Florida Unemployment – Do you know your rights?

  Last Verified: January 2017  

Florida’s economy and job market has improved since the recession; however, that hasn’t benefited the state’s unemployment insurance program, according to the National Employment Law Project (NELP). In 2013, the state finished paying off a $3.5 billion loan it took to pay unemployment benefits when the state was on an economic downturn. Now, a NELP study shows that it is more difficult to get benefits in Florida than almost any other state save South Carolina. The state may show its intentions by renaming the unemployment insurance program “reemployment assistance.” An NELP lawyer told the Florida Sun-Sentinel that many who don’t receive benefits fail during the application process. While officials at the Florida Department of Economic Security (DES) deny their process is at fault, the disparity suggests becoming familiar with the application process is important.

Eligibility for Unemployment Benefits in FL

To be eligible for unemployment benefits, you must have earned wages from an employer covered by the state’s unemployment insurance law. They pay into the fund that subsidizes the benefits program. You must earn enough wages from a covered employer in a 12-month period. Additionally, you must: Fl state seal - get unemployment benefits

  • Be unemployed, fully or partially, through no fault of your own
  • Be able and available to work
  • Be legal to work in the US or a US citizen
  • Register online with the Employ Florida marketplace.

A state claims examiner will determine first whether you meet the wage earnings requirement. If you do, the state will examine the reason you were separated from employment and look for other issues to decide whether you can receive benefits.

Eligibility Requirements Explained

Unemployed Through No Fault of Your Own

If you were laid off due to downsizing, your employer going out of business, company restructuring, or other circumstances beyond your control, you could be eligible for benefits.

Able and Available

In order to receive unemployment benefits, you must be physically and mentally able to work. If you are offered a position deemed suitable, you must accept it.

Wage Earnings Requirement and the Base Period

The DES will look at your wages over a 12-month period to determine whether you qualify for reemployment assistance and how much unemployment payments you’ll receive.This 12-month period is called the base period, and is the first four of the last five quarters (3 month periods) prior to the date you filed your claim.

unemployment base period

This chart shows the base period.

You must have worked and earned wages in at least two quarters of your base period (the last 4 quarters before applying for Florida unemployment). The amount of earnings during your base period must be a minimum of 1.5 times the wages of your highest earning quarter in your base period. So if your highest earning quarter was $3,000, your total earnings for the base period must be at least $4,500. You must earn more than $3,400 during the base period to be eligible.

Calculating Your Benefit Payment

The DES uses the base period to calculate how much you’ll receive each week in benefit payments, your weekly benefit amount (WBA). Take your total base period wages and divide by 26 to get your maximum WBA.

The max you can receive in Florida is set by law. The current maximum is $275. You may not receive more than the maximum level even if your wage determination would allow for more. How many weeks you can receive payments during your benefit year depends on the unemployment rate in Florida. It will be between 12 to 23 weeks. Currently you may only receive benefits for 12.

Extended Benefit Payments

At times of severe unemployment, the Federal government and state governments activate additional weeks of unemployment payments. The state formerly offers additional weeks through the Extended Benefits program, no longer active, but instead relies on the federal Emergency Unemployment Benefits Act, which was not renewed.

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in FL

What you need to apply

Before you apply for benefits, you will want to make sure you have all of the necessary information to complete the application. You will need the following pieces of information:

  • State issued identification
  • You social security number
  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers for all of your employers in the past 18 months
  • What dates you worked and total wages for every employer in the past 18 months
  • Gross income (pre-tax income) for the first week you are claiming unemployment
  • Alien registration number and the expiration date of your work permit (for non-U.S citizens)
  • A DD-214 form if you were in the military within the last two years
  • For federal employees, your SF-50 or SF9 form
  • Checking account number and routing number to have direct deposit.

How to Apply

You can file for benefits through Florida’s online system CONNECT. You cannot file for unemployment benefits in Florida at an office or over the phone.  You should file your claim within one week of becoming unemployed. You can file 24-hours a day, but if you need to speak with a representative about your application, you should call the Contact Center between normal business hours at 1-800-681-8102. You can also use the online contact form.

Once your claim has been accepted, you will receive your first payment in 3-4 weeks. No benefits are paid the first week you file you claim because it is a “waiting week”.

Maintaining Eligibility and Weekly Certifications

The DES requires that you maintain your eligibility status while you receive benefits. To make sure you remain eligible, the state requires that you request a benefit payment every two weeks. When you request the payment online with CONNECT, the software will ask you questions to help determine whether you remain eligible.

You may only request a payment on certain days. You have seven days after your scheduled day to make the request.

Day of the week to request a payment PRIOR to the FIRST PAYMENT being processed:

Last Digit of Your SSN Day
Even Number Monday
Odd Number Tuesday

Day of the week to request a payment AFTER the first payment has processed

Last 4 Digits of Your SSN Day
0000-1999 Monday
2000-3999 Tuesday
4000-6999 Wednesday
7000-9999 Thursday

The system will ask several questions to determine whether you remain eligible.

  • Are you able and available to work
  • Are you actively seeking work
  • Did you refuse any offer or referral of word
  • Whether you earned any wages during the week
  • Any other income that you did not report when you filed your initial claim

Job Seeking Requirement

The state required you to register with Employ Florida when you filed the initial claim. To remain eligible, you must make an effort to find work. In Florida, a good faith effort to find work means five verifiable job contacts or activities per week. The DES may request that you show proof of your job contacts.

You are required to provide the following details for each job contact:

  • Date of Contact
  • Method of Contact (In person, Online, Fax, Phone, etc.)
  • Business Name including telephone number & complete address, website URL or an e-mail
  • Results of your search
  • Type of work sought

The DES exclude some workers from the job search requirement.

  • You are in a DES-approved training program
  • You were laid off and have a date on which you’ll return to regular work
  • You are in a union
  • You will start a new job in six weeks or more.

Workers who live in low-population counties only have to show three contacts per week.

Part-time Work and Unemployment Benefits

You may work during a benefit week and still receive benefits as long as your wages don’t exceed your WBA. If you earn more than $58 during a week, the state will deduct money from your benefit payment.

You must report earnings when you request a benefit payment. You must report your gross wages, not your “take home” pay, and you must report the payments during the week you earned them, not during the week you received a pay check.

The state may deduct from your benefit payments for other reasons. Certain kinds of income, like investment income, may be deducted. You may chose to deduct income tax from your WBA.

Reasons for Denial of Benefits

The state will determine whether you met the wage and earnings requirement after you file your initial claim. They will mail you a Wage Transcript and Determination showing your benefit year, wages and potential WBA. If you don’t meet the wage and earnings requirement, you will not qualify to receive benefits. You may request a redetermination of your wages within 20 days of the mailing date of the determination.

Next, a claims examiner will determine whether you have any other issues that may be disqualifying. They will look at the reasons for your separation from work. Separation issues are often disqualifying.

If your actions or decisions were the proximate cause of your separation from work, the claims examiner may likely disqualify you.

If you quit work for personal reasons or reasons unconnected to work, the state may deny your claim. If you quit because you could not get child care for your school age children, or you quit because you could not get transportation to work, the state will not consider these to be a “good cause connected to work.”

If your employer fires you for actions that showed a disregard for the employer’s interests, the claims examiner may deny benefits. Such actions could include a repeated violation of a rule despite warnings or failing to perform duties as required despite warnings. The state considers these actions to be “misconduct connected to the work.”

Other issues

The state might deny your benefits for reasons unrelated to wage or separation issues. Refusing a reasonable job offer is one. A reasonable offer would be one that pays a salary similar to your previous one, with duties you’re trained to perform. After you’ve received 25 weeks of benefits, the definition changes. At that point, a suitable offer would be for a job that pays 120% of your benefit amount or at least minimum wage, whichever is the greatest amount.

Quit and Still Eligible

There are some circumstances in Florida where workers could make the decision to quit, yet be eligible to receive benefits. If your employer required you to work in a hostile environment to your ethnicity or gender, it would be a good cause to quit. However, you would have to show you did everything you could to keep your job, including meeting with a supervisor or reporting the matter to your HR department.

Dismissed and Still Eligible

For the DES to deny your claim based on a discharge, the examiner must find that you committed “misconduct connected to your work.” Your employer may discharge you for a just cause in their minds; however, your action may not be misconduct, such as a one-time violation of policy. Actions can be a single occurrence and still be misconduct if the action shows a “disregard for the employer’s interests.”

What Happens When the State Denies An Unemployment Insurance Claim

You may appeal any decision by the state regarding your benefits. You may request a hearing on the determination via the state’s CONNECT system or by filing an appeal to the Office of Appeals by mail.

Office of Appeals 
MSC 347, Caldwell Building
107 East Madison Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-4143
Fax: 850.617.6504

For further information on appeals, read our page about filing an appeal for unemployment benefits in Florida.

Resources and Contact Information

For questions regarding the application process or information about your claim, you can call Reemployment Assistance Hotline at 800-204-2418 Monday-Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

Email Reemployment Assistance department: http://www.floridajobs.org/applications/uccontactus/

Read the FAQ about the CONNECT system

Read the Florida Reemployment Services handbook

Appeals (clerk’s office):  (850) 921-3511

Appeals Commission: (850) 487-2685

If you need to send any correspondences in the mail, you can send it to:

Department of Economic Opportunity

107 East Madison Street,

 Caldwell Building

 Tallahassee Florida 32399

If you do not have access to a computer to file your claim or need help with your application, you can contact your nearest One Stop Career Center. The directory is located here.


  • James Miller

    I am currently on reemployment assistance and it is getting charged to my previous employer’s account. If I get a job that pays less than my previous job is there a program that will make up or pay the difference in salary?

    Thank you

    • There is no program available to compensate you for a job which pays less then your previous job. You are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits if the job is full-time, regardless of what it pays. If you work part-time, FL adds $58 to your weekly benefit, deducts gross part-time wages from that amount, pays the difference, if any.

      • Gail

        Unless your job was moved overseas, right?
        TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance-Training Support), TRA (Trade Readjustment Allowances-Income Support), RTAA (Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance-Wage Subsidy, HCTC (Health Coverage Tax Credit

  • Lisa Summers

    I’m wondering if I can apply for partial benefits. The company that I have worked for for 2 years now is losing money. We went from 40 hrs/wk to 32. I started the job processing orders, now a new hire does that. I’ve been told to learn inspection and shipping. This takes about 3-4 hours a day then I get sent home because I have no work to do. We are only open Monday-Thursday so I’m looking at 12-16 hours a week. I have been filling out 3-5 job applications weekly but I’m a single mom trying to find a full-time job. If we could survive on a part time job I’d stay where I am.

    • Apply for benefits. Know that maximum FL weekly benefit amount is $275 for 13 weeks, or a maximum claim award of $3,575.

      If you continue to work, FL will add $58 to $275 which means your partial benefit amount if you work is $338. From $338 FL will deduct your gross earnings for let’s say 16 hours @ $15/hr =$240 gross earnings. $338 benefit less $240 gross earnings means FL will pay you $98 for that week and deduct that amount from the maximum claim award – assuming you qualify for the maximum of $275/wk.

      You would need quarterly earnings of $7,150 (or $550/wk) to qualify for $275/wk benefit. Otherwise, divide your high quarter gross earnings by 26 to arrive at your weekly benefit amount.

  • Barbara

    The company I have worked at for 14 years is being sold. My job as bookkeeper will be no more. I have been told by my employer who is staying on as manager that the new owners will keep me and give me different duties. If they do keep me but decide I have to work more hours, which I physically cannot, or pay me less money, will I be able to leave that job and collect unemployment while searching for another ? Since really my job ended when the company was sold.

    Also, the owner now, my boss of past 14 years told me his lawyer told him all 17 employees would have to submit letters of resignation or not be picked up by new owners.. I told him that sounded like blackmail to me and totally illegal. He will be checking with his attorney on this. Any thoughts??

    • Do not submit a letter of resignation. You will essentially be discharged from your original position and may be offered a new unsuitable position as to duties, hours and pay. You can refuse that position. Let them discharge you. Apply for benefits. Know that FL pays a very paltry benefit of $275/wk for only 13 weeks. Benefits will be paid after claim is approved retro to date of application – process takes about a month.

  • Janet Tan

    I have to respond to a Florida Remuneration – Vacation/Holiday Pay – Claimant Questionnaire letter by 8/11.
    Upon being laid off on July 21, 2017 the company paid me for 5 days unused PTO (paid time off). My understanding is vacation pay is PTO but PTO may not necessarily be vacation pay. An example of non-vacation PTO is earned sick leave. I was laid off on July 21, 2017 and am not sure if the 5 days PTO should take place after my layoff date or be earned up to my layoff date. According to their company policy employees receive pay for any unused PTO time up to five days. This unused PTO time is included in the final paycheck. PTO provides a bank of hours in which the employer pools sick days, vacation days, and personal days that allows employees to use as the need or desire arises.

    Should I answer question 1 Did you receive vacation pay when you separated from your employer? yes or no

  • Connie Atalehee

    How do you file a claim to the commission AFTER you have done a phone interview with a referee, hired a lawyer and appealed still get denied?? I have worked for this company that fired me for TEN YEARS and a manager fires me for misconduct because I made a mistake?? How is that translated into misconduct? Isn’t misconduct when you steal or curse out the manager or something egregious like that? The manager didn’t like me and discriminated against me and wrote me up for silly stuff just to get me out. I am fighting this with everything in me but am truly discouraged from moving forward on this final attempt. I am a single mom My car will be repossessed soon and I was really counting on this money after hiring a lawyer. Is there any hope with this??

    • FL should have provided you with information on your appeal rights to the Board of Review. Essentially, you request another appeal. The BOR only reviews evidence already on the record. Submissions are made in writing in the form of legal briefs. Your atty should be able to handle this. In most states misconduct is defined as an INTENTIONAL rules violation.

      Read this on FL’s definition of misconduct: http://paveselaw.com/floridas-new-definition-of-misconduct-for-unemployment-insurance-compensation-purposes-a-change-for-the-better

      Keep in mind FL only pays up to $275 for 13 weeks. That means, if you win, the most you will receive is $3,575. An atty will cost you anywhere between $600-$900 – unless you can locate an atty at legal aid willing to help you. The entire process will take at least another six weeks, earliest, more like two months until you finally get a decision. And then another week or two thereafter before FL pays you.

  • Marylou

    Is it legal to refuse a job offer while collecting? I heard that if the offer is a certain percentage less than your last salary, then it is ok to do so. If so, how? I don’t like turning down a job but the wage is more than $12000 less than what I was making while employed.

    • The general rule is no more than 20% less than previous salary – and even then only after you’ve been unemployed for a while. Some states require that after you’ve been unemployed for longer than 10-13 weeks, you accept any work you can perform which pays at least the prevailing wage for that type of work. However, FL only pays benefits for 13 weeks. Unless you were earning more than $60k/year, you can refuse this job as unsuitable.

      • Marylou

        Thank you!

      • Shara Manuel

        Can a person receive benefits if they work part time?
        Can a person collect unemployment if they were told not to come back to work because they heard I was going to go to college? I never missed any days and planned on going back to work because her position was already

        • Yes. You were discharged without cause. Apply for benefits NOW. When you work, FL adds $58 to your weekly benefit and deducts gross earnings. Chances are your part-time earnings will be greater than any FL benefit. Further, you cannot collect benefits unless FL approves your school schedule, so you will have to talk to FL about that when school begins.

  • Ira neira

    i was laid off from my job where I was working at for 20 months because it was closing. A couple of weeks later I got a job with amother company and after two weeks they no longer needed my services so they let me go, will I still be elegible to obtain unemployment for my previous job that I was at for 20 months but was laid off.??

    • Yes, no problem. If you applied for benefits after the first layoff, you need to REOPEN the existing claim. Otherwise, apply for benefits now. Since you experienced layoffs from both jobs, there shouldn’t be any issues. FL will use all wages between Jan-Dec. 2016 to determine your benefit.

  • Jermani

    Hi, I was laid off my job. I received a severance package in a lump sum which equaled 13 weeks. What is the law/policy with receiving unemployment and the severance package? I’ve applied for unemployment since I’m still in search of a job. I’m currently waiting on unemployment to respond to my claim. From what I’m reading, I won’t be eligible for unemployment since I collected a severance package. Is that correct?

  • Adriana Rowland

    I’m leaving my job of three years to start my clinical rotations (unpaid) at the end of June.
    The hours for my clinicals will be 8AM- 5PM Monday through Friday.
    My current job hours start at either 7AM or 1PM which would make me unavailable during my clinicals.
    I would like to know if I qualify for unemployment.

  • Rami Font

    I was laid off over a year ago in Nevada and now live in Florida
    i have been unable to find work and never applied for unemployment
    Should i apply for unemployment here in Florida or in the State of Nevada

    • If your last job was in Nevada, apply in Nevada. If you apply this week, NV will review earnings Jan-Dec. 2016. In order to qualify, total earnings in the base period must equal 1.5x your high quarter, which will probably be quarter ending March 31. Absolutely apply. You have nothing to lose.

  • I was laid off on 9/30/15, from a federal job after 2 and half yesrs. and I collected from October of 2015 to January 2016.. I was told my benefits was exhausted until October of 2016. I could not find a job until August 28 of 2016, and worked there untill 12/22/16, earning 8500.00 in that time frame. Can you tell me why I am denied benefits?

    • You needed one extra week of earnings for the quarter ending 9/30/2016 to qualify.

      FL requires total wages in your base period equal 1.5x your high quarter. If you earned on average $500/wk ($8,500/17) in 2016, from 8/28-9/30 you earned $2,500 ($500x5wks); from 10/01-12/22 you earned $6,000 ($500x12wks) – this is your high quarter.

      In order to qualify you need to have earned in total $9,000 (1.5x$6,000). Instead you earned $8,500. You are short of qualifying by $500.

  • Chantel

    I was fired in November of 2016. I applied for unemployment a week later and was approved for unemployment benefits. I was out of a job for a total of 4 months and received my first and last benefit in december. I stopped applying in January 2017 because I was not receiving anything and my job had filed an appeal. I finally got a job in February and now I’m receiving letters that say i need to repay unemployment.

    • If you never turned up at the appeal hearing, it’s an automatic loss for you. FL now wants its money back. Call FL about making arrangements to repay. Otherwise, FL may garnish your wages, your tax refunds will go to FL instead of you, and future unemployment benefits should you lose your job again will not paid until FL has recouped its money.

  • lourdes shapiro

    I was let go a year ago and claimed benefits. I have been unable to find another job. I have even paid a head hunter who said that, because of my previous salary and position, I was “overqualified” for jobs in my area of expertise. And of course, I don’t qualify for other jobs in other areas because I don’t have the experience most employers are looking for. It is discouraging. I am willing to work at whatever salary rate and I have even removed some of my expertise and credentials from my resume it did not work.
    Can I reapply for unemployment benefits?

  • Wayne Galvan

    I’m working on a medical practice in Florida for several years now. During the last two years the company has faced problems to pay on time the payroll. According to the administration, the reason was financial problems since they was not been paying by the government health insurance. To try to fix it the problem with the employees, starting on 2017 they changed the payroll from bi-weekly to semi-monthly with a two weeks arrears. Now we are having the same issue of not receiving our pay on time. We are receiving a week later, meaning that we have to wait three weeks to receive payment for worked done. The administration commented that they don’t have to pay us on time. If we decide to resign due to this situation, are we eligible to receive unemployment compensation?

  • I was fired from my job of almost 2 years on February 28,2017. My claim was denied in which I appealed and I have a hearing set for April 17th. My previous employer was informed of my appeal and has since sent me a certified letter offering me a job at another location almost an hour away. But because of me loosing my job i was behind on bills and am a single mother I had to move out of state to North Carolina this past week. Will I receive my back pay and can I win my appeal even if I moved out of state.

    • Where you live does not affect the appeal. If you win the appeal, you will be paid all retro weeks from the date you applied. Doesn’t matter where you live.

      • Thank you for your response.

      • Nikki Christensen

        How does retro pay work? There were some issues with my claim (I applied in June) but I spoke with the Deputy Clerk and the next day I had a communication online that said adjudication had found me eligible to collect. It also shows that my waiting week was last week, not the first week of June that I initially applied in?

        • What were the issues?

          If FL has first now assigned a waiting week, you have been dq’d from the weeks between the June filing and last week.

          Did you receive severance or other form of vacation/pto payout?
          Did you withdraw from a 401k or receive a pension payout?

          Both of those would result in nonpayment of benefits for the equivalent weeks. Based on the information you have provided, there are no retro benefits due you.

  • candice cortez

    hi.. i was working for a car dealership in Florida.. and i was wondering since i left my job managing at subway,after about 9 years…to go and do this job, i was told i no longer need you, I’ve been with them since 7/25/2016.. i was late one day, and i got told i’m sorry i no longer need you. and everyone else that works there, is always consistently late and curse out the manager, but i’m the one who gets let go after only one time being late? do i qualify for unemployment?

    • Yes. Apply for unemployment. Do not indicate on your application you were fired for tardiness. Your employer may not give this as a reason for discharge and you would have unnecessarily admitted to misconduct. If you admit to it, you’ll be denied, for sure. Do not take the interview phone call, either. You can’t say anything in that interview which will help you.

      If you get a denial, appeal. The denial is not cast in stone. Being late once, if this is not a pattern and you haven’t been previously warned, should not be disqualifying, but if employer alleges tardiness it’s an automatic denial until the facts are examined at appeal.

  • Sandra

    I feel like I have to leave work due to being a caregiver and working 40 hours a week it’s very difficult for me and the stress is causing me much difficulty can I collect unemployment for taking care of a family member

    • Unemployment benefits are not paid to people who are unavailable for work. So, no – unless you can prove you will be able and available for other work. First you need to try to preserve the employment relationship by asking your employer for a different work schedule or a leave of absence.

  • Dave

    I have worked for the same company here in FL for the past 11 years. Company recently changed their attendance policy and I have been sick a little more than usual this fall. I have recently crossed the threshold for termination and will be terminated any day now.

    There seems to be some misinformation about unemployment and attendance. Will I be denied unemployment because I was termed for attendance?

    Does my decade of employment with one company help my case?

    Thank you for your advice.

    • Tenure at the company isn’t the issue. Why you were absent is. If you can document the medical reasons for your absences, and that your employer was informed of same, FL can’t deny you. They may try, initially, but you should win on appeal. FYI, max FL benefit is $275/wk for 13 weeks.

  • Daniele Ballerini

    I worked for my own company in Fllorida for 7 years as an employee ahd the company paid the unemployment taxes for me. I closed the company in december 2015, and I have been looking for work till now (march 2017).
    Now I need to apply for unemployment because I almost finished my savings. I would like to know if it is to late or if I still can have unemployment benefits.

  • Tondra Varnadoe

    I am collecting UI in Florida from a part time job I worked for the past two years, I have 3 more checks before the funds from this job are exhausted. But, I also have a little over $4000, still showing as active from my previous job. Can I go back and collect those funds when my present funds are exhausted. (Previous job states eligible year end 8/2017)

  • Tiffany

    I was fired from a South Carolina based Company 3 days ago. I’ve been with the company since October 2016 in FL as a sales assoc. They relocated and promoted me to a new store in FL a month ago as a Manager but said I needed to “amp up” my personality, that I lacked leadership and was not proactive in hiring for the store (they emailed this). They opened the store having no other employees! I also have emails stating the great job I was doing, job postings, etc. No customer complaints. My store sales were awesome. Top in the company. We’ve only been open a month. I kept my apt. back home because I’ve felt very uneasy about the company since I started in Oct. When they granted me a position further South, I moved in with my Mom. Do I have an unemployment claim in FL or S.C. or is this grounds for a lawsuit?

    • You don’t want a FL claim – benefits are only $275/wk for 13 weeks v. SC $326 for 20 weeks. Further, all your wages in the standard base period 10/1/2015-09/30/2016 are in SC. Apply in SC.

      No, it’s not grounds for a lawsuit. FL is an at-will state. Your employer can fire you for any reason.

  • Barbara

    I live in Florida and worked steadily for 3 1/2 years, was laid off and collected reemployment from Aug-Oct 2016, became reemployed in Oct 2016 and was just laid off today March 9, 2017. Do I qualify for new a new benefit claim?

  • Kyle

    I’m not quite sure if I can receive UI benefits or not. Hopefully someone can chime in. I recently started started a trade school in which the schedule is Mon-Thurs 8am to 430pm and there is no optional schedules. My employer of 7 years switched me to the weekend shift out of courtesy so I could go to school. The shifts at work was from 5am to 6pm give or take 30 mins plus my 1 hour commute each way. I had childcare intatially for 12 month old son but the caregiver ( a family member) quit after the first weekend of work. I did everything possible to find a new babysitter but with those hours and nonetheless it being weekends I was forced to resign to care for my toddler. There was no way ot could have worked otherwise. I’m able to work after school and all day Friday. I completed everything when it comes to UI in FL including workforce registration. It shows that I am eligible for the full amount of benefits. I would like to know if my reason for separation will be deemed good enough for benefits until I can find something else? In the article it mentions that quitting to care for SCHOOL AGE children is not a qualifying reason. My son just turned 1 years old yesterday. Surely that is not school age correct? Any help is appreciated.

    • You have Able and Available issues both with child care and school. Most states won’t approve benefits for someone with your class schedule because your full-time class schedule prevents you searching for and accepting work. Yes, the job you lost was part-time w/unusual hours but many states insist you search for full-time work. I do not know FL’s position on this issue. FL is not a claimant-friendly state.

      If you’re very lucky, there is an outside chance FL may approve benefits if you can prove work exists for the hours you are available and can assure FL child care isn’t an impediment. Normally, child care is considered a personal issue, not the fault of the employer, and not a reason for a good cause quit.

      Realistically, expect a denial because of child care issues, and a refusal to pay benefits because of your class schedule. You will need to appeal for a more thorough examination of your situation.

  • Tamara

    I was hired 10/3/2016 with salary and benefits. In January the partners split making the company highly unstable and having to re-launch, temporarily suspending sales. Today 2/28/17, the company announced that it cannot afford salaried employees and reduced us to commission only with no benefits. Turnaround for a sale is at least 3 months and I cannot survive on that nor would I have signed on if it was commission only. I live in FL but the company and my paycheck is from TX. Can I file today or do I have to be officially terminated? Thank you so much in advance for your time.

    • You have already been terminated. The commission only offer is a material change in the employment contract.

      TX won’t be able to establish a claim at this time because TX base period will only include earnings to 9/30/2016, and not reflect your recent earnings – assuming employer reported to TX, at all. It is quite possible employer reported to FL, instead, b/c FL UI tax and benefit is much lower than TX.

      So, you can file in FL now. FL claim will be based on earnings prior to this job. And, don’t go back to that “job” because it is no longer a job. When you apply, you state you were discharged.

      If you know for sure your wages were reported to TX and can wait another four weeks, you can file a TX claim on or after 4/2. At that time, ask for a combined-wage claim to pick up earnings Jan-Dec. 2016. TX benefit is much higher at $493 for 26 weeks v. FL’s $275 for 13 weeks.

  • Allie Watson

    I filed for unemployment after being terminated when my medical leave ran out but from what I see on my claim, it is in ajudication and issue says “quit” and is on hold. Will I be contacted so that I can submit my medical papers showing I was on leave? I never received anything saying I was terminated but H/R called and notified me I was terminated and could send a letter showing that I request to be terminated under a good standing status in case I was able to come back to work there. Was that a trick to make it look like I quit? Do I have to wait until the claim shows denied to appeal? I wasn’t certain if I should be proactive and submit medical documentation before it ends up denied or if I have to wait until it gets denied. I want to contact H/R to inquire why they are saying I quit, but I’m not sure of what my rights are.

    • “Will I be contacted so that I can submit my medical papers showing I was on leave?”

      Yes, eventually FL should schedule a phone interview.

      “I never received anything saying I was terminated but H/R called and notified me I was terminated and could send a letter showing that I request to be terminated under a good standing status in case I was able to come back to work there. Was that a trick to make it look like I quit?”

      Yes. Employers do this all the time.

      “Do I have to wait until the claim shows denied to appeal?”


      “I wasn’t certain if I should be proactive and submit medical documentation before it ends up denied “

      Call FL and ask where to send this documentation so interviewer has it in hand when you talk.

      “I want to contact H/R to inquire why they are saying I quit”

      This will serve absolutely no useful purpose. Employer maneuvered you into a resignation.

      That said, quitting for medical reasons or being discharged b/c of medical absences is not disqualifying. FL will establish the claim. However, FL will need to know you are no longer ill and able and available to search for and accept work before it will pay benefits.

  • Daniel Smith

    I have filed for unemployment the last several years in the off-season from my job. I am usually laid off for 2-3 months in the winter. For the last couple of years I have been denied benefits because it says I don’t have any reported earning for the entire year. Which is not true. This time I was able to submit proof by uploading a paycheck stub and now the claim says “waiting for employers response”. I have worked for the same company for 13 years and did receive benefits in the past. I do not believe i should have been denied the last couple of years nor this year. What can I do? It seems like my employer is the one not cooperating.

  • Lorrie Jones

    I live in Florida but telecommute for a New York company. The company is going to be closing and I will be likely be let go. Do I qualify to collect Florida unemployment ?

    • Depends on to which state your employer has been reporting your wages and paying FUTA tax. Because of the lower benefit and state tax, chances are its FL. You could try NY first on the off-chance the employer reported your wages there. Otherwise, ask your employer to which state they’ve been reporting your wages and paying FUTA tax.

  • Mercia

    Hi, I was let go from my job on 12/12/16. the company paid me 2 weeks notice plus 8 weeks of severance. i live in FL and I am eligible for the maximum payment. I haven’t applied for the unemployment yet but i am wondering if i can start to receive the benefits now or do i have to wait until all the severance payment is covered? which is the end of feb/2017. Also i was let go with being 7 months pregnant, is there any additional other benefit i am eligible for because i am pregnant? Many Thanks!

    • FL delays benefits until equivalent severance is exhausted, in your case eight weeks. Apply now. It takes FL a while to process the paperwork. About the time your severance is exhausted, FL should be in a position to pay you. Of course, at that time your child may be born, rendering you NOT Able and Available. FL will close the claim, which you can REOPEN when you are once again fit to search for and accept work.

      No, in FL there are no disability benefits available in your circumstances. NJ and CA provide very generous benefits in your circumstances – in CA a significantly higher benefit than unemployment – one can easily collect over $500/wk. in CA for up to a year under its SDI program. But, these are high-tax states. Low-tax states/retiree havens have very stingy benefits.

      FL only pays unemployment benefits for 13 weeks. Most states pay at least 26 weeks and a higher benefit.


      • Mercia

        Thanks for your reply. I am wondering if i can apply in NY instead FL. My paycheck comes from the NY office, the same with the W2, I know NY has a higher pay but how to know if I am eligible in NY?
        Thanks again for your help.

        • You apply in NY. If NY database shows wages for you, it will process the claim. Otherwise, ask your employer to which state they’ve been reporting your wages. Chances are it’s FL b/c FL has a much lower benefit than NY and consequently a lower FUTA tax to the employer.

  • Allie

    How long do I have after losing my job to still file for unemployment benefits? I am waiting for a decision from my short term disability policy if they will roll it over into long term disability before I’ll know if I can file for unemployment or not since I cannot collect on both things at the same time. I’ve been unemployed since 12/16/16 and my disability policy doesnt plan to make a decision for another week.

    • You can apply for benefits as long as sufficient wages remain in your base period to support a claim. Essentially, if you applied as late as end of March 2018, FL would review wages July 1, 2016-September 30, 2017. Two quarters of 2016 wages still remain in the base period, which is the minimum in most states. Keep in mind FL only pays a maximum of $275/wk. for 13 weeks.

  • Betty M Quarles

    I missed my day for calling in my claim week, can I still file? In Florida

  • Ben

    Hello, I became unemployed in 12/18/2016. I submitted my unemployment application the week after. Why can I I only enter in work up to the 2nd quarter of 2016 when I started my most recent job on 07/05/2016?

    • Because the standard base period for an application filed in December is July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016. In order for later wages to be considered, you would need to have filed in January. If you have not yet filed a weekly claim and have not yet been paid, it may be possible to withdraw the claim/tell FL to cancel the December application and refile in January which would include earnings through September 30, 2016.

  • Caroline

    I was employed in FL but the company that actually employed me is in IN. That is where my paychecks are from. In which state do I apply for unemployment?

  • Scott M

    I worked as a technology consultant. I live in Florida and did work and paid taxes in more than one state. For example, NY, NJ, FL. Since I worked and paid tax in each of these states, can I collect unemployment in each of the states? Am I correct in that I would file a separate claim in each state?

    Thank you.

    • Benefit-wise, NJ is the best state, max benefit $657/26 wks, NY $420/26 wks. FL is awful at $275 for only 13 weeks.

      What matters is how long did you work in each state and when, and was this the same employer in all three states. Therefore, list your work history going back 18 months. You don’t want your best wages (NJ/NY) to age out of any possible base period, so this is important information.

      FYI – state income taxes which you are required to pay have NOTHING whatsoever to do with FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) taxes which are paid by the EMPLOYER to the state to which it reports your income for unemployment benefit purposes.

      So, the question is: To which state is the employer paying FUTA taxes on your wages? Normally, that’s where you apply.

      Particularly if you are working for a multi-state employer, for FUTA tax purposes that employer may only be paying FUTA taxes to one state – and possibly none of the states in which you worked. I’ve known of Hawaii workers who were required to apply and collect from the State of Tennessee because that is the state to which employer paid FUTA taxes.

      Hopefully your work history will allow a 26 week claim in both NJ and NY, with a possible FL claim last provided enough wages remain in the base period at that point.

      • Scott M

        Thank you for the detailed response. Very helpful. One point of clarification. My earnings with this employer are high enough in each state to max out on all 3 states (NJ, NY, FL) for the full 26 weeks. So the question is, can I file a claim in each state and collect all simultaneously if FUTA is taken out in each? The total would still be well below prior earnings.

        – NJ – $657
        – NY – $420
        – FL – $275

        Total $1352

        Thank you.

        • No, you cannot collect simultaneously. You can have three consecutive claims in three different states provided enough wages remain in the base period, but cannot collect concurrently. The oldest claim must be exhausted before establishment of a new claim.

  • Denise

    my company informed us that they are closing the doors on 12/31/16. When can i go online to file for unemployment?

    • Because the 4th quarter is ending, it is very important you file before midnight December 31st. If your last day of work is Saturday, December 31st, you file that day. If you are working until midnight that day, file before you go to work. If you delay, you will lose a quarter of wages in your LAG should you need another claim a year from now. Won’t affect your claim today, but it could very well be important a year from now.

      • Kathy

        Hi Daphne-Contributor, – are you saying that if I am still unemployed in 2018 year from the job I am losing December 31, 2016 (and after collecting benefits in 2017 for that job loss) (just like Denise – doors closing) that the following year (2018) I can again reapply for more unemployment benefits from the same job loss? (I was trying to understand what you meant about the quarter wages and another claim year.) Thank you for your help!

  • Joe

    i left my company in July will I be able to collect for all that time in between?

    • Benefits are paid from date of application – not date of discharge. No, there are no retro payments going back to July. Apply now. FL will use wages earned July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016 and should be able to establish the claim.

  • Michael MATHIEU

    I am working for a security company and I was hired for the day shift After 6 months my supervisor and client of company put me on 3rd shift overnights and said I had no other choice if I want to continue to work here. I sucked it up for couple weeks and became ill due to the change and stress of my body. I received a doctors note that I am not allowed in my best interest to work 3rd shift now on. The company does not want me back on days and was constantly harassing me . Does this make me eligible for unemployment now ?

    • Yes. You have a medical reason for the quit. The company won’t accommodate a day shift. If you can assure FL, via medical release, that you are fit to work days, you should be approved. That said, FL is not claimant-friendly and may initially deny even though you experienced a material change in the terms of your employment when your hours were changed. You should win at appeal if this happens.

  • Alicia Nelson

    Hello there, Hoping that you can help me. I quit my job in November 2016 after I had been moved to part time in September. (I was given less than a week’s notice that I would be made part time). I went out on FMLA for the month of October for knee surgery, which I was paid my PTO for part time hours. During the month of October, my employer took away my health insurance benefits as well. They never did offer me another full time position in the company that suited my education and experience, just told me that due to low client referrals that I would be a part time employee indefinitely.
    When I returned from FMLA, there was a letter on my desk saying I had to bill for 16 client hours a week, while only working 20 hours total. I did not sign the letter, as I disagreed with this and felt that it was unrealistic. The employer did not and offered me more things to do to increase billing. Due to the reduction in work hours from full time to part time and unrealistic expectations, I turned in my two week notice. The employer instead had me leave the job 2 days after I turned in the notice.
    At this time I had almost secured another job, but the funding for it fell through the week after I left my former employer. I filed for FL unemployment, and then filled out a fact finding sheet because I quit. I received one check. Several weeks later my unemployment was denied and have been told I have to repay the one week of unemployment I received. My reason for denial was “quit due to dissatisfaction with the work schedule, not attributed to the employer. Work schedule was in the agreement of hire.” this is untrue and I never did agree or sign anything stating that I agreed to part time employment. I have filed an appeal but am unsure about it and do not have an attorney to go with me, nor can I afford one. My question is, do I have a leg to stand on? I am discouraged, still unemployed almost out of money to live on.

    • Fwiw, it is very common for employers to engineer a discharge after FMLA. Whenever employer contests, 99% of the time the claim is initially denied. Examination of the events leading to your quit (actually this was a discharge) can only be adjudicated at appeal.

      In reality, you’ve experienced a material change in the original employment contract. You may win at appeal if you document and present carefully the chronology of events which led to the hours change and, essentially, the employer’s discharging you from your full-time position, and offering you instead new, unsuitable part-time work. This is the basis for your good cause quit, supported by the United States Department of Labor, here:


      No matter federal law is clear on this, all the states routinely deny initially, but these cases ARE won at appeal.

      FL’s benefit is so low and for such a short period, hopefully you’ll find work soon.

  • JLQ

    I resigned and gave 2week notice but was asked to leave the next day. Am I elegible for unemployment for those 2 weeks ? Thanks.

    • You should be, but FL has an unpaid waiting week, so the best you can expect is one week’s benefits. You’ll be long at your new job before FL resolves this b/c your employer will say you quit, you will have to explain the circumstances when FL interviews you. When you apply, say you were discharged. Let the employer allege the quit. Chances are you’ll be denied and need to appeal to get that one week.

  • Maire Sezso

    I am wondering how it is that Florida state law mandates minimum wage of $8.05 per hour (except for tipped staff, whose rate must still equal the state’s minimum rate with tips) yet pays a weekly maximum of $275 per week which amounts to $6.87 per hour for a 40 hour week.

    If every legal worker in Florida earns $8.05 per hour and both the employer and employee pay into Unemployment benefit system, shouldn’t the unemployment benefit keep pace with current minimum wage and/or the CPI at the very least? How does the state get away with this when an employer wouldn’t?

    • No state pays benefits on the basis of minimum wage. Each state has its own formula for determining benefit calculation and sets a maximum $ amount on the benefit as well as maximum number of weeks paid.

      You just happen to be in the worst state in the country for unemployment benefits – not only does FL pay only $275, benefits today are only paid for 13 weeks, shortest among the six worst states, to wit:

      AL – $265/wk – 26 weeks
      AZ – $240/wk – 26 weeks
      FL – $275/wk – 12-23 weeks (determined by state unemployment rate)
      LA = $247/wk – 26 weeks
      MS – $235/wk – 26 weeks
      TN – $275/wk – 26 weeks

      Live in a low-tax state red state, expect very minimal safety nets. Contrast that w/MA which, with dependent benefits, can pay over $1,000/mo. for up to 30 weeks. You get what you pay for.

      FL is a magnet for retirees who don’t want to pay state taxes. Thus, your unemployment benefit. A fairly accurate list of current benefits paid throughout the country, here:


      As a rule the wages in the higher tax states are considerably better – allowing more tax revenue and a better and wider range of social safety nets/benefits overall for their citizens.

  • jeaninne mack

    I was laid off on Dec 2nd due to a company restructure. I have not file for employment yet, as I a line on 2 jobs. Is there a deadline to apply for benefits, as i do not want to miss out on my benefits, should this job fall through. Thank you.

    • Apply now so as to keep as much of your past earnings in your base period as possible. You can claim benefits until you start the new job. If you lose the new job within the next year, you can reopen this claim.

  • Sophia

    If your employer suddenly closes the office for 2 weeks or longer at a time forcing you to use any PTO days you have remaining or off without pay for that time if you don’t have any PTO days left, can you file for unemployment for those 2 weeks?

  • Joseph

    Is unemployment eligibility only good for 13 weeks? on the website it says 26 weeks. Can I re-apply after the 13 weeks has ended? How can i Find out??

    • FL does not pay more than 13 weeks’ unemployment benefits in any one 52-week period aka as the Benefit Year. Low and/or very short payment of unemployment benefits is an issue in every low-tax southern state. Low taxes come with a price.

      Sorry to say, there are no further benefits available to you for another nine months, or until your benefit year expires. Meanwhile, you need to find another job – and if unemployed at the end of the current benefit year, reapply for a new claim at that time. Meanwhile see your FL social services for additional help.

  • Allie W.

    I have been on leave for medical reasons since August 2016. I have used up all of me medical leave with my employer and they are threatening termination if I do not return. My doctor has advised me to find a job that I do not have to work on my feet for 10 hours a day ( which is my current job) because my condition will only worsen if I continue to work on my feet for extended periods of time. This is the company’s doctor that is suggesting this they are still threatening termination. Will I be able to file for unemployment if terminated for this reason? I can still work ,just not in a job standing. Also, my disability policy has run out as of December, so I will not be collecting anything on that.

    • Yes, you qualify for benefits. Your medical condition is beyond your control. Be sure you have a good record of communications with your company on your disability and your need for a position which doesn’t require standing. Know that FL’s benefits are only $275/wk for about 13 weeks.

  • Joe

    If I had a full time job I was layed off at and I have claimed and been approved for unemployment, I have been getting payments.and just got a part time job only working 3 days a week.can I continue to claim my last week of unemployment payment because it’s only a part time job

    • Submit a claim, report the earnings even though you may not be paid for two weeks or longer. Know that unless gross pay for that three days’ work is less than your weekly benefit, FL won’t be able to pay you. Nonetheless, claim that week. Let FL determine if you qualify for a partial benefit that week.

  • Jason fuller

    I filed for my unemployment and they said that I am eligible. I went and put down my two weeks worth of job searchs in the computer. I’ve been to the unemployment office on Belvedere Road in West Palm Beach 7 times already and have not received money yet. I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and wait one more week and then after that I don’t know what more to say. I’ve tried all I could try I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do I can’t continue to keep going to the place when I don’t have any money. I told the lady there that the vehicle I have cost a lot of money to run and I don’t have a job so therefore I can’t afford to go there every day 40 mile round trip. So far I have traveled over two hundred and eighty miles for nothing. I’m up against the wall and I’m scared for myself big time! This is money that my employer wanted me to receive because of the way I was let go ( no fault of mine). When they did let me go they are shirred me that I would receive unemployment because they pay into it every week. And that is money that they will never get back in less of a time like this when it is needed.

  • Leah

    I was recently was let go from my Job and I have a couple different questions. I was a salary employee and for the past 4 years my employer was deducting my doctors appointments from my PTO. I was told by someone that this is illegal, is this correct? Also when they let me go I was told I would get one weeks severance (but wouldn’t give that to me in writing) and he still owes me $500 in commission. I don’t have anything in writing regarding payment of commission but I can show proof that he has paid me in the past. Is he obligated to pay me both?

    • The purpose of PTO is to provide time off for any reason – medical, vacation, personal. Your employer is absolutely within its rights to deduct doctor appointments from PTO. Employer is not obligated to pay severance. Employer is obligated to pay any commissions due.

  • Cindy Dobson

    Can I get unemployment benefits for missed work during hurricane Matthew. My employer was closed due to the storm for 3 and half day?

  • Francesca Bishop

    I am wondering if I file a claim and I work two different jobs in one year and get paid for only one of the jobs can I refile for the job that I didn’t get benefits from.

    • No, you have to wait a year. You are only allowed one FL claim per 52-week period. For example, if you apply now, FL bases a claim on wages July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016. That claim’s benefit year is Oct. 2016-Oct. 2017. Any wages earned after June 2016 can be used in a second claim in Oct. 2017 PROVIDED you’ve worked and earned new wages during the current benefit year. As you may know, FL’s maximum benefit is $275/wk for only 12 weeks.

  • Ashley Nieves

    Hello. I have a question. I havent filled out my taxes this year. I had to take fmla and short term disability because i slipped and fell at a store. So on wednesday i received a called from my HR department letting me know that i was being terminated because they couldnt do the extension of my fmla thru ADA further than wednesday. I am desperate because of my bills are starting to pile up, but i wanted to know if it is safe to file for unemployment even if i have not yet filed this yrs taxes?? Please advise asap!!!

  • Lizzie

    If your employer has mentioned for the past two (2) weeks that he/she is in a very difficult financial situation with his personal checking account being overdrawn and no monies are coming in, and telling his employees he/she might not be able to cover salaries for the coming week since he has no money. (Granted, it is very true his account is negative, but also comments made as threats to employees in order to push productivity to enlist new business) Does this qualify for filing as unemployment?. Further, it should be noted, the employer does not ethically or legally run business “above board” so to speak.

    Do these things qualify for leaving an employer and filing unemployment to seek other employment opportunities?

    • Your employer hinting he may not be able to pay is not good cause. When the day arrives that he actually does not pay you or states definitively that he will not be able to pay you, then you have grounds for a quit. If employer is breaking the law and asking you to do the same, this, too, would be grounds for a quit – but expect employer to contest and you will need to appeal. FL’s benefit is very low – $275/wk for 13 weeks – so factor that into any decisions you make.

  • Susan

    I have claimed approx a third of my available $ benefits with proper work search data.
    With 7 more weeks of $ to claim.

    A seasonal employer would like me to start on October 24.

    Will I be able to continue to collect if I enter this date into PROMISE HIRE DATE?
    Does the promise hire date – replace the 5 work searches normally needed?

    • You keep filing claims for each of the weeks you do not work. Stop claiming when you start the job. Do not enter anything into the “Promise Hire Date.” Doing so may stop your benefits. No, “promise hire date” does not replace five work searches. You need to continue to conduct work searches until you actually start this job on October 24th. A “promise” may never materialize.

  • Ed

    If my unemployment runs out and I do not have a job yet can I reapply for additional help?

  • Michael

    I have been unemployed for 3 months, I was finishing up school and thought I had a job lined up but things fell through. Is it too late to file for unemployment? Is there a time limit in which you must apply for it?

    • You can apply as long as there are wages in your base period to support a claim. If you have a long work history, you could conceivably apply a year after layoff and still be eligible. By all means, apply now.

  • I filed for unemployment the day after I was fired and have been waiting for a response for 1 week. When I log-in to UI Connect Online it says in Messages, “Your application for unemployment benefits has been received and is being processed.” I cannot find anywhere where it says approximately how long it will take for a determination to be made – does anyone know? Do I need to wait until it is finished being processed to start claiming or should I be claiming for missed pay now? Thank you in advance.

    • You should claim as soon as the system allows. Depending on the circumstances of your separation, it could be three or four weeks, earliest, before FL can pay benefits. If FL needs to do a in-depth investigation, it may be longer. A Notice of UI Award is not an approval – unless you see money in your account.

  • West

    Hi, Last week my manager came and told me the position I held was being did away with . However they will be reducing my pay rate per hour and expecting me to do the same amount of work. This job is a on call position and when I was hired I was told I would be a full time employee. Last month I worked a total of 40 hours. Does anyone have any advice on my best options?

    • Elgatha Ethel Lee

      No matter if they reduce your hours, if you work 40 hours a week, then you are fulltime… Unfortunately because you worked 40 hours in a month you are under the fulltime level and would be considered parttime. It is my understanding that an employer can not reduce your pay rate, because that is what you agreed to (it is illegal everywhere else, but this is Florida) keep track of your hours, write everything down (document, document, document) it is very important, if you punch a card at the end of the week take a pic of it with your phone and email it to yourself. If I were you, I would contact an employment lawyer and ask a few questions over the phone, just to make sure.

    • Hi, Last week my manager came and told me the position I held was being did away with . However they will be reducing my pay rate per hour and expecting me to do the same amount of work. This job is a on call position and when I was hired I was told I would be a full time employee. Last month I worked a total of 40 hours. Does anyone have any advice on my best options?

      If you can afford to quit, you have grounds to do so and receive benefits – provided you have a work history that can support a claim. You were hired as a full-time worker. The employer has materially changed the conditions of your employment. USDOL considers this a termination of the existing contract and an offer of new work – which since it is part-time is UNSUITABLE.

  • Stephanie Rosa

    Ok… well my story is a long story. I was working for a company that is all about who you know, who you are in good and rubbing elbows with, sometimes even who you are sleeping with. I was put on corrective action for my attendance bc I started dealing with back pain, anxiety and depression again. My paperwork advised them to keep in mind that My medications make me very drowsy. I was at a point with my medications that I would sleep almost all day after work and then I would be up all night. My shift started at 550AM and I would sometimes even fall asleep driving to work. I submitted my original paperwork to the HR office by the due date and it was denied bc they did not submit it to the case worker on time. I was put on corrective action for attendance but told that as long as I maintained my metrics month over month, as well as not go over my approved time off for my Leave of Absence for 3 months I would not have an issue. I made sure not to miss more than my approved time off, I met my numbers, I did all I needed to do. I was having trouble focusing and I explained this to them due to medications. They sent me home one day bc I wasn’t focusing at all. They acted as if everything was fine told me to come in rested the next working day. I was going to take short term disability but decided against it to make sure my numbers didn’t slip. I was told the next day I came to work that I was being separated from the company due to “customer mistreat” bc I supposedly set up a payment arrangement without customer’s authorization with her account information for a future date. I was also told I cursed on the call but not at the customer, more like towards the system for not responding. I was told when I was put on the corrective action that they could have let me go but that I was a good employee and they knew that I was one of the higher producers for my team and decided to go ahead with the corrective action instead. When I was terminated they did not provide me with proof as to what was done wrong. the call they stated I set up without permission the customer had asked for my name bc she was impressed with how simple I had made the transaction for her and customer’s get text messages before they even hang up with details of what happened on the call. She would not have been so happy had I actually done anything she was not OK with. Anyway, they did not provide me any paperwork to sign for the termination. I was not provided the call to listen to, as well as a few days later after the termination I was called by my family telling me they were worried for me bc my supervisor told them that she felt I was going to work under the influence of something and that she wished she could have done more for me. This is confidential information not to be shared outside of management within the company and she told my sister in law, who told my brother in law, who told my mother in law, and well it ended up making it’s way around my whole family and I now have weekly interventions with my family to make sure I am only taking my prescription medications and I have to talk to my aunt every other day who is the unofficial family therapist. I applied for unemployment and based it on job performance on the application. I explained that other reps that have made similar mistakes are simply reprimanded and told not to do it again a proverbial “slap on the wrist” so to speak and other reps that actually use narcotics in the parking lot and talk about it in front of management, they have much worse conversations with customers are simply coached as to what to do from then on, I also included the details about the supervisor spreading confidential information. I am really needing this to get approved as unemployment made me jump thru hoops to get my pin reset. They made me provide ID, SSN card, and marriage certificate to show why my last name was different, I explained to them that I had provided my information to the dept of motor vehicles and I had also provided to the SSA as well as my employer and not sure why they needed it as well. Anyway a month later I am finally provided access to do my initial application for benefits. What do I need to do to make sure I am approved? What possibility do I have to be approved? What can be done?? Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. srosa0327 at gmail dot com…. or text at 813 527 7331.

    Thank you for reading my life story,

    • What you need to do is apply for benefits, indicate you were discharged. When asked why, state you do not know. Any effort to explain to an interviewer the issues will fall on deaf ears. If you’re lucky, your employer won’t accuse you of misconduct and FL will approve benefits. More likely, employer will accuse you of misconduct, you will be denied, and need to appeal. NOTHING you say to the interviewer will help you. At appeal, you will have the opportunity to present the facts for analysis. No interviewer will do that. So, say as little as possible – or don’t take the call at all. It won’t help you – and you are very likely apt to say something immediately disqualifying which will only make the appeal more difficult.

  • Shae

    I started my claim on the 1st of May, got my first payment last week after giving all the info about places I have applied at for the last two weeks. I do not have the option to do that this week so how will I get paid for this week? It tells me to log back in on June 1 to claim my benefits. So does this mean I only getting benefits every other week? My apologies but I have never had any experience with unemployment before. TIA

  • Allison

    Hi I was wondering if I apply for unemployment can i apply for cash assistance as well through the government? TIA

  • Tom Holliday

    I was fired in Alabama, and am filing for unemployment there, but was told I had to register in Florida because I am currently living here with my son. I cannot seem to understand how to register rather than actually filing for unemployment here?

  • Katie Port

    My friend was discharged from the military with a general discharge. The reason for the general discharge was minor misconduct. About one month after their discharge they applied for unemployment. Their application was approved and they received correspondence stating the first two sets of jobs were accepted but they had to send in their DD FM 214. After they submitted the form they received more mail but they still haven’t been paid. Have they not gotten paid due to the general discharge from the military because of their minor misconduct ?

    • You don’t indicate how long he’s been waiting. Claims processing can take a month at least. With a military discharge possibly longer b/c FL needs to contact the military. If there is too much of a delay, have your friend contact his FL state legislator. He can find his legislator, here:


      Frankly, military people have the option of filing either in the state in which they were discharged or the state in which they live or the state to which they will be moving. FL’s benefit is so low and for such a short period, if your friend was based in another state with a better UI program, that’s where he should be applying.

  • Janet Beeler

    What are the base periods used when applying?
    I know they are different from filing in December or filing in January?

  • sylvia puddie

    I work for a company that will close for the holiday for a week and I am a contractor which I do not get paid. could I claim unemployment for that week?

  • Kim Welch

    I filed for benefits and was denied due to a few dollars short of the “base period requirement”. I appealed to use an alternate base period since it was so close, however was denied again and told to refile. I have refiled, received a denial and appealed again. My appeal has been totally ignored. No communication, no help. It’s like I do not exist. This is unjust. I worked hard all my life and was fired because I called 9-1-1 to help a contractor struck with heatstroke. He was taken to the hospital and I got fired for it since my employer said I should have put him in a car and driven him there. They yelled at me for several days, then denied me access to a working computer program and fired me for “unable to do the job”. I guess I just need to keep praying and trust God Almighty for Justice and financial help. P.S. The contractor was treated at the hospital and he is alive.

  • Sbeth

    I just filed on 11-14-15. I qualify and followed all directions. Test, employment, applications, etc. I see Iam showing the tow weeks, yet they are on hold!
    Please tell my mortgage company my payment is on hold, let’s see what happens. Worst of all, DUKE Energy is charging me a 700.00 deposit fee on top of my electric bill and said,in no uncertain terms, they WILL shut off our electric if I did not pay 1044.00 by the due date.
    Are you fuxxxxg kidding me?? Florida is also at the bottom of the max amt payable. $275/week.
    Merry Christmas to us! Thanks Florida for all you do, I have worked my ass off in FL, non stop since 1985, I ask once for a little help and that is exactly what we are getting,very little help.
    At least take some action and stop DUKE Energy from strong arming us when we are down!

    • Jorge Fernandez

      It’s a real SHAME the way you are treated when have to appeal to a HELP when in need.
      When you have to pay to the administration, it is MANDATORY, IT IS IMMEDIATE; day by day you are deducted FROM WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK VERY HARD, to pay for having some stability in your life.
      When you are in need, you are treated as a BEGGAR … the way bad people treat beggars, not the godly way …. you end feeling yourself as being MISERABLE.
      See how easy you are told it is “normal” for you to have to wait… EVEN FOR 2 MONTHS! for the help you need to come…
      Yes, people … HUMANITY NEEDS TO CHANGE!

    • Contact your state legislator on your inability to get through or get a response.


  • Rosie

    Why are my weeks on hold. I have filled out all the information required. I took the ISR. I registered for Workforce. I received a letter advising that I’m eligible for the max for 14 weeks. I’ve claimed 4 weeks thus far and every time I check online each one of these weeks are on hold. Why? Isn’t there a time limit to when you must pay. If there’s a time limit to appeal, there should be one for receiving payment. I’ve applied to about 30 different jobs both on line and in person and have reported these. Why the delay? When can I expect payment? What should I tell the electric company when they shut off my power or my landlord when they try to evict me for nonpayment of rent? I need answers. Calling the 800 number is useless. Twice I waited on hold for 2 hrs just to be able to speak to someone. They didn’t have any info for me. What’s going on?

    • Bri

      Hi Rosie – We are sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties with Florida’s Unemployment Insurance program and are frustrated with not having received any weekly benefit payments. Unfortunately, most claimants have to wait weeks to hear back on their application status, weekly benefit amounts, and receiving payments. The first week in which you apply for Florida’s Unemployment Insurance program is called your “waiting week” which means you will not receive any benefits for that week. Because Florida requires you to file biweekly benefit claims, that means you must wait an additional two weeks after the initial week before filing your biweekly claim. After you file that first biweekly claim, you should expect to receive a benefits payment within a week or two.

      36.7% of first-time unemployment payments are made within 7 days of the waiting week period
      62.2% are made within 14 days
      76.1% are made within 21 days
      81.8% are made within 28 days
      85.3% are made within 35 days
      88.3% are made within 42 days
      91.5% are made within 49 days
      100% are made within 70 days – which means that the maximum time period Florida’s Unemployment Insurance program may take to make the first-time weekly benefits payment is 70 days.
      Source: http://workforcesecurity.doleta.gov/unemploy/btq/btqrpt.asp

    • good morning rosie, “I understand how you are feeling. I am going through the same thing right now, as of today. I file for my benefits, and I keep getting denial letters. I am currently under my doctor’s care. I resign from my previous employer to medical reason. I file recently for my benefits, now, I have a ” WAITING WEEK “….then a week is on hold. my landlord, Is tripping, I may Have To Move ….I know GOD Is In Control Of It all. I pray Rosie, that things work out for you as well. ” KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, GOD HASN’T FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU MA’AM “…..BLESSINGS TO YOU

    • rick

      Hi Rosie, hope you finally received your money.
      If its any consolation I’m in same predicament..including first waiting week, I have 8 weeks showing hold.
      Inept aren’t they…please let me know your outcome.

  • Donna Alimonda

    I spoke to someone lst week and she said the only thing missing was I had to upload a resume,which I did. Now I get a letter from you denying my benefits because of an incomplete work history. I have been calling the 800 number to no avail. Seriously, this is why our State is rated the worse in the nation. I’m leaving this comment in hope that someone can contact me so I can get this resolved and begin collecting m y benefits.

    • No one from FL UI reads this site. Contact your state legislator on our inability to get through or get a response.


      • Jason fuller

        I finally got my unemployment up and running and now it’s the 12th week and it’s about exhausted. The only thing I am waiting to receive is the last $275 that they held for the first week. The problem that I have now is I just looked in the mail and I was sent a letter that states ” notice of disqualification” they are stating that my reporting requirements were not meant. And they are telling me seven of the weeks I was overpaid for. I reported every time they told me to. I report every two weeks like clockwork I sign in and report my 5 job searches for the 2 weeks and I also went to two four hour long classes which they gave me a week credit for each one of those. It is a total of seven weeks that they’re saying I was overpaid for. two of those weeks I went to the four hour long classes. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. It’s literally like you have to be a lawyer to follow these letters that they send. They use a lot of $10 words. They even have Florida statute numbers. All I know is that this whole entire process has been the biggest nightmare of my life and to be honest it’s not really even worth it. Is there any way that I could report In person “like I have done already about 22 times which I document every time that I go there mileage and all” and tell them that I do not want to do this anymore? Thank you for your input on this, you are very sharp when it comes to this type of stuff. Thanks again!

        • You can’t “not do this anymore” because now FL wants some of its money back – and this overpayment will affect future claims – and, if FL deems you fraudulently claimed benefits, FL can use other unpleasant collection methods like wage garnishment and liens against tax refunds through the Treasury Offset Program.

          So, you’ve got to get this straightened out.

          First, try calling to ask specifically what “reporting requirements” were not met. If you have no luck with that, then write your state representative about this issue and your frustrations, as I suggested earlier. Once again, the link is:


          Meanwhile, if you are unemployed, continue to file weekly claims for as long as the system permits. Claiming additional weeks without FL paying a benefit should offset the overpayment for the seven weeks FL says you owe.

          Most states will accept claims but won’t pay benefits when there is an overpayment, but the unpaid “claimed week” serves to offset the overpayment for each week claimed and eventually the overpayment is zeroed out.

          Eventually, if in fact FL still owes you for the “first week,” you may get that as well, assuming you are not confusing that “first week” with FL’s unpaid waiting week.

          • Jason fuller

            Thank you. I will give that a try. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again. This is crazy.

  • I need to refrained my last question I meant to say if I have not worked in Florida since jan 12 2014 n my wages are in other states can I file in Florida

    • Where you live does not determine where you file. Further, you don’t want to file in FL. FL pays a very low benefit for a very short period of time, vying with AL, AZ and MS for low, low benefits. If you have a chance of benefits in a higher-paying state, apply there, first. If you file in May 2015, your claim will be based on wages earned Jan-Dec. 2014. Therefore, you file in the state where you last worked or the state to which your employer reported those wages.

  • If you have not worked Florida since jan 12 2015. Your wages are in other states and you live in Florida can you file your claim in florida

    • yasser rabello

      You are gonna apply for unemployment on the state you worked for, it doesn’t matter where you live as long as you are claiming the benefits every week inside USA and if you are not current employed.

    • @dawn – depends in which state you last worked – and which state has a record of your wages. FL pays a very low benefit for a very short period of time. If you have a chance of benefits in a higher-paying state, apply there, first.

  • I was wondering if you are employed and get paid commission do you qualify for unemployment?

    • Kamera

      UNEMPLOYMENT…. You are employed so you won’t qualify.

      • You can collect unemployment if you are unemployed OR underemployed. If you’re eligible for $275/week and only earn $100/week you can still get the difference ($175). You shouldn’t answer questions unless you know what you’re talking about……its all there in writing. Usually when someone wants to appear funny or intelligent, they wind up making a fool of themselves, its hilarious how many people will answer people ignorantly…..LOL.

    • If you are paid on W-2, it may be possible. If you are paid on 1099 not. FL is a difficult state. Commissions may not be recognized.

  • hello i am trying to make my claim but cant make because i keep getting a message to contact you at the 800 number i tryed but cant get thru to you please call me asap when you get this 9043869474

  • will I got fired because I was be accused of pepped spraying a residence, I talked to the police, I done talked to the Human Resource, plus I done talked to oasis about was going on and all they talking me is to talk to my boss and he said to me to look for a different job so I am looking for same help now with everything. It just crazy now my boss being up a taser but I use that for a flash light, plus for safety at night, because I have hurt me back and need that around for safety. So the only people I having talk to is DCF and they want talk to me about what going on . I work for 9 mouths and this the first time I every in life want thought this. My number is 386-307-7995 call anytime.

  • I William Cokotis was forced to put info beginning date of 12/1/2013- 12/7/2013 as the system had these dates as for week to claim should have been 12/8/2013 thru 12/14/2013

  • I’m leaving this comment to ask for some assistance with my unemployment claim. I’ve been waiting over 6wks. now an no payment has been issued at all , and no one has contacted me at all. I’m needing some one to please contact me an explane to me about my problem with my claim. Contact no:813-263-3709. Thank You .

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