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We try to keep the information on this website up to date, but due to the vastness of the resources provided there may be things that are overlooked or incorrect or broken, in this case we urge you to contact us and let us know so that we can make the changes so that everyone can get the most accurate information.

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  • Mario

    I just moved to Massachusetts from new jersey, my wife has a sick family member which she is going to watch for, I been looking for a job around the city and I haven’t found one, can I claim unemployment from new jersey? Or what should I do in this case?


    My partner filed for unemployment on May 5 in NV and was paid for 4 weeks on an old claim that still had money in his pool. That claim expired and he was told to open a new claim, since then he has not received any funds and its been 3 weeks the status says claim open on his ui page. Is this normal to take this long as he filed originally back in May?

  • Sharon beaulieu

    It says that my money was granted for the four weeks I applied. I had to wait to receive the card the money goes on. In the process I moved so I reported my new address. My card was sent to the old one. I called bank and had them send a new one to the correct address. I got the card with no funds on it or pending. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to contact them via telephone…how do I straighten this out? Las Vegas NV

  • Annie

    I worked for a company for 14 years and was let go in Feb. The company was located in NC at the start of my employment and then about 7 years later moved to SC and I continued to work there. So I worked about 7 years in each state but have lived in NC the entire time and still do. I filed and received SC unemployment. Do I also file in NC? Or do I just get it from the state the company was located in at time of separation?

  • Robin K. Carsten

    I recently applied for unemployment benefits . I received a letter asking for more clarification about my work history. I filled it out and mailed it the flowing day. I have not heard back yet and am getting concerned. The phone numbers given on this website are all automated so I cannot speak to anyone directly. Can you please help?

  • Bruce Scott

    Hello….someone is trying to collect unemployment benefits in my name and using my social security number….can you contact me ? Thanks Bruce ..I need a number to call and talk to someone

  • I live in Virginia, but I worked in D.C. for the last 4 years as a contractor. My company is located in Maryland, where should I file for unemployment benefits?

  • I have plenty of money left to claim in unemployment however I’m am not receiving the payments from it. It randomly stopped about 2 weeks ago and it says that I cannot apply for it anymore. I already have a job lined up that I am hired for but it does not start until September. Can someone call me and explain to me what I can do to receive these benefits so I can still pay my mortgage?

    • Sounds like the benefit year for your claim has expired. Benefits allotted to a claim are use it or lose it within a one-year period. If you’ve worked during the past year, you should be eligible for a new claim and can collect benefits until your new job begins.

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