Administrator may by regulations prescribe.

            There is no stipulation as to hours, although there may be an obscure amendment to that reg floating around internally stating a week is also 40 hours which I haven’t been able to locate.

            USDOL cites the same 10xWBA, on page 5-11, here:


            If you continue to meet with resistance on this absurd determination, file an appeal – possibly see a Legal Aid attorney.

          • Kannon

            Decision: you are not entitled to benefits effective 12/11/2016 until you return to work in covered employment and earn at least $357.00 in each of 10 weeks. (Proof of earnings must be furnished to end this disqualification period.)

            i faxed copies of 10 pay stubs as proof. All above the $357.00 amount. I then received a phone call from DETR the next day where the lady told me that unfortunately I still didn’t qualify for benefits due to 2 of the stubs not showing 40hrs. I questioned her on this matter and all I was told is that it was law and she couldn’t do anything to help me until I sent her 10 stubs showing 40hrs per week and all over $357.00.

            I sent an appeal letter stating that I was unfairly being penalized for quitting my last job to accept new employment at my current job, which my reason for quitting was excessive travel times/distances. I accepted my previous employment on the terms that it would be in the city I lived in (all verbal nothing in writing). I also sent in 12 paycheck stubs. 9 of which show 40hrs, 1 showing 37.25hrs and the rest around 20hrs.

            I honestly think I qualify! My most recent employment I was laid off from as well so I don’t see why I’m being penalized and having to jump through so many hoops?
            Anyways thanks again! You’ve been a major help in this nightmare lol

          • Kannon

            I have managed to find the following and was wondering if it would be what Nevada unemployment insurance is denying me over.

            NAC 284.0639 and 284.064
            “Full time employment” defined
            NAC 284.0748 NRS 284.065
            “Pay class designation” defined

            It’s a bit confusing to me, hopefully you could shed some light to this for me. Thanks

          • These have nothing to do with unemployment benefits. Caption on the page relates to definitions and laws regarding “State Personnel.”

            If NV required you to work 40 hours a week in each of 10 weeks in order to purge that quit, the letter you received should have so stated. It didn’t. It merely stated you needed to perform work in each of 10 weeks, earn x$ each week, and total earnings must be at least 10 x your WBA.

        • Kannon

          I sent in and cited everything you mentioned.

          Decision- you are entitled to benefits

          Reason- the division issued a disqualifying determination which is hereby rescinded. Subsequent information has been provided to establish the determination was issued issued in error.
          As the determination is being rescinded, no disqualification period will be assessed under this section of law.

          Hope this helps anyone in the future who will be facing this kind of error on the side of DETR

  • Hello I filed over 3 weeks ago and had phone interview 7 days ago. Interviewer said he may call back in 48 hrs but never did. My claim status just says open and pending resolution. Do they allocate time for employer to fight benefits? I don’t believe my employer will deny what I have said but shouldn’t I get some notification already?

  • michelle

    Hey i was wondering what does it mean by benefits end date and i only have 13$ left for my remanding balance does that mean i will still get benefits untill 11/25/17?

  • Vladimir Grigorov

    Initially I was told by my employer that I was “let go” for unsatisfactory job performance, however, at the interview with the UI I was told that my employer claimed that I committed misconduct, calling an employee “jackass”, which in fact I didn’t do, nor the employer could prove because there were no statements from anyone else affirming my actions. and my benefits were denied. I appealed and had a hearing. In the hearing packet the only evidence presented by my employer was 2 statements from other employees which; 1). one wasn’t even relevant to the issue at hand and 2). the second statement was written almost 2 months after the “alleged” incident, and not relevant to the issue at hand. Note: based on these 2 statements, my benefits were denied. Additionally, at the hearing my employer claimed that I stole company files, providing that he had absolutely no prove, nor did he submit any evidence to prove his claim prior to the hearing, as required by the UI. Lastly, throughout my employment I have not been counseled, written up and/or suspended for any issues or violations, nor my employer has any documentation to prove other wise.
    What are my chances of winning? Thank you.

    • Vladimir Grigorov

      One more question here. Can my employer just come up with a new charge at the time of the hearing and is his new charge taken into consideration by UI?

      Thank you very much.

      • Yes, depending on the ALJ, the new charge can be considered.

        If you were discharged for an incident which occurred two months earlier, that incident carries no weight. Too much time has passed.

        If your employer couldn’t prove any of the allegations, then you should win. His statements are worthless without evidence. Appeals are won all the time. Sometimes, half the battle is just requesting the appeal. Unless you had an incompetent ALJ, you should win.

        What was your sense of how things went?

  • Sean Miller

    My employer fired me 2 weeks after the incident they are reporting to unemployment that they have all this evidence against me but refused to show or let me hear the evidence on the recordings of the phone call before making me leave the building. My manager who was firing me after 6 years of employment walked me out of the building stating I would not have an issue getting unemployment benefits due the fact it took them so long to finally let me go. Now they are fighting it and stating they have all this evidence. why was I not given the right or knowledge to even speak to Human Resources about why I was being terminated at the time?

    • Employers can discharge you for any reason at any time. They don’t confront you because they don’t have to and don’t want the hassle. These days many employers just walk people out without word to minimize future workplace retaliation. No doubt Nevada will deny the claim initially. You appeal this denial. You should be receiving a hearing packet with the employer submissions. If the information is not in the packet, contact Nevada. You then prepare your arguments based on what is in the file.

  • Jason

    I was terminated from my job at the beginning of February because I was not able to travel at the end of the month for a week long managers meeting. I had no previous incidents with my employer. I filed my first claim and this weeks claim. I was employed from June 2016 to February 2017. My status is saying “Ineligible.” Do they have to investigate my claim?

  • Demian

    I was hired at a manufacturing company, through an acquaintance who works there, but had to apply through a staffing agency they hire through there; when I spoke with the company’s manager in the initial interview, I was promised that I would be hired on full-time and become a company member on the provision that I could handle the intensive physical work and long hours, during the 90 days probationary period required by the agency. I worked there for over 90 days but was laid off (along with the other current temp worker there) without warning, given the explanation that business had slowed down for the company. I had quit my previous job (with prior notice) in order to get this supposedly guaranteed full-time job, after having been there for 7 months, and when I filed for unemployment I was informed that my claim is pending resolution over these matters. It has been over a week with still no resolution. I am a single father with a 6 month old son and seeking employment while desperately in need of benefits to support us. What can I do to get my unemployment reimbursement?

    • Claims are never approved or paid in a week. In most states, the very earliest you can expect a benefit payment is 3-4 weeks after application, sometimes longer. Nevada always takes at least 4 weeks. Sounds like you should be approved, however. Nonetheless, Nevada needs to investigate both separations.

      If you get no resolution within the next three weeks, email your elected state representative. Representatives are very effective at getting stalled claims settled. Find yours, here:

      Meanwhile, while you’re waiting, if you need financial assistance, see your social services people.

      • Demian

        Thank for the timely reply; that is good to hear, I really hope it’s approved.
        I am also waiting to get approved by welfare/SNAP/TANF/Medicaid, etc. just to keep our bases covered while job-searching. Thanks again.

  • Rachel

    I forgot to file my claim on Sat and it is now Monday I went in to my account and clicked re activate claim now it says I have to wait for a phone interview again.

    Initially when I first applied I also had to interview by phone due to my job separation reasons. Is this really how it works if I miss one week I have to re open the whole case? & there’s no way to get that week paid since I filled on Monday? Is there someone I can call ? Today is a holiday do I don’t expect any help but I would like to know just because I didn’t file 1 week now I have to reopen?

    • Yes, you need to reopen. Most states close the claim if a week goes by without a certification and/or benefit being paid. You may not get that back week. Most states won’t pay them. The money will remain for you to claim going forward. If you can’t get through to Nevada by phone, go to one of their offices. Phone banks will get you through to CS.

  • Ricky Powell

    I was hired as a seasonal employee for the holidays last year, 12/2016. I only worked for five weeks before being let go on 01/2017. Unemployment gave me a recent phone interview asking mainly about my next to last employer. I was fired due to a 13 year old criminal background check that came about. I was never told the reason why I was fired until a week later. I explained to the interviewer that the company told me to give them the police records which I did in the timeframe asked, but was never asked to return to work. I was only there for training (six weeks). I saw a similar post above where you said she’ll be denied due to the reason of being let go. Although I told the interviewer I had no knowledge of being let go, do you think I’ll be denied as well?

    • If employer accuses you of falsifying the employment application, yes, you will be denied/disqualified, most likely. In order to purge that dq, NV will require you work 15 weeks and earn at least 15x your weekly benefit amount after that earlier discharge before it will pay benefits. You haven’t worked long enough at this most recent seasonal job to have done that. You will need to find other work.

      • Ricky Powell

        So a week later I checked my homepage determination and it did say I was denied. However, the letter states that as of 09/03/2017 I’m not eligible. The payment area has also changed and now says that a payment was sent 02/24/2017. My debit card hasn’t been loaded, and I’m wondering if it’s just taking the 72 hours to load, or will I even be getting a payment at all. Can you explain why it says I’m denied as of 09/03/17, and says a payment was sent? There’s no button to appeal, and still get to fill out claim forms. Hope I made this clear.

        • Wait until middle of next week. Payment made on Friday, 2/24 won’t appear until Monday earliest, more likely Tuesday or Wednesday. The 9/03/17 is the result of the earlier discharge – without detailed information on your case, I have no idea why NV is using that date. It appears NV may have used earnings subsequent to that to purge the discharge MC, therefore, is paying you anyway. Otherwise, call NV or visit one of their offices to use the phone banks to get exact answers.

  • Aj

    I still have not received any sort of w-2 for last year while I was on unemployment I cannot seem to be able to get in touch with any real people to sort this problem any help would be greatly appreciated..

  • Desiree

    I have recently applied for unemployment due to leaving my job of 3 years due to harassment. I was denied and sent in a letter to appeal it. I had transferred to a different section of my company 1 month before I found out I was pregnant. I had a very difficult pregnancy and was given fmla intermittent leave. My new manager would question why I could come in when I would use my fmla and remind me that they need me there and not at home. I have copies of 2 text messages but most of the conversations were verbal and face to face. Right before I went on my maternity leave I emailed our site director to voice my frustration and he kept blowing me off. While on leave after I had my child, my manager would text me asking about me and my son and if I was ready to come back yet, 2 weeks after I had my son. I am very nervous to be face to face with him during the appeal process. Do you have any advise on what I can do if I don’t feel comfortable talking about him in front of him?

    • There isn’t any way not to confront the source of your harassment. If you can’t face the appeal hearing, hire an attorney. Otherwise, stop thinking about your fear and start concentrating on why you are entitled to benefits, organize your evidence, list clearly the occurrences by date, whether or not you have written evidence, query him on those issues, and keep your mind and focus on those issues, only. Work on visualizing this person dispassionately.

  • Carrie

    I accepted a job where the probabtion period only pays me at minimum wage (8.25). After that it will increase, but not by much. My weekly pay is less than half of my unemployment and was, my previous job paid 14.00. Can I still receive benefits to help supplement my income until my pay becomes higher?

  • Christle

    Hi there,
    I filed beginning of Dec and stopped filing right before NYE. There was a hold up with my money but I eventually got it cuz I emailed my state Rep like you said..Thank you so much for that! Hours are being heavily reduced once again, am I allowed to file again for a couple weeks until it picks up hopefully in a few weeks???

    • You REOPEN your existing claim and report gross earnings for each week you work – even if not paid. NV will deduct 75% of your gross earnings from your weekly benefit and pay the difference.

      • Christle

        Ok perfect! Also, let’s say for the next couple weeks that I claim due to very little hours, then the following week we pick up and I work enough hours for that week but then it goes back down the following week?? Do I just keep claiming until the hours or money finally catches up??

        • If you earn too much and/or work too much in any week for NV to pay a benefit, chances are Nevada will close the claim – which means you will need to call NV to REOPEN the clam when your hours are cut back. You keep claiming until the monetary award is exhausted, or the benefit year expires, whichever occurs first.

  • Marie Bass

    I’m scared I’m not going to be approved for beneifits. I was at my last employer for 5 weeks and was told I was fired because my background check came back as “undetermined”. They said I could reapply in 30 days. This employer basically stated to unemployment that I lied on my job application (false) in regards to prior criminal convictions. Also they told unemployment that I was given messages to appeal my background check results (false) but failed to answer the messages in time so they had to fire me. I was unaware of the situation up until I was terminated. Prior to getting this job I was at my next to last employer for 5 and a half years, was fired but was still approved for unemployment benefits which I received for 6 weeks before getting hired at my last employer. Will I be eligible for benefits? I was at my last employer for only 5 weeks, will that be a factor?

    • Nevada will resume benefits on your existing claim after it investigates the discharge. If employer says you were terminated for the reasons you’ve stated above, NV will deny. You will need to appeal to require employer present evidence of both its accusations. Many appeals are won, so absolutely appeal a denial.

      Regrettably, at this point, it is your word against employer’s and the states almost always initially rule against the claimant, preferring to let the appeals tribunal sort out the truth. Unfair to you, but the system favors the employer.

      When you are interviewed, you tell Nevada you don’t know why you were fired. Don’t recognize these lies by talking about them. Nothing you say in your defense at this point will help you and will only provide ammunition for a denial, so the less you say the better. Let the employer bring up and then be required to prove its lies. It may not even respond negatively, in which case your benefits resume.

      • Marie Bass

        What should I say in my appeal letter? It says to state your reason why, I don’t want to indulge too much in my letter like you said. Should it be “short and sweet” or detailed as much as possible with details?

        • The only purpose of this letter is to request an appeal. You state you disagree with the decision and request an appeal hearing. You don’t need to say why. You present your arguments at the hearing.

  • Matt Smith

    why is this system so inefficient? Ive been on hold for 9 hours!!! 9 hours are you kidding me? and still haven’t been able to speak with anybody. i tried to make my claim online and when i went to confirm an error message popped up and told me it needed review from DETR. Ive been trying to get ahold of someone for 3 weeks!! I just cant believe this is “how it is”…… as im still on hold.

  • I was approved for unemployment benefits as of 1/27/17 I had an interview with an ui rep on 2/2/2017 to which I was denied those benefits. I also owe the unemployment office for non fraudulent over payment. Will I still get the benefits or will the monies owed be dedudcted and if so when will I recieve my benefits?

    • You were probably not approved on 1/27. More likely, what happened is you got a notice of monetary award. That is not the same as an approval.

      Subsequent to that notice, you had an interview on 2/2/2017, after which you said your benefits were denied.

      The last event rules.

      Therefore, no benefits will be paid unless you appeal this denial. Further, until you get this decision reversed, there will be no offsets to that overpayment, either.

      For now, you still owe the overpayment and are not getting benefits at all.

      File a request for an appeal hearing if you believe you were unjustly denied. Many appeals are won. Denials are not cast in stone. If you win the appeal, then, yes, NV will offset any benefits claimed until the overpayment has been satisfied.

      Meanwhile, keep claiming.

  • Atlas

    My Full time job consist of driving to different parts of the city and occasionaly outside (laughlin, pahrump, mesquite) in one day. In my personal truck. Could I voluntarily quit my job for transportation cost to high, just in gas alone is anywhere from 1/4 to almost 1/2 my paycheck and the gas they reimburse me for does not cover even 1/4. I have tried using a smaller truck, but that reduces my pay significantly. We must have a truck suv or van and carry 100/300k insurance which is pricey even though I have a great record.
    I also have a part time job, that basically just pays for the gas and insurance. Only if I have any days thats is. (On call)
    Would I be able to qualify if i quit? Also I do have another reliable mode of transportation but it wont do for my full time work. I’m in the process in looking for other jobs.


    • Quitting because the job is not cost-effective financially and is a hardship/detriment is considered good cause in most states. Provide good documentation supporting your case. Expect a four-six week wait, at best, for benefits. Claims are never processed overnight. Subjective issues like yours can take longer.

      Yes, if the claim is granted, you can continue with your part-time job. You would need to report gross earnings from that job the weeks you work (not when you are paid). NV would deduct 75% of those gross earnings from your weekly benefit and pay the difference.

  • Anon

    I never received a new bank of america card. Suddenly your system had my address wrong after years of it being correct. I didn’t know about the bank change so I kept calling the wells Fargo account line only to incur fees for calling too many times because I was checking my balance. There is a limit within a certain period that someone is able to call the wells Fargo account line until you start getting fined. Aside from that I am late on my rent and bills! Have no food, nor resources to feed my daughter. I am extremely angry and disappointed with the way my account is being handled. I want my money now. And I want someone to cover all my late fees on my rent and bills. The uinv is solely responsible for my current state. Please respond asap and also with any info to make up for the money or legal action I can take against the division. I am hurting all because the system is a mess. Have not been able to withdraw funds for over a month.

    • No one here works for Nevada. Visit your nearest Nevada office which has phone banks to get you directly through to a rep. Or, better yet, Email your elected state representative about your issues. Find yours, here:

      Reps do a great job getting claim issues resolved.

      Lastly, there is no way any state will reimburse you for expenses incurred due to their errors/delays in processing your claim. The best approach is to stay on top of your claim. If 3-4 weeks have gone by with no approval/no money, either visit an office or immediately email your state representative.

  • David

    I just received my second week of benefits and a couple days later received notification that I had been selected for “Re-Employment Services” and that an appointment was set up for me. What exactly is this meeting? Why am I selected after only two weeks in system?

    Also, the letter I received included a Job Search form that states I must contact several different employers each week IN PERSON. However, I am in management and it is not something that I can go from storefront to storefront getting applications; I am submitting applications online to the HR department of different companies. Is this “in person” requirement written in stone or is internet searches and submissions acceptable?

    Many of these companies do not supply a name of contact, only gives “Hiring Manager” or “HR Department” will this also be an issue?

    Thank you

    • Nevada wants to review your resume and job search skills early in your employment in the belief that the longer you are unemployed, the harder it is to find work.

      Regarding in-person, you are the first person I’ve heard from in years about this issue. In-person job searches are virtually impossible to do these days for anyone in a professional job and, in certain fields, is inappropriate. Buildings are locked, security guards stop you at the first floor. No HR person will schedule an appointment without first reviewing an application and resume. Nevada should know this.

      At this point, I wouldn’t take “in-person” literally, nor worry about “Hiring Manager” or “HR Department” as the only contact, which is done routinely by employers these days. For now, continue your normal online search. Keep a good log w/notes on any replies, etc. and bring that with you to the appointment. When you attend the Re-Employment meeting, ask them about both these issues.

  • Virginia Miller

    I am not sure what date to enter on the Nevada opening a new claim when asked
    for the dates of employment as the ending date… I am still employed, but have been cut back to one day a week at best?

  • Annah

    I filed both my weekly claims for the past two weeks on time. I do not see where I have been paid at all. I noticed for my first weekly claim it says failure to supply next to last employer. I haven’t received anything in the mail, and there is nothing in my document center. There also isn’t anything under the section “issues is delaying payments” I’m confused as to what’s going on, no idea where I failed to supply next to last employer. Help

    • If you just applied and have received no payments, yet, NV is still processing the claim – which normally takes most states three-four weeks. If your payments have stopped, call NV or visit an office to learn why.

    • Sarah

      I was told the same thing even after I talking to the appeal office and supplying the information then requested. You have to call them ASAP, they will tell you they sent out a letter saying to call them.

  • Amy

    My daughter is unable to log into her active unemployment acct. Its appears somehow it was deactivated What does she so?

  • Samantha

    How do I claim vacation pay when I have not been terminated and did not work. Have been trying to reach unemployment all week without any luck questions is full and now on hold for 184 minutes.

    • ?? – What is the issue? Are you currently collecting benefits, did not work last week, but did RECEIVE vacation pay?

      Or, are you attempting to collect an unemployment benefit for an unpaid week of vacation? If so, do you have an open claim you wish to reopen? If not and you want to open a new claim for the unpaid week, start the process online.

      • Samantha

        I had vacation time pay which will be included in my upcoming check. I am not terminated from my job. I am on reduced hour lay off. Some weeks I get a few hours some weeks I get no hours. I want to make sure I claim my vacation pay appropriately. I did not work last week. I will be paid vacation pay. Yes I am currently collecting unemployment benefits. I have not filed a claim for this week because I don’t want to enter the wrong information. I am paid every 2 weeks.

  • tyler

    My benefits says the amount and the date on it says 1-23-17 which is a monday and today is tuesday the 24th ?? why isn’t the deposit on the card it still says 0$ :/ ?? please help

  • Megan Reyes Perez

    What does deny with relief mean

  • Kat

    I might be let go off my full time job anytime soon. i did however take a part time job 2 weeks ago at night to supplement since my full time doesnt make enough to cover all our expenses. Can i still qualify for unemployment even if i have a part time job? Is there a cap of how much you can make from part time. i am paid as a contractual person and they do not take out taxes of $15/hour. I will probably average 15-20 hours every 2 weeks?

  • Lance

    I recently worked remotely on contract, for a company based in New York, but reside in Nevada. I was a W2 employee, so they took out taxes, etc.
    They don’t show up in my claim area. Do I add them as an out of state claim? Do I claim through New York? I didn’t physically work in their office, as I was a remote worker.

  • Victoria Jones

    I received a letter saying
    “You are entitled to benefits from 12/11/2016, if otherwise eligible” in the decision section.

    Does this mean that I will receive my benefits?

    Also, I didn’t know that I had to file every week since the day I was unemployed, can I get back pay? Or is it based on the weeks that I’ve applied?

    I’ve only applied initially and then today….

    Please help me!

    • Yes, you were approved. No, you cannot get the back weeks for which you did not submit claims. Try to contact Nevada to ask if they will make an exception. If you can’t get through by phone, visit one of their offices. As a rule, the states are not flexible on this issue. CA may, once in while, grant back weeks. But, Nevada is not California. You lose nothing by asking.

  • Aneirin

    I was suddenly put on-call without notice from my employer and I’m still working there; is that still grounds for filing? I don’t know when I’ll be given a regular schedule again, so when the form online says “do you plan on returning to this employer” do I put no since I’m not sure if they’re going to change that? Also, do I need to alert the employer that I am applying for unemployment until I get a second job? I’ve applied to over 50 positions this month and have only gotten one interview thus far. Thank you.

    • Yes, you most certainly are eligible for benefits. Re Q for return to previous employer, state unsure.

      • Sharon Lawrence

        I need help I applied for unemployment in Nevada on 1-13-17. I was laid off due to the job being a seasonal position I have done my claims every week and my claim just say open no updated info, no mail, no letters no nothing how long do I have to wait ? It’s it 30 days I mean I’m running low on my money and when I call I’m on hold for 4 hours where I just can’t take it I hang up I don’t know where I can go to speak someone I’m just lost I need answers

  • Jonathan b

    My claim is an interstate claim I am owed now 10 weeks they released my initial two weeks but have yet to pay me for the rest of my 10 weeks I keep calling and asking questions I get nowhere and the one direct line I have I get no return call What can I do

  • Jonathan

    How long does it take for me to get payment after I file weekly claim?

    • If you have just applied for benefits, expect to wait at least four weeks before benefits begin. If your claim has been approved, payments should be on your card two days after you certify.

      • Jonathan

        If I had to reactive because I missed a week of weelky claim do I have to wait another 4-6 weeks or is it still 2 days?

        • If the system took your claim, you should receive money as normal. Claims close usually within one or two weeks of no benefits being paid (varies by state) – in which case you would need to “reopen” the claim either online or by calling NV as you wouldn’t be allowed to claim. Since you were able to claim online, it would appear the claim is still open.

          • Jonathan

            Thank you for your help 1 more question if I filed on sunday does it count as a day(so I would receive payment on Tuesday) or should I expect it Wednesday? Again thank you.

          • States vary in how they pay. If you filed in the afternoon on Sunday, you might not get paid until Wednesday. Use previous payments as your guide. Check your online status. Normally, if payments have been processed, the online acct will indicate. If you see no money after three days, call Nevada – or visit a Nevada office and talk with someone.

  • Desiree A

    my unemployment benefits are going to run out in a few weeks; are there any extension programs at all?

  • Joy

    why does the claim application ask for the gross earnings in the last week of employment? I was on unpaid leave at that time so my earnings in the last week of employment was 0. Will it affect my unemployment claim?

  • Daniel

    My employer received a letter stating of unemployment fraud by me, says i owe $15,000 and im not sure what to do next or how to get information on this case. Can you please email me on how to go about this? Thank you

  • Niko

    Hello, Im trying to figure out when i will receive my weekly benefit amount. I was approved on 11/25 and have received my EPPI card a few weeks ago but nothing is showing in my acct. When i call the automated phone # to inquire about the status of my claim it says I am up to date. I just would like to know when I can expect any progress. I know its a busy time and I thank you for your patience. My Claimant ID is 5156687 , if that helps with the problem. Thank you so much and have a blessed day!

  • Willy

    Why did I receive 2 different cards? One card is the Nevada Visa Debit card, with info on, with the horse on the card.

    The other card is a Bank Of America Master Card through B of A,

    Why 2 cards?

  • C. Jackson

    I applied for unemployment benefits 11/05/2016. My previous employer appealed and we had the hearing. The final decision was i am eligible to receive benefits. How long before I actually start receiving my benefits.

    • Possibly a couple of weeks. Some states pay very quickly after a decision, others take longer. Try to contact Nevada. It’s possible if you fax in the decision, you will bypass the red tape. Of course, keep claiming. Nevada cannot pay weeks which have not been claimed.

  • How long I have to wait after I applied,
    I filed on 12/13/16 , I got two different kind cards but no money in either of them, am really in afainancial hardship time,is there anything I can do to get my payment quick?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Dealer2017

    I have tried to file unemployment back in 2009. I was denied. I now work for the same employer 5 years later but am working a totally reduced schedule. I am filing unemployment to cover the hours that I am not getting at work. They are saying that I need to send pay check stubs that say I made 388 a week for 10 weeks. That is the benefit amount I would have received if I was able to collect back in 2009. My benefit amount is considerably less this time. Why does my previous claim that I never even got have anything to do with my present one? I don’t understand.

    • Because Nevada needs verification that you have worked and earned enough to purge the previous disqualification. If nothing else, send them tax returns and/or W-2s for 2010 or later. That should do it.

  • Michelle

    I was terminated for reaching the maxium attendance point of 12 points… I was denied UI for misconduct…What can I do to successfully appeal this…. I was pending fmla for taking care of my mom…. and I had gotten sick and that put my attendance points at 12 1/2….I had recived my 7th FWW for the year and was verbally told I was terminated but the director was waiting on HR…. they still continued to put me on the schedule and penalize me by giving me all late shifts and not working with me when I told them my mom had appointments.
    .when I would come to work… they would call the director to see if it was okay fore to work… ..I was even told that they were penalizing me for calling in…everytime i would ask what was going on I was told “Idk we’re waiting on HR”….I was literally on pins and needles… all of this started in late September…I wasn’t terminated until Mid November… I honestly don’t know what to do… if anything 😬😬😬

    • You appeal this decision and present your case at the appeal hearing. You had medical and family reasons for the absences. Yours is not a disqualifying form of misconduct, but the states will almost always initially deny benefits in situations like yours and let the appeal court sort it out. Only at appeal do they review the facts. File the appeal request immediately. It may be a month or longer before Nevada will schedule the hearing.

  • jaygee

    Filed 12/04/2016 approved 12/29/2016 2 payments sent also 12/29/2016 with confirmation numbers, Bank of America Eppicard website has no info on my card, i can call the card hotline and i have 0 balance. it is now 1-3-2017 have not recieved any money at all.

    • Holidays delay payments. It could take another two-three days before the money appears on your card.

      • jaygee

        their website says up to 72 hours, now i’m no mathmatician but between 12-29-2016 and 1-4-2017 is 144 hours, even taking into consideration the holiday and even an extra day, that is still 72 hours, there are no pending deposits on my card, however it shows that Nevada UI has approved and sent a total of 3 payments as of today.

        • It’s 72 hours by business day. Banks don’t post on weekends and holidays. Your days look like this:

          Dec. 29 – Payment pushed – does not count as a day
          Dec. 30 – Friday – business day
          Dec. 31 – Saturday – not a business day
          Jan. 01 – NY day – holiday not a business day
          Jan. 02 – NY holiday for all govt agencies and banks – not a business day

          Jan. 03 – Tuesday – business day
          Jan. 04 – Wednesday – business day

          You’ll probably see some money tomorrow.

  • John

    I will be losing my job the 2nd week of January. My question to you is, I will be receiving a severance package. Does this effect my unemployment benefits?

    • Assume if you receive ten weeks severance, your benefits will be delayed ten weeks. Most states, if severance is paid lump sum, offset benefits only for the week paid. However, NV is vague on this issue. Therefore, assume a disqualification from benefits until severance is exhausted. Provided this is not more than 26 weeks severance, apply for benefits immediately. If you are receiving more than 26 weeks severance, please post back.

  • Jordan

    This state is terrible , 462 attempts to speak with with someone , yes that’s correct 462 God damn times I have called in the last 2 weeks . I was approved now says refusal of work which isn’t correct, I’d like to know why Nevada thinks it’s funny to burn they’re citizens. My taxes and donation go into this state , i deserve 5 minutes to correct this mistake .

  • Jamil A Muhammad

    How long are the payments expected to be delayed?

  • Trina

    If you filed your claim online on time, will there still be a delay in benefits due to the holidays?
    Does Anyone know?

  • Tajuana manson

    Unemployment of Nevada is claiming that I had an overpayment they have already taken unemployment that I qualify for they have already garnished me then all of a sudden the amount went up $3,000 they say it’s due to a system change they tell me it’s too late to appeal it I requested a garnishment stay and wasn’t able to keep up the $250 a month payments because I have a household of 5 that I take care of on my own they had all the money available to them when they had the tax evasion they decided to only take a portion of it and then garnish me and cause my quality of life every month to suffer I did another garnishment stay because they decided to garnish me right before Christmas my rent has gone up $200 my expenses has gone up and yet they still deny me because their reason is I couldn’t keep up with the $250 a month they were asking for I did say that I can make payments monthly now they’re taking 25% of each check which is causing me a hardship and they don’t care my income has increased I’m going to lose my apartment if I’m unable to make payments and they still don’t care the documentation they mailed to me does not give a reason as to why this so-called it went up $3,000 the supervisors base their decisions on the garnishment stay on their own personal views and have no idea it could care less about the financial strain it puts on a single mother how can I file a complaint this has caused me serious hardship to the point of where I have to split my rent up and I just moved into my new apartment I have a car note I have bills I have insurance I have student loans what can I do

    • Legally, there is very little you can do to get the state to reduce or stop this garnishment without incurring extensive legal fees with a very low probability of a favorable outcome.

      Consuolt a bankruptcy atty immediately. In most states unemployment overpayments can be discharged in bankruptcy.

      The garnishment stops when bankruptcy papers are filed.

      Bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of. The rich use bankruptcy as a financial management tool all the time and think nothing of it. Think Donald Trump – who filed at least four times, possibly more. The sooner you file, the sooner the collection process/garnishment stops.

      Even if you have a car loan, most lenders will reaffirm the loan – so you shouldn’t lose the car. Generally, life just goes on as before.

      • tajuana manson

        i filed unemployment and was told that it could not be included in the bankruptcy. What makes it so bad is I cant appeal, Then they base their decision on their own personal view. I called again and spoke with Richard and he hung up in my face. How do I file a complaint against then.

        • Complaints to NV unemployment department managers probably won’t do any good, even if you are able to locate direct contact information.

          A much better option is to email your State of Nevada elected representatives. Find yours, here:


          Employees of the state unemployment offices are uninformed and commonly give out wrong information, or knowingly false information. If someone at the unemployment office told you this debt can’t be discharged in bankruptcy, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM until you verify with an atty. These people are NOT there to help you, but to prevent payment of benefits if at all possible, and certainly not to give you information whereby you might relieve yourself of this overpayment.

          YOU GET BANKRUPTCY ADVICE FROM A NEVADA BANKRUPTCY ATTY – not the unemployment office. CONTACT A BANKRUPTCY ATTY IMMEDIATELY. Many provide free consults.

  • Ed

    I would like to file a complaint on Nevada unemployment! They never answer the phone when you call and if they do they say they are busy and hang up on you! They only help you Monday, Tuesday and take questions the rest of the days that’s bull shit! I’ve tried calling them to no avail this days! They make it so hard for you to get in touch with them it’s reduces!

  • Aims

    My bf was waiting for the unemployment interview today but his phone never rang and instead it went to voicemail. They just said they were going to decide it w/o talking to him. Has anyone had this happen? We are in Nevada.

  • Chris

    Hi there, I filed on 11/27th…it still says it’s open, and I am continuing to file weekly. I just looked to see the status and it just now said on 12/6 “non pay due to initial hold payment” and on 12/12, “for review” and on the prior page where it says Payment Issued, there is an “N” under each date. I am not sure what any of this means. Or if I should just keep filing and keep waiting to see if I get approved or not?? Thank you so much

    • It’s too soon to expect a claim approval – which can take up to four-six weeks, or longer after application. Keep claiming, absolutely.

      • Mel

        I have filed a claim on 11/27/16. received a letter saying I quit on “good cause” and that I have sent enough proof of my employer harassing me, but I haven’t got any payment or any other letter or call, I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone on any phone numbers listed for unemployment office. On my determination history says on the decision “allow” but on the payment history says “N” and discharge? What are all those supposed to mean? This is really confusing

  • Stacey burke

    My case says open as of Dec.11.2016 when will I receive my debit card and then when will the benefits be on the card?

  • Vanessa

    Why does nv unemployment send you a debit card if they haven’t even approved your claim? It’s quite silly.

  • Teresa

    Due to the fact that I do seasonal jobs, when I filed my claim, it calculated a certain amount if I filed before the new year but then a higher amount if I filed after the new year (since the job that paid better was more recent). I am wondering if the amount I am given each week will go up after the new year or was that only if I had filed later?


    • The amount once established remains the same for the entire benefit year. The higher amount would have been available only if you had filed later, because a different base period of wages would be used.

      If you have not yet claimed a benefit or been paid that benefit, it may be possible to ask Nevada to cancel the claim so you can refile in January. Claimants do this in every state to improve the benefit. Usually you are given 30 days from the date of UI determination to request a cancellation – PROVIDED you have not yet claimed and/or received a benefit. In CA, just claiming the benefit voids the right, but each state handles this differently.

  • Jasmin

    Recieved a letter today saying you are entitled to benefits from 11/06/2016, if otherwise eligible. It also states my job has not responded to separation. I already recieved my card like 2 weeks ago but still no funds are available. Does this mean im approved? Or doni have to wait for my job to respond? Thanks in advance!

    • You haven’t been approved. Nevada may begin paying anyway. However, these payments are made on a conditional basis pending an employer response. If employer responds later after payments begin, NV may suspend payments pending an investigation if employer response raises any issues. Employers are given a lot of latitude. Many do respond/appeal late when they’ve been notified benefits are being paid.

  • Gina

    I have provided my paycheck stubs back in October. Thank you for your response.

  • Gina

    I have been awaiting resolution of unreported wages to DETR for over 7 weeks. The investigator has contacted the employer and is waiting to receive signed reports from them. I have in the meantime I am working part time earning $8.75 an hour. I am one day away from living out in the streets. Is this a normal wait time?

  • Rudy Ortega

    This is the worst service imaginable. I tried filling out a new claim on the website and there was a computer error as it said my city and zip code don’t match. That is ridiculous! I tried to call and it was all automated. Why isn’t there anyone to talk to? Nevertheless I tried anyways to find out I couldn’t continue with the automated system for some reason, didn’t say why. I tried to speak to someone for a general inquiry and it was too busy and said please try back later without putting me on hold or saying when to call back! The service doesn’t seem to want to help anyone!

  • Erik

    I have made claims for the last three weeks and have received no money yet. I have the debit card and was approved. On the unemployment website, it shows the claims went through and I have confirmation numbers. When should I start receiving money?

    • If you were actually approved, the money should be on your card. Call NV and ask. Three weeks after application is usually too soon to expect benefits, so I am wondering if you misinterpreted the UI Determination of Benefits to be an approval. A notification of claim amount and weekly benefit is not an approval. You need to call NV or visit a local office.

  • Anthony

    My claim was accepted on 11/2/16 and I’ve since filed two weekly claims, yet I haven’t received my debit card. I tried calling today but after 4 hours on hold, I hung up. I can’t get info from Eppicard because they want a PIN number I don’t have. How long am I supposed to wait for the card? Also, if I ever receive the card will the money from the weekly claims already be deposited?

    • If you mean you applied on November 2nd, it’s way too soon to expect an approval. Approvals take at least four weeks in most states, assuming there are no issues. Many states now don’t send debit cards until claim has been approved. You won’t be seeing any money for another two-three weeks, at least. Keep claiming. Once approved, all money for past weeks will be loaded onto the card at the same time.

  • Jessica

    When I go to claimant homepage the status is “Open” It has been 5 weeks since I applied for UI. Today I got a letter that I will get a new bank of america card for replacement but I never got the first debit card. Should I just wait little longer? It Open means it is still processing?

  • Raven

    I worked for a job for 2 and a half months , every check my check was short , I contacted labor board and also spoke with my manager regarding my concerns , she then discharged me for no reason claiming she is a AT will company . I filed for unemployment provided check stubs, however my manager tells unemployment I violated a rule , I think provided evidence to show she was lying as well as text messages where she stated she will fire me intentionally however I was still denied benefits what can I do ? I not only want to appeal but file a complaint as well.

  • Gregory Mitchell

    I haven’t received a debit card I have a letter saying both previous jobs were accepted. On my personal site it has a highlight saying “issue delaying payment ” who should I contact to get this resolved. I am allowed to fill my weekly claim but it has been over 4 weeks and I was wondering what to do next.

  • Jorge

    Hello i filled a claiment and it didn’t really tell me what to do next. I’m a seasonal worker and ive had benefits in 2004 and 2009. I tried to call with the numbers here but it doesn’t work. Will i get mailed if it’s accepted or denied? How long will that take?

    • Today is a Saturday, you can’t expect anyone to answer. You should hear something from NV in the next ten days. If you don’t and you still can’t get through on the phone, go to one of the NV offices which have phone banks with direct lines to the reps.

  • SF

    How can I even file a claim after being on hold for 4 HOURS and you guys hang up on me?? And then the system won’t even accept my call? Please do tell me what to do now.

  • Tom

    My son was recently separated from USMC with an 80% service connected disability and a $1500 disability check. He was denied because of what they call his monthly “pension” check. Are they the same? To me pension and disability payments are totally different, one is exceeding a retirement decision, the other is not being able to continue employment due to the service connected disability. T.

    • Clearly, NV did not examine your son’s claim very well. Pension payments which can be an offset to unemployment benefits are not disability payments. Assuming this was a pension, NV would offset his maximum monthly benefit of $1,763 with the $1,500, and pay $263. It would appear your son does not qualify for the maximum payment; therefore, if his was a “pension,” he would receive zero because of the offset.

      All that said, regardless of what NV is calling this payment, your son is not eligible for unemployment benefits because unemployment benefits are not paid to the disabled.

      Unemployment benefits are paid to people who are Able and Available – i.e., searching for and able to accept full-time work if offered. The disability status alone is disqualifying – whether or not he gets money for this disability.

      If your son recovers and becomes A&A, then the disability payments will cease. Whether or not he qualifies for unemployment benefits will depend on how much of his military pay remains in the base period used at the time he applies.

      FYI, a few states have short-term disability programs with very generous benefits for illnesses, pregnancies, etc., but these SDI payments are not paid concurrently with unemployment benefits, are paid only until claimant is again A&A – at which time claimant may be able to revert to an existing (or new) unemployment benefit claim.

      It is not possible to collect unemployment benefits from any state if one is disabled.

  • Slvatierra

    13yrs i was laid off found a new job very next morning worked there for 2 yrs had enough seperated filed for unemployment n received it for 3 wks found i thought a great place to work but after my 2nd check ( 1mnth) the owner started to deduct money from my check. W/out asking , telling me and random stuff, later found out he did that to ppl so i walked . My check was 6,058.70$ and he wrote me a check on pay day (friday 8ish) we supose to get paid or checks by noon but he was to bussy that friday and he bever received them he later told me so thats qhy he made me my check and said here thats when o saw it. Filed for unmpl. Got denied so i did what the lady from unmployment told me to do faxed over all the info the copy of check and short story explaing the sittuation today was last day to appeal i did fax over everyrhing but what now they keep telling me i need to call the appeal off. Give me anumber but dosentnt work twice thet done this now what .

  • JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) is a UNITED KINGDOM benefit, not in any way related to the unemployed in the United States. Why did you post this under the State of Nevada in the United States?

  • Marina

    Okay so I applied for unemployment 2 weeks ago says I got denied w/relief still trying to figure that out! Anyway I read the reason I was denied and it was totally different from what I implied! I left for job dissatisfaction because I felt I was getting bullied and my lovely interviewer said because my hourly rate was less than before.. I did tell her about my hourly rate being lower and how I disliked it but that wasn’t the reason I left! Should I appeal or can I just talk to another person about it?

  • Heather

    I filed for unemployment in February and was denied because I quit but it stated that I was disqualified until I work for 10 weeks making at least my benifits rate per week and now my page shows that they are charging the company I left for the Job I just quit and it allowed me to reactivate this claim I have not yet been back to work so I’m now wondering if I am in fact going to receive benifits or not

  • sonia

    How do I apply to get paid while on FMLA?

  • Lashawn

    Why did I not get approved for the full benefits amount when I had been working at the same place 10 years!!! How does that happen??

    • You need to examine the wages in the base period used by Nevada. Are they correct? Do they rise to the level which would allow the maximum Nevada benefit? Currently, NV’s maximum benefit is $407/wk., paid for up to 26 weeks. Complete information on how benefits are calculated, here:

      If you are monetarily eligible, your WEEKLY BENEFIT AMOUNT will be 1/25, or 4 percent of your highest quarter earnings. This amount cannot be more than the maximum weekly benefit amount, which is set by law each year, beginning July 1.

  • crystal p

    I received two letters one said: You are entitled to benefits from 2/28/16, if otherwise eligible. The second letter said: You are not entitled to benefits effective 2/28/16 . I was in a car accident on September 11th and I have a broken hip and pelvis and an arm and I was let go because of medical reasons because I have to have more surgery so I don’t understand these letters are you approved or not approved how do you know?

    • Joslyn W

      I got the same thing. 1 saying approved and another one saying deny w/relief all on the same decision date. Did you ever ended up getting paid? This is so confusing.

    • @crystal – if you lost your job because of medical reasons, Nevada should approve the claim. However, NV will not be able to pay benefits until you are recovered, provide a doctor’s release stating you are fit to search for and accept work. Unemployment benefits are not paid when is disabled. That said, normally the “not eligible” letter rules. You need to find out the status. You should have a claim. But, as stated, you will not be able to collect on that claim until you are fit for work.

  • Julie

    I waited for 2 hours on hold to ask if they are going to send me a new card and they disconnected the call AFTER TWO HOURS. Now I had to start all over again on hold. This is RIDICULOUS. I HAVE ONE SIMPLE QUESTION. The debit card people have the address attached to the old card I no longer have but my application is over a week old. Does this mean I will be receiving a new card because I have yet to recurve one. This hold music and these fraud messages are driving me nuts now after 2 hours and being hung up on. FIX YOUR SYSTEM AND DON’T MAKE PEOPLE WAIT SO LONG FOR SIMPLE QUESTIONS. BEING UNEMPLOYED IS STRESSFUL ENOUGH AS IT IS’!!!!!

  • Frederick Aaln Dunhour

    Need debit card mailed to new address: 182 E. Greenbrae Dr. ,Sparks, NV. 89431
    Old address:1570 Sky Valley drive, H-203
    Reno, NV 98523.
    Lost in mail have been waiting a very long time.

    Thank you for your time.
    Frederick A. Dunhour..

  • Taylor

    I had a letter on 01-08-16 stating I’m entitled to benefits from 12-27-15. I just got another one about a different past employer saying I am not entitled to benefits effective 11-08-2015. What does this mean? Will I receive nothing ?

    • crystal p

      Did you ever receive anything cuz I got the same kind of letters one saying I was eligible and one saying I wasn’t?

    • In both cases, you will need to find out why. Generally, if you’ve quit an earlier job without cause or there was misconduct, the current application can be affected until you prove you have earned enough to purge any penalty from the prior issues.

  • Debbie

    You CANNOT file claim in person in the OFFICE. We were there today —

    Both of us applied almost 2 weeks ago online — and were told since worked out-of-state could not file online — have to call…

    CAN”T GET THROUGH — when get through, get disconnected or transferred to someone who cannot help… i.e. INFORMATION LINE calls back several hours later and basically says tough!

    Do you need an attorney == just to get to FILE a CLAIM???

  • Eddy Smith

    Got calls about employer filing an appeal opposing my UI claim. The person from the UI gave me a govt number that is no longer in service. Why should I be surprised? UI said I would get $300+ per week and then they paid $`170 for 3 of the 7 weeks I was unemployed. Tried calling them and was put on hold for an hour. I understand it is govt ran, but if a company was ran this ineffective in the private sector it would have filed bankruptcy more times than Trump.

  • Karla

    I have received a letter that said you are entitled for benefits on 11/08/15 if otherwise eligible, does that mean I’ve been approved?

    • Daniel

      I’m in the same position, down to the date even. I still haven’t received my debit card either. Any time I click on the file information regarding a payment for the week filled, it takes me to the decision for my claim, which states “allow”.

    • Letters which provide information on your “possible” benefits are not approvals. Continue to claim. If NV is like most states, it will send the debit card when the claim has been approved.

  • Anthony Macnabb

    When tried doong cquick claim on phone for my weekly claim said still have money on account but used all my 20 weeks…firstly pretty sure hasnt been 20 weeks but even if has since no extensions in nevada is there any way around that or can be done to get more weeks since have money on account still?

  • fran dalton

    i just looked on the website. though the recording when i called in my claim said it was processed successfully the website says my benefits were exhausted. the automated voice says there are no extension programs in nevada. so what the heck do i do now? i am 55, cant find work, and am raising my 2 grand daughters by myself as their mom, my daughter -died. i cant become homeless. i am scared to death now. what do i do???

  • What day do you receive your money on your card after filling?

  • Dana Gill

    I need to find out if I can get a print out of benefits received.

  • I have been collecting my unemployment for 20 weeks, I have not found a job yet. Do they just stop paying or is there something to do to get a extension.

  • I think its a bunch of B.S. that a person calls early in the morning to speak to someone for help with online difficulties and after two hours you get hung up on. You then call back and it says que full for the day. Well by god I was in que until your people decided to go lunch and clear the lines!

  • Whats the number to call every week in order to get your money?

  • Deny/w relief mean your denied . They will send you a letter stating why. Marvin Nevada is a horrable state to try and get help. Do not think they will approve you.

  • My spouse is being offered employment in Las Vegas and we are going to relocate. I haven’t yet found employment and wanted to know if that is acceptable grounds to file unemployment. The twist is that I am retired military and draw a military pension. I just want to cover all of the bases before terminating my current job and relocating.

    Thank you.

    • If you are moving within the State of Nevada, there are no benefits if you quit your current job to follow your wife. NV pays trailing spouse benefits for military base transfers only. Now, if you are currently living in California, then, yes, you have no problem quitting your California job and collecting unemployment from the State of California until you find work in Nevada. The laws of the state you are moving FROM determine trailing spouse benefits. Before you quit, be sure your current employer can’t use you remotely in LV.

  • Have NEVER received my DEBIT card and cannot get any information by calling 877-829-4130…they want the card number and pin #, all automated…even if you do not put any numbers in…keeps saying they haven’t gotten the number and after about three times of this the number just hangs up……and no way to actually speak to anyone…any ideas ion how to get my card?

  • i was approved and received benefits for 4 weeks. now they are saying i refused work 4 weeks ago… how is this possible?

  • what does deny w/ relief means?

  • SO @dustin did you get your benefits…i have the same thing too.

  • I had just filed a few weeks ago as I seperated from Cox Communications here in Las Vegas. I just peeked into my account through the website and the determination says “Deny w/ Relief” in those exact words and symbols. What does this mean? I am thinking optimistically that Cox is denying or fighting me, but the w/ relief part means that they are giving it to me anyway. But worst case, I am denied…what does the “w/ relief” mean? Weird wording either way. Thanks for your help

  • I worked in ca last year made 18thousand. Can I get unemployment from ca?

  • How do I change my tax status from taxes taken out of my unemployment benefits to no taxes withheld ? I would be in a better position if I paid my taxes due, in tax season 20014.

  • Trying to re open my claim

    • Darlene Elsmore

      I’ve been trying to file,for four days,
      I collected year2015 for 8wks,
      I have my debit card, but I collected from a different job,do I open a new claim?
      I can’t get pass the Credit check B.S
      It’s their recommended site,
      It count let me go into the job questionnaire,so now I have to wait til Monday or Tuesday
      Only two days open for filing a claim
      So if I can ‘re-open last claim I might get around this credit check BS
      That I will have to pay 1.00
      On my credit card and if I don’t cancel it within 7 days they will charge me 29.95 a month…
      What a Racket…

      • Bri

        Darlene – I’m not sure what site you are attempting to apply for unemployment insurance through, but there should not be any sort of application fee for applying for unemployment insurance in Nevada or any other state for that matter. Please visit Nevada’s office Unemployment Compensation site at the following address:

  • My son Michael Brooks hasn’t been able to get through to get the unemployment, we have been with out mail since 6-13-13 702-504-6018

    • Why are you without mail? Open a Post Office Box at your local Post Office if you can’t get delivery to your home. Then – using the internet via the contact from on the NV unemployment website – notify Nevada of your change of mailing address. Then, email your state representative requesting they have someone from Nevada call you to straighten out your son’s claim – or your son should visit a local NV unemployment office. Look up the addresses of your nearest office on the Nevada website.

  • I received two letters one said: You are entitled to benefits from 8/18/13, if otherwise eligible. The second letter said: You are not entitled to benefits effective 8/18/13 until i return to work in covered employment and earn at least $212.00 in each of 10 weeks. Etc. Please let me know do i get benefits or do i not receive benefits.

    • ali

      Did you get your benefits? i got the same two letters.

    • Neither of you get benefits. You’ve both been disqualified either because you did not quit for good cause – or were guilty of misconduct. This means you need to go back to work, earn the designated amount, and experience a qualified separation. If you do not agree with the determination, file an appeal and rebut the reasons why you were disqualified.

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