How to get a Response Regarding your Unemployment Benefits?

From time to time claims get stalled and/or payments are delayed.  Efforts to reach claims representatives by phone are often unsuccessful, or fail to achieve the desired result.  Even visits to your local career center can fail to bear fruit.

In that event, if you have been waiting more than three-four weeks for a response/approval and or benefits, we strongly recommend you send an email to your elected state representative, describing your issue.  In almost all cases, the elected representative will contact you almost immediately, then contact the state DOL, which in turn will contact you.  Generally, payments are released within 48 hours after DOL contact.

Remember, your elected officials work for YOU. The unemployment insurance benefit program exists to provide financial assistance until you can find work.

There are plenty of success stories here on the website with this approach.

BE PROACTIVE – Contact your state legislator. You will get a response.

Find your elected state representative at the links below.  We will update and add to this list from time to time.  If your state is not listed, do a Google search for “[state] elected state representative.”  Generally, your state’s website will turn up.  Most state websites also provide a representative “finder.”

State Representative Links:

CT –

FL –

GA –

IL  – http://il–

MA –

MD –

MI –

MO –

NC –

NJ  –

NV –

NY –

PA –

SC –

TN –

TX –

WA –


  • Kimberly Morreale

    I live in Maryland and worked in Pa. I’m working on my 9th week with NO RESPONSE from Pa UC. Will contacting a Pa state representative do me any good since I’m not a constituent? Would a Md rep get involved? I filed 2/19/17 and as of 4/21/17 I have heard NOTHING from Pa. please help

  • marai

    Hi my husband filed for benefits on 1-30-2017. He received a letter dated 2-9-17 requesting additional information. faxed it to them on 2-14-17. Then again on 3-2-17. Received another letter requesting more information on 3-9-17, sent the additional information the same day 3-9-17. As of today we are still waiting for a response. Is this typical? It’s a long time to make someone wait.

    Thank you for your reply

    • Email your state representative as instructed on this page which states 3-4 weeks from application is long enough to wait. If you haven’t read the information at the top of this page, suggest you do so.

  • Jerome Walker

    I was separated/fired for to many No calls,No show…Okay now before I was separated I was given one day in the street for that one day I missed.And when I returned to work I was given the separation notice.I feel like I was being warned due to the fact that I was given the one day in the street,but was never told by my employer or neither did I get anything in writing about it being a warning for the one day I had just missed.So I was just denied my unemployment due to the facts that the examiner received from my employer about this issue.I wanted to know what chances do I have with getting the decision changed,due to the fact that I wasn’t Properly warned about this issue….???

    • Can’t answer this w/o knowing your state. How many no-calls, no-shows have occurred and when? Warnings, or lack thereof, won’t matter if your history shows a pattern. That said, each state differs. In California, you might get this reversed if there is no pattern of this behavior. In any of the southern states or AZ or TX, you won’t.

      • Jerome Walker

        Sorry about that, ATLANTA GA…..

        I had only missed 1 day & was given a day in the street for that absent,then the following day when I came back I was given a separation notice saying I had to many No calls,No show..

        • So, it was only one instance. If you were in CA, absolutely, you would win at appeal. In NJ, you would have to wait eight-weeks for benefits, but would not be denied, b/c NJ has various levels of MC.

          In most other states, a MC is always initially denied. Some claimants appeal, some don’t. GA isn’t the most claimant-friendly state, but if you plead one-time occurrence, no previous offense and have a good reason for the no-show, they should overturn the denial. No guarantees, however. Good luck.

          • Jerome Walker


          • One-day suspension has nothing to do with unemployment benefits, rather relates to company policy. Employer is free to set their own policy.

  • I received the full 26 weeks of benefits from January 2016 through July 2016. I have been unable to find any work at all . Am I eligible to reopen my claim in January 2017 and receive benefits after not working at all through ‘the past 26 weeks after my benefits expired in July?

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