Know Your Arizona Unemployment Rights Today

  Last Verified: March 2017  

The Arizona Department of Employment Security (DES), the department that runs the state’s unemployment insurance program is trying to right the ship after a troubled administration came to an end in 2016. Arizona governor Doug Ducey fired Tim Jefferies, former director of the department after evidence of gross abuses of power came to light. The state pays out benefits at a rate ranked among the nation’s lowest and does a relatively poor job of helping people find new work. Combine a reeling department with relatively high unemployment rates and it’s clear workers need to know how best to file a clean claim for unemployment benefits should misfortune occur.Seal of Arizona

Eligibility for Unemployment in AZ

In order to receive unemployment in Arizona, you must have earned enough wages and worked enough hours for an employer covered by the state’s unemployment law over a one-year period. If the DES finds you have met these financial eligibility requirements, you must also:

  • Be able and available to work
  • Have lost your job through no fault of your own
  • Be a US citizen or legally authorized to work in the US

You must register with Arizona Job Connection before you can collect benefits. You must actively seek employment to continue to collect benefits once your claim is approved. You must remain otherwise eligible.

Eligibility Requirements Explained

Able and Available

You must be physically and mentally able to work when you file a claim. You must be available to accept any reasonable job offer. A “reasonable job offer” is a job you are trained to perform at a salary similar to one you worked previously.

Lost the Job Through No Fault of Your Own

Your actions or decisions cannot be the cause of your dismissal from work. If you were laid off or your plant closed, you are likely to receive benefits if otherwise eligible.

Legally Authorized

Only workers allowed to work by law (“green card” holders, HB1 Visa) or US citizens are eligible. You may have to provide proof of eligibility.

Wage Earning Requirements and the Base Period

The DES will look at the wages and hours you worked over a 12-month period called the base period. The period is divided into quarters. The first four of the last five quarters you worked prior to filing a claim will be your base period.

unemployment base period

This chart shows the base period.

Within this period, you must have earned:

  • At least 390 times the Arizona minimum wage of $10/hr., or $3,900 in your highest earning quarter and the total of the other three quarters must equal at least one half of the amount in your high quarter. For example, if you made $3,900 in your highest quarter you need to have earned a total of $1,950 within the remaining three quarters combined;
  • Or at least $7000 in total wages in at least two quarters of the base period, with wages in one quarter equal to $5987.50 or more.

Alternative Base Period for Worker’s Comp Recipients

If you are not eligible using the standard base period measurement AND you are receiving worker’s compensation, the DES will use an alternative base period, which includes the first four of the last five quarters prior to your becoming eligible for worker’s compensation.

You must be otherwise eligible under the alternative base period measurement, meaning you have to be physically and mentally able to return to work AND you must have attempted to return to work to the employer you worked for when you became disabled.

Calculate Your Benefit Payments

Arizona bases your benefits on the amount of money you earned during your highest paying quarter in the base period. You will receive approximately 4 percent of the money you earned during this quarter each week, your weekly benefit amount (WBA). This chart tells you how much you can expect to receive each week.

The current maximum WBA is $240.

Length of Unemployment

You can receive benefits for up to 26 weeks. The 26 weeks do not have to be consecutive. If you don’t receive benefits for a couple of weeks because of a part-time job or because you received some other type of income, you can re-open your claim and continue receiving benefits when you stop receiving income.

How To Receive Payments

You will receive your benefits each week via an electronic debit card that you receive in the mail after applying for unemployment. However, you can request that your payments be directly deposited into your bank account instead using this form.

Extended Benefits

When unemployment is high — over a state-designated threshold — the state may add additional weeks to the maximum 26 week period in which you can receive benefits. The federal government may also authorize, through act of Congress, additional unemployment insurance money to fund more weeks of benefits. While Arizona’s unemployment is currently above 6%, the maximum 26 weeks is the same. Note that in this state less than half of the benefit recipients find work within 26 weeks.

How to Apply for Unemployment in AZ

If you want to apply for unemployment in Arizona, you must do so online at the website for the Arizona Department of Employment Security. If you don’t have an Internet connection, you can visit an Arizona Job Center with computer access or use a local library.

  • Your Arizona driver’s license
  • Your Social Security card
  • Your mailing address
  • Names, address and phone numbers of all your employers for the past 18 months.
  • The last date you worked for your last employer.
  • The amount of any severance pay, vacation pay or sick pay you received upon job termination.
  • Your alien registration number (if you are a legal alien)
  • Discharge paperwork from the military (if applicable)

You can find a list of Arizona Job Center locations at the Arizona @ Work website.

The Application Process

Begin the application process by filling out an application for unemployment benefits. You need to do this as soon as possible after you become unemployed because unemployment benefits are not retroactive. This means that you will not get any money if you were out of work before you applied.

During the application process, the computer or the person you are talking with will inform you of any potential eligibility issues and give you a chance to provide additional information. If these issues are not resolved during the application process, you will receive a form in the mail that you have to fill out and return to provide additional information and/or supporting documentation.

After you complete your application, you will receive a Certificate of Understanding Form, which you have to sign and return before your claim will be processed. You may also receive a benefit debit card. However, you cannot use the card before you receive notification that you will be receiving benefits.

You will also have to register with Employment Services and actively seek new work. You register when you apply for unemployment; it’s part of the application process.

Work Search Requirements and Maintaining Eligibility

In order to continue to be eligible for unemployment in Arizona, you must re-certify each week. You can re-certify online or by telephone. When you re-certify, you must indicate that you are continuing to look for work and are still in need of benefits. You must also report any income you received that week.

If you fail to re-certify, the unemployment system will delete your account and you will not be able to claim any additional benefits. You will have to contact the Department of Unemployment Security by telephone to re-open your claim.

The first week after you are approved for unemployment is a waiting period, but you must re-certify during this week to receive any benefits.

Whether you certify online or use the TIPS telephone system, you will receive several questions intended to determine whether you remain eligible for benefits. The DES will want to know:

  • Whether you are actively looking for work
  • Whether you have refused a reasonable offer of employment
  • Whether you have started or quit a job during the benefit week
  • Whether you have earned any wages
  • Whether you are able to work and available for work

Job Search Requirement

You will have registered with the Arizona Job Connection before receiving benefits initially. This is the first step in what the DES calls a “systematic and sustained” job search. You must keep track of your job search activities. The state may investigate whether you have actually been looking for work. If you have not, or can’t show proof you were job hunting, you may lose your benefits.

While the DES doesn’t specific metrics you have to meet (e.g. two applications per week), you should go beyond simply searching the Internet or periodicals for jobs. Make personal contacts. Apply for work. Keep a detailed list of verifiable contacts you’ve made and the date you made them.

DES Assistance

The DES may contact you to participate in a targeted program for workers in occupations or circumstances that suggest it would be difficult to find work before benefits are exhausted. The DES will provide additional job search assistance. Attendance is mandatory. Failure to respond when contacted may mean you lose benefits.

Part-time Work and Receiving Benefits

You may work part-time, earn wages, and still receive benefits. However, the state will reduce your WBA depending on how much you earn.

You may earn up to $30.50 before the state reduces your WBA. The state will subtract the amount you earn over $30.50 from your WBA. You will keep the wages you earn. If you earn more than your WBA, you will not be eligible for a payment that benefit week.

You must report the wages earned. Report the wages for the week you earned them rather than the week you received payment.

Reasons for Denial of Benefits

The DES will deny your claim for unemployment if you do not meet the wage earnings requirement. The DES will issue a Wage Statement that tells you how they determined whether you qualified and the potential WBA you would receive if you qualified. You may file a wage protest if you disagree with math on your Wage Statement. You have 10 calendar days from the mailing date of the Wage Statement to dispute the document.

Separation Issues

You may meet the wage requirement, but still be denied benefits. The DES’ claims examiner will observe the reasons for your separation from work. If your actions or decisions caused the separation, that may cause the state to deny benefits.

If you quit without a good cause connected to work, your claim may be denied. If you quit because you couldn’t find child care, it’s a good cause for you personally, but it is not connected to your employment. It’s a personal decision.

If you repeatedly violated a rule at work and repeatedly received warnings regarding your conduct, the DES may deny your claim for benefits. Your actions may be considered to be “misconduct,” or actions performed with disregard for your employer’s interests.

Quit and Still Eligible

You may have decided to quit, but your employer left you with little choice. If your employer did something or failed to do something to force you to quit, you may still be eligible for benefits. For example, if your employer forced you to work in unsafe conditions, you may be eligible. You will have to show you tried to work things out with your employer (and in this case, that the working conditions were actually unsafe).

There may be other circumstances unrelated to work that may cause you to quit. If you have to move suddenly because of circumstances beyond your control (domestic abuse, child in need of serious medical attention), you may still be eligible.

Fired and Still Eligible

Your employer may be able to fire you for a variety of reasons. However, unless they fired you for misconduct, you may still be eligible for unemployment. A one-time violation of a minor policy may not rise to the level of misconduct.

What Happens When the DES Denies Benefits

You have the right to appeal any decision by the DES. The DES will mail a “Determination of Deputy” informing you of the circumstance. You will have 15 calendar days from the mailing date of the determination to file your appeal.

For more about the unemployment benefit appeal process, please view our page on Arizona Unemployment Appeals.

Who to Contact

If you have questions about unemployment, you can contact the Department of Economic Security by phone, email or regular mail.

The call center is open from 7 AM to 5 PM on regular business days. You can call it using one of three numbers.

  • Toll free number: 877-600-2722
  • Phoenix number: 602-364-2722
  • Tuscon number: 520-791-2722

If you are deaf or hearing impaired, you can also contact the call center via TDD at 877-877-6226.

If you would prefer to email the Department of Economic Security, you can do so by filling out this webcontactform.

You can also send correspondence to the department at the following address:

Department of Economic Security
Unemployment Insurance Administration
P. O. Box 29225
Phoenix, Arizona 85038-9225

Or on the web:

Claims Numbers

There are separate phone numbers to call if you want to use the automated system to re-certify each week.

Toll Free: 877-766-8477

  • Phoenix: 602-417-3800
  • Tucson: 520-884-8477
  • TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf): 877-877-6226

Client Advocacy

Finally, if you have any complaints, you should contact the Client Advocacy Department. This department can be reached by phone or regular mail. The phone number is 620-542-5954

and their mailing address is:

DES Unemployment Insurance Administration
Site Code 720A
P.O. Box 6123
Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6123


  • Gary Hack

    I have received three weeks of unemployment and filed my claim Sunday and went to check on it and it now it has my claim for last week under unpaid claim weeks and for the reason it says active issue. There is also a new line under unresolved issues but does not give a issue reasons. What is going on and why was I not contacted to resolve this right away?

    • Employer probably responded late – after AZ began to pay – and now AZ needs to investigate the employer response. You are usually the last to know. It happens all the time. Employers are given a lot of latitude. You should be receiving correspondence from AZ – or call them. A rep may be able to tell you more.

  • Rock and hard place

    I might be fired from my job. I have worked there for 5 1/2 years. My mom clocked me in 2 times when she saw I was running late. Another coworker reported it. It states in the employee handbook that this is frowned upon but it does not state automatic termination for this it is somewhere between write up and termination. The HR director does not like my mom or white people in general and I believe this person is pushing for the termination. I am a single mom with a house payment and there are very few jobs in the town I live in. What are my chances of getting unemployment. I am guessing very slim according to the other commitments. I live in Arizona and I am aware that it is a right to work state I’m just extremely worried that I will loose my home

    • In AZ, nil. In every state, allowing someone else to clock in for you is misconduct. In your case this happened twice. In some states, without warnings and if enough time has passed since the incident, this might be overlooked. Not in AZ. Plan on no benefits. Fyi – AZ’s benefit is paltry – only $240/wk.

  • UI Appeals in Arizona

    I accepted a position with a small company and left a very good job to do so. After 60 days the company let me go stating “I was not a good fit for the organization”. Today I received a letter from the Arizona UI Program/DES Office of Appeals that ADP Totalsource (the organization that handles the company HR and Benefits) has requested a hearing based on the following:

    “The claimant was terminated for not properly performing the required job responsibilities to the standards that was agreed to at hire during the established probationary period. The employer has advised the claimant was not capable of meeting the needs of this position. He/She was aware the employer has a 90 day probation period that new employee must make prior to us making a decision to bring them on board as full time-regular employee. His/Her termination is a direct result of his/her own actions.”

    I was terminated shortly after notifying management that the organization was not in compliance with an Arizona State Statute for returning patient money. This was the second time I had notified management of my concern, the first was via email. Following the second notification of these concerns, my workload was doubled, Management aggressively monitored my performance/production and then let me go within a week of our face to face about the compliance concerns.

    I have been told this could be a whistleblower case, but I don’t what it is or how that works. Since ADP provides payroll for so many employers, I’m worried that this could have an impact on my ability to be hired by future employers. Can you lend advice on how to handle the Appeals Hearing and Whistle Blower, and confirm what impact ADP can have on my professional career moving forward?

    • I suggest you see an AZ unemployment law atty for your appeal. AZ is not a claimant-friendly state and has much stricter requirements than many when it comes to discharge for “poor performance.” It may even disallow benefits for those on probation, but I am not sure about that.

      Relative to whistleblower and future employment issues, I do know from reading over the years that if one becomes known as a whistleblower one can find oneself unemployable – and settlements in these cases can take many years. You need to find professional help in this area.

      Your better course, imo, is to search for other employment and put this behind you. And, if possible, avoid small companies. In my experience, small companies can often be very unprofessional and don’t follow the rules because it is too expensive and/or onerous.

  • Brian

    I was fired from a car repair shop that I’ve worked at for 2 years with no explanation. Is my employer required to give me a letter of termination if I ask for one so that I can get unemployment? I’m not asking for the reason but just a letter saying he fired me.

    • You can apply for unemployment. You do not need a letter from your employer. State you were fired. You don’t know why. Your state will contact your employer at which time employer will or won’t give a reason for the termination. You do nothing other than apply for benefits.

  • Unemployed in Arizona

    I am currently collecting AZ Unemployment and have a few questions about how the benefits work when you accept or decline a job offer.

    If you accept a job offer but the position does not begin for let’s say 4 weeks, are you able to continue to collect benefits up to the date you begin working? How do you report this on your weekly claim and what impact does accepting a position have on your weekly benefits?

    Applying out of state: Do you report the out of state applications as part of your weekly filing? If you receive a job offer from an out of state employer and decline due to either the Salary too low (based on cost of living) OR inability to start on the date requested because of the finances needed to move for the job, what impact does this have on your AZ Unemployment benefits.


    • You continue to file claims until the week you begin work. You stop claiming the week you begin work. You don’t have report anything. AZ will close the claim when no future benefits are paid. Should you lose this job before the benefit year of the claim expires, you REOPEN the claim at which point AZ will investigate the separation before it resumes payment of any remaining benefits.

      Yes, you can apply for positions out of state. You can refuse positions due to low salary or unfeasible location as unsuitable. AZ will investigate the circumstances of each refusal.

      Generally speaking, AZ is a very difficult state to work with. The fewer questions you are required to answer as to job refusals/unsuitability, the better off you will be.

      • Unemployed in Arizona

        I’ve provided the weekly questions posed when filing your AZ unemployment claim below (others may find these helpful). Question 3 asks if you refused any job offer, and you must select “Yes” or “No”. I wonder if I refuse a job how long it takes before I would receive that week’s benefit. I assume they do some investigation or research on it since they do not allow any room for explanation. Do you know how this is handled and when the benefit would become payable again?

        Below are the yes/no questions posed by Arizona Unemployment each time you file for a weekly claim:
        1. Were you able to work and available for work each regular workday?
        2. Did you look for work and make job contact on four different days of the week?
        3. Did you refuse any job offer or referral to work?
        4. Did you work or earn any money, including part time work?
        5. Have you returned to full-time work which will not require you to file any further weekly claims at this time?
        6. Do you decline to file for the week because you did not meet the work search requirements?

        • AZ investigates a job refusal as it would a separation. It will suspend benefits, schedule a telephone appointment to ask you about why you refused – and may contact the employer. Expect a delay of at least two-three weeks before benefits will resume – depending on how quickly AZ contacts you. Any benefits not paid while waiting will be paid retro. Keep claiming.

  • Edith

    I was called to a meeting with my supervisor and another supervisor.
    Acused of leaving a note on a fellow employee’s desk.
    The note was on how to make your life better.
    It wasn’t profane, and it didn’t have anything to do with her.
    She acused me of leaving the note there .
    I didn’t have anything to do with it.
    They didn’t believe me .
    They terminated my employment based on her word and no proof.
    Will I be able to collect unemployment benefits?

    • Yes, but you will probably have to appeal to get AZ to recognize there is no proof you left that note. Process will take at least two-three months. An interviewer will automatically deny if your employer alleges misconduct and let the appeals court sort out the truth.

  • Guadalupe

    I work for a federally funded pre-school I was told my employer that a new law in arizona prevent us to receive unemployment benefits the company said that even when we’re not working we remain employed but without pay, I still have money remaining for what the state takes from my income, is almost 2 1/2 months without any income is there such a law?

  • Alicia

    I was laid off for having a co-worker do my nails while on break. It was the first time I had done this at work. Another co-worker saw us and reported to Human Resources. I was brought in to the HR office and asked about it, I did not deny it and was told okay thanks for letting them know. The next day when I came into work I was let go. I filed for unemployment but was denied to misconduct, I am wondering if when I appeal, I can use the Single Incident Rule as it was a one time incident.

    • Well, you were on your break. If company has no specific rule on this, you were not quilty of misconduct. Company needs to prove a rule violation – a rule of which you were aware and had acknowledged. Certainly you can use the single incident defense, but the real defense here is you were not on company time, had never been warned, there was no rule. Post back with the outcome.

  • Kim

    The company that I worked for (8 1/2 years) went out of business in Oct 2016. I have been receiving unemployment benefits since that time. I will be running out of benefits shortly.

    I keep reading about extensions. Are they currently available? How do I apply?

    • Extensions are no longer available. Congress discontinued the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program in December 2013.

      • Kim

        So there are no other options after unemployment benefits run out?

        • Some states offer certified training programs which pay benefits while training. Check w/AZ people on whether that is an option for you. Usually, enrollment is required while you are collecting benefits – and no later than 16 weeks after you’ve begun benefits – which means it is now too late for even that. But AZ might have other options.

  • Missy

    I was terminated from my job for “insubordination”. When in fact my supervisor let me go because other employees were gossiping about the way I trained other staff. This occured multiple times each time I discussed this issue with my supervisor he never took any action to resolve the issue. After one of the new trainees informed me of what had been said about me by another coworker the day after I had trained them.I informed my supervisor again. He said he would take care of it of course he didnt then I got ahold of that coworker confronted him via text. And my supervisor fired me over that.

    • Apply for benefits, but don’t expect an easy road in AZ. If employer alleges misconduct, in AZ it is an automatic denial. No interviewer in AZ will grant benefits under these circumstances. You will be initially denied and need to appeal. The appeals courts will examine the circumstances more carefully. Talking to your supervisor is not insubordination. If you can prove that at appeal, you should get benefits. Expect a two-three month wait for benefits – if you win.

  • Nikole

    I was laid off from job back in July of 2016 from let’s call it ABC Co., I filed for unemployment which I reviewed the weekly benefits. I then started a part-time job at the beginning of November 2016. I worked 20-25 hours a week, never full time always part-time. Due to circumstances with my boss, I quit that job (lets call this place AZ org) towards the end of January 2017. I then reapplied for unemployment benefits and I entered the employer (AZ org) that I had just quit my job from as my last employer. I was denied benefits because I voluntary quit that job, I then appealed it and lost. Can I reapply for benefits again from the company, ABC Co, that laid me off since the job I had for a few months was only part-time?

    • No. That original claim is in place for one year. No other AZ claims are allowed in that time. Further, even if another claim was allowed (which it isn’t), that last quit disqualifies you from benefits from employer ABC until you’ve worked again and earned 5x your weekly benefit amount.

      Try to find another part-time job (don’t quit). Once your earnings equal 5xWBA, reapply to reopen the claim. You might be able to collect a small partial benefit while working part-time.

      • Nikole

        Ok thanks for the info, so what if I have been making money as a distributor for a direct sales company (basically like a self employed employee or I guess a contractor), would that count as earnings towards the “once your earnings equal 5xWBA” ?

  • Kristie

    I just got the call that the company I have worked for for 8 years is closing in 1 week to 2 months after they liquidate stock. I work part time as I am disabled and receive Social Security Disability. Can I apply for unemployment when the company officially closes and I loose my job. I live in Arizona.

    • Absolutely, apply. AZ will determine your benefit based on 4% of high quarter wages.

      • Kristie

        Thank you for your quick reply. Because I only work part time my wages are only about $6,000 gross per year. If I am reading correctly it does not appear that that is enough. Am I understanding that correctly?

        • You are correct. You need to have earned at least 10x Arizona’s minimum wage in one quarter – i.e., $3,900 (390x$10) in three months, and have total earnings of at least $5,850 on the 12-month base period. Using that formula, you are fine with total earnings but, unless you have an unbalanced quarter, you appear to be earning only $500/mo., or $1,500 per quarter, which is way too low. This would not be disqualifying in most other states which have either a lower quarterly earnings bar, or will take into consideration number of weeks worked in the year.
          Per AZ website:

          At least 390 times the Arizona minimum wage in your highest earning quarter and the total of the other three quarters must equal at least one half of the amount in your high quarter. For example, if you made $5000 in your highest quarter you need to have earned a total of $2500 within the remaining three quarters combined,
          Or at least $7000 in total wages in at least two quarters of the base period, with wages in one quarter equal to $5987.50 or more.

  • Chelsea

    I am currently receiving unemployment benefits in AZ (week 5 of benefits) and received an offer from a job to come to an UNPAID 6 week training. It is not an official job offer; I have to complete the full training before becoming eligible for the job. Should I continue to seek other job opportunities and claim unemployment each week of the training? Or does getting the training offer disqualify me from UI benefits?

    Thank you for your insight!

  • Judith Beltran

    I have been notified by my employer that my last day will be 3/24/17. I have signed a transition agreement and will receive a severance package on my last day. My agreement states that the company will not contest my umployment claim. When will I be eligible to apply for AZ UI benefits?

  • Louisa

    I took 3 sick days since I am pregnant and have had a terrible case of what seems to be the flu. I texted my manager each day letting him know I was in bed and very sick. On the third day he asked that I please return all company property if I’d like my final paycheck. I should mention as well that I had enough sick days to cover my time off. Would I qualify for unemployment?

    • You should be unless employer accuses you of a rules violation and/or misconduct – i.e., excessive absenteeism. You may need to appeal to get AZ to recognize a simple medical absence v. rules violation, so may take a while before you get an approval

  • Alex

    I applied for unemployment when I was laid off in Arizona, then moved to California and worked for a bit there and started a vocational training in July of 2016. I was denied unemployment from Arizona because I was a student and lost all my appeals. I am now (02/13/2017) trying to close the claim from Arizona and so I can open a claim in California, since my work is seasonal, and I am told that I can’ t close the claim in Arizona until July of 2017. I never received benefits and I only filed one week claim back in July of 2016. What can I do? Is this ever right? Isn’t a claim closed after all your appeals are denied?

    • No, claims are not closed, they just expire. CA won’t open a claim until the AZ benefits are exhausted. If you are laid off in CA and no longer a student, you need to reopen the AZ claim, exhaust those benefits first, and then reapply in CA. Just because AZ denied when you were a student doesn’t mean it will not pay benefits now after it conducts an investigation into this most recent separation.

  • Ana

    I found a new job and notified my boss that I would be leaving. I gave 30 days notice (this is customary in my profession). However, he fired me on the spot. My new job doesn’t start for a month, will I possibly be eligible for unemployment during that time?

    • Yes. Apply immediately. State you were discharged. Employer will contest, saying you quit. Most states pay unemployment for the weeks between discharge and notice, some states grant an entire claim. AZ has a waiting week, so you will be paid for three of the four weeks. AZ is not claimant-friendly, however. It may take them a while to approve the claim.

  • Dustin

    I have been receiving UI benefits for 3 weeks now. I took a new job this week and have worked for 5 days. The job was not as it was advertised and I got severe anxiety being there and made a decision to not return to work. I understand for this week I will be honest and claim that I made money at new job, but next week I will be u employed again because this job didn’t work out. Am I able to keep filing ‘weekly claims’ again? I will be continuing to search for work and be available.

    • Do NOT mention anxiety or other medical reasons for this quit to AZ unless you have medical documentation to support this claim. Further, before quitting because of stress/anxiety, you are required to “address the grievance” with the employer in an attempt to preserve the employment relationship – by outlining your issues with this work – requesting employer rectify the problems. If employer refuses, only then are you allowed to quit. Since you’ve already quit, that horse has left the barn. So, again, do NOT bring up medical issues.

      Material misrepresentation of job duties is a good cause reason for a quit, but AZ is not claimant-friendly, and most probably will be looking for your attempt to preserve the employment relationship. If you frame this quit properly, AZ may allow resumption of benefits without an appeal but, given AZ’s history, don’t count on it.

      If you file a claim this week, AZ won’t pay you anyway and will close the claim because no benefits have been paid. You will need to call AZ to REOPEN the claim and will not receive benefits until AZ investigates the separation and determines whether or not you quit for cause.

      That said, keep filing claims as long as the system permits.

  • brian

    i dont know if i quit my job or i was fired becoues my boss did not tell my where i was to be for work on monday and i did not hear a thing from him all week and as i gone for my check on that firday i was told i quit but if i dont know where to be for work bouse of no word from him how do i go to work i filled out my unempoyment papers and told them all of that and after 23 day and all the red tape i was denided my eunmpolyment for it but now they say there is a new reson and that is i am averable for full time work why is airzone so hard to get unempolyment from all states say even if you quit you are still able to receive unempolyment just take 2 weeks longer they act like its their money and not yours

    • AZ is not a claimant-friendly state and will use any excuse to deny benefits. Low-tax states tend to be this way. Move to California which approaches its obligations to its citizens in a completely opposite manner. You would have won benefits in California, I am certain of that.

  • Danny

    For weeks my claims said active issues no it says available for full time work no I understand I’m available for full time work does that mean I’m denied or approved.

  • Alyssa

    I was laid off from my job that I got through a temp agency. I was never hired on but my contract was up after 3 months. I worked at that job for 5 full months and a half. The last date that I worked was Dec. 30th. Would I be eligible for unempoyment?

  • Hyde Kings

    My employer is seeking to start a termination process due to attendance because my FMLA claim was denied due to non receipt of paperwork for my disabled child – my child was diagnosed with autism and I have not been able to come back to work due to the amount medical appointments and attention that my child is in need of… my provider gave me copies of all that was faxed to my employer but my employer is still stating that they never received it. If I do get terminated under these circumstances, will I still qualify for unemployment benefits?

    • Possibly. AZ is not a claimant-friendly state. It may grant the claim due to compelling family reasons, but may not pay because of A&A issues. If AZ approves the claim, you will need to provide AZ proof that you have child care and are Able and Available to search for and accept work before AZ will pay benefits.

  • Ana

    If I terminate my employment in the state of Az due to lack of child care as well as medical issues (major depression disorder) will I be eligible for UI benefits

    • Unemployment benefits are only paid to those who are able to search for and accept work – it is called being Able and Available.

      AZ will establish a claim based on medical reasons if you can provide documentation of the issue, but AZ will NOT pay benefits until you have a medical release stating you are fit to search for and accept work.

      Do not mention child care as a reason for the quit. For certain you will be denied. This is a personal reason, not the responsibility of the employer or the State of AZ, and renders you UNable and UNavailable.

  • Daniel Lewis

    Is there anyway to get more than $240 a week. My total benefits come to $6,240 so is there anyway to get more than $240 a week. It is impossible to survive on this amount.

  • Christina

    I was on a final warning and missed a day of work. I worked for a full two weeks before the company decided to review my file to decide if they will terminate me. They have put me on administrative leave pending the decision. Would I be eligible for unemployment if I am terminated?

  • Alexandria

    I was hired FT at my job in AZ. But due to the weather, I haven’t been working FT hours. Im lucky if I get 20 hours a week. Can I file unemployment for lost hours?

  • Kara Bishop

    I was fired from a job based off of rumors that were going around that I “was not following company policy” over two months ago. I was approved for UI based on the fact there was no evidence of the claims my ex-employer made. I have been on UI for over two months now in Arizona. Now my ex-employer is appealing my UI out of the blue: after two months of being on UI. Can they legally do this?

    • Yes. Employers can and do appeal months after approval, in some cases a year. If the state allows the appeal, there is nothing you can do except contest that employer’s right to a late appeal at the hearing – and defend your position. Chances are this is a professional firm hired to contest all claims. They are paid on their wins. If employer had no evidence before, it has no evidence now. Appear at the hearing and make employer prove their hearsay.

  • Mary

    I was laid off and have been collecting unemployment.

    I have accepted a job starting mid January. Do I still collect unemployment until I begin work?

    Thank you for your time.

  • QB

    Amazon has it if employees go negative on unpaid time off they will be fired. My question is will employees be eligible for unemployment?

    • No. This is a rules violation. Especially in AZ, there is no chance of this being overlooked unless you have a VERY good reason – and even then it will be only at appeal – which in AZ is normally not won by claimants.

  • Daphne Campbell

    If my husband and I relocate to AZ, due to his asthma and skin issues, can we file for unemployment until we are able to find employment there?

  • shaun

    Laid off with 4 weeks severance should i wait 4 weeks to file or file day of termination? I’d like to enjoy 4 weeks without filing claims and looking for a job and possibly go out state should i wait or should i apply right away?

    • Apply right away to preserve base period wages. AZ offsets your benefits w/severance. It will take AZ a while to get the claim in place, so if processing takes he usual month-six weeks, you can begin filing weekly claims next year.

      • shaun

        Does it offset the amount ? If i get 3k in severance does that mean i’d only get 3k in unemployment?

        • Payment of unemployment benefits are delayed equivalent to the number of weeks’ salary severance is paid. You received four weeks’ severance, your benefits are delayed for four weeks. Thereafter, you get the entire award provided you are unemployed long enough.

  • Robert

    I have a question and maybe I could get an answer. I have worked at my job for 4 years as a part time worker. During the summer time its not as busy like the winter time. I usually get up to 32 hours a week if Im lucky but no more leaving my wife to pick up most of the slack. During the winter time I get just enough hours to get by. My job works by seniority to get full time not by hard work. By the time all of my/our bills are paid I have little money left, and that means the refrigerator of ours being empty for several weeks. Could I qualify for assistance only until I get full time at my work? Any assistant to my question would be helpful. Thank you.

    • If yours has always been a flexible hours, you wouldn’t qualify for unemployment benefits. Your only other option – if household income is low enough – would be to visit AZ social services. There may be some help available, there.

  • Jazz

    I was let go on Oct 23 due to an argument had with a fellow coworker. Some words were exchanged nothing was said to me by management I advised the supervisor on duty due to the heated argument I was going to leave for the remaining 4hrs of my shift. The next day I show up for OT my badge deactivated and they gave me everything from my desk. I was friends with one of the supervisors she came out that morning I explained what happened the previous day she told me out sit manager would be in contact. To this day noto a single person in management contacted to inform me of the termination. On Nov 3 I applied for UI the discharge remained an active issue till Nov 23. I was advised review is 21 days and expect it to take the full time. UI ruled in my favor on Nov 21 but found a new issue in my weekly claim. I refused a job due to transportation. The job required open availability 4am-12am a little difficult without a car. Today is Dec 9th the final day of review for the new issue. I’ve gotten nothing but the run around over the phone I have received no payment and have since went back to work and reported that as well. What is your honest opinion on the situation?

    • Transportation is a personal issue and no state will approve benefits if that is your reason for quitting or refusing a job. Distance can be an issue, lack of transportation opens up an availability issue. You should have cited unsuitability as to hours for the job refusal because you’ve never worked those hours previously. Unless you’ve always worked third shift, you have a perfect right to refuse this schedule. You might get an approval on appeal if you can reframe the issue as one involving third shift hours, not transportation.

      • Jazz

        I didn’t quite a job it was a referral through a staffing company. I had included all of this information. How do I accept a job if I can’t get there. “You dont have a car, just walk or bike the 10miles at 4am to get there because no car is a personal problem?” I have always worked a morning shit the latest I’ve ever worked is 7:30. It’s honestly just ridiculous never get any answers from them.

      • Jazz

        I included transportation limits my availability and what availability was REQUIRED of the job.

        • That’s the problem. The waters have been muddied. That there is no public transportation available for those hours makes perfect sense, of course. Because transportation can be a personal issue, now AZ has to decide whether lack of transportation in your case raises an Able and Available issue. That said, a 4 a.m. start time is not reasonable – especially if you are required to have a car to get to the job. You should eventually be approved, but may need to appeal to get there. AZ cannot reasonably require you own a car.

          • Jazz

            I have never gotten any payment. Each time their limit is due to run out the 21 days the day before they find another active issue. They ruled in my favor on the discharge then the refusal of job decision had to be made on Dec 9th. I have since went back to work on Nov 21st that filing week ended on Nov 29th. During my weekly claims in the comment for my job search I included the job i’d accepted that I’d attended orientation. For the weekly claim on Nov 29th I reported I went back to work and wouldn’t need to file any more weeks. Today I go online to find a new active issue stating available to work full time staring on Dec 9th. Meaning I’ll be waiting another 21 days faxing back papers making a million calls for nothing. I reported on the 29th about this job now on the final day ofor the previous active issue a new one is found. I’m getting honestly pretty annoyed with the whole process. If they had denied the refusal of work then the whole claim would’ve been denied instead they’ve found another issue.

          • Jazz

            I also in that claim reported my earnings before deductions. Since I am technically hired by and being paid by the staffing company I provided all information. The address, phone number, person who referred me and hours and days I worked.

          • “For the weekly claim on Nov 29th I reported I went back to work and wouldn’t need to file any more weeks. “

            You NEVER report a return to work on a claim form. NEVER. Doing so causes problems in almost every state.

            Just stop claiming. That’s good enough.

            Fyi, AZ is a terrible state, not at all claimant-friendly and will deny benefits for any valid and invalid reason it can. At this point, b/c you will probably never get anywhere w/AZ – email your state representative about your issues. Find your state rep, here:


            State reps are very effective at getting these states to perform. Somebody needs to rattle AZ’s cage. They get away with way too much.

  • Montrell

    I was fired from my job on 12/05/2016, I was told by the owner that she could no longer afford to pay my salary and she has to let me go. I also was told that I could stay with the agency if I accepted a comission only position. That day, I filed an unemployment claim. I received another call from the owner on 12/08/2016 letting me know that she received notification from the Arizona Unemployment office, she told me if I accepted her commission only position, then unemployment will pay my claims. I was also told that if I didn’t accept her position, that I must email her a letter stating that I quit. Is this right?

    Please help!

    • All in all this commission ‘job’ is a bad idea. No, AZ will not continue to pay benefits while you work on a commission-only basis. She is lying to you.

      Since your last job before you filed your claim was salaried, technically, yes, you could accept the commission position and would be eligible to collect benefits. However, know that if you are working full-time on commission, whether or not you earn anything, you are not eligible for benefits.

      Further, if you are only working part-time on commission and not earning any money, you would report the hours worked but no earnings – and AZ would not accept the claim – and would stop your benefits. The systems are not set up for you to report working without income. Sample of qs on AZ claim form here –

      Note it asks for earnings. If you put “0”, AZ will not process the claim.

      Second, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES, do you email a letter stating that you have quit. She has already discharged you. There is no job to quit. This is trickery so that she can tell AZ that you quit and are ineligible for benefits.

      What you can do is email her, stating you regret she found it necessary to discharge you. Although, you appreciate the offer of a commission only position, you are not able to accept this because it is not a job, it is technically self-employment and therefore is unsuitable. You need a full-time job with a fixed salary.

      You do not need to report this ‘job offer’ and refusal when you next claim but know that if you don’t, she will. AZ will want to know why you didn’t report it. You tell AZ it was not a job with a set hourly wage, it was an independent contractor/self-employed commission-only position. It was not a “job.” Therefore, there was no “job” to refuse. Which is why you didn’t report it.

      Or, better yet, don’t respond to her at all, continue to file claims to AZ and search for suitable work that actually pays – and be prepared for AZ to ask about the ‘job’ refusal.

  • steve

    Hi, I was let go due to absences from medical issues. I applied for unemployment and am filing claims. I received a debit card, and have also had money deposited into the account. Due to the discharge, there is an unresolved issue open. Have I been approved since money is coming in, or should I wait to use the money until issue is resolved? How long does this usually take?

    • You haven’t been approved. Your benefits could be suspended in future depending on what the issue is. Approval could take four weeks or more, again depending on the issue. You might call AZ and ask when you will receive an official approval.

  • Gail

    I was laid off middle of August and have been collecting unemployment.

    I am starting a 4-6 month contract/temp job tomorrow.

    Do I continue to file my weekly claim showing I had income to keep it open so that when the contract ends I can continue to look for a permanent position and begin to receive benefits thru my most recent employer? Or do I stop submitting my claim all together and then reopen in 4-6 months.


  • Rhia

    I worked for a company for 19 months. I’m salaried but have always been great about making up any time I miss to avoid falling behind on my work. I have excellent records of my hours missed/worked. Recently, my foster child had some medical issues and had a couple of surgeries scheduled. I got it all ok’d through my supervisor. Then I reached out to the owner of the company asking for FMLA and was told not to worry about it. As we have less than 50 employees, he’s not required to comply. So I was out on Monday for one of the procedures, then on Friday, my supervisor pulled me in and fired me for my attendance and job performance. There was no warning, no coaching, no corrective action, nothing. They have no written policies on anything. I applied for UI immediately. Then I called and spoke with the owner, and he’s offered me two weeks’ severance if I sign a paper that states: “I acknowledge that my employment was terminated because my supervisor was unhappy with my job performance. I agree that my supervisor was justified in deciding to terminate my employment.” If I choose to sign this, will it impact my ability to get unemployment?

    • Indeed, it will. That letter, in AZ’s eyes, at least initially, is an admission of misconduct.

      Know that AZ only pays $240/wk for 26 weeks. You need to weigh severance against potential benefits of $6,240. There were no performance issues. Absence b/c of family illness is not misconduct.

      Whether you sign or don’t, in AZ you will probably need to appeal to have any hope of getting benefits which could take two-three months.

      If you sign the letter and take the severance, you will need to argue duress/coercion at appeal, and hope AZ sees it your way.

      If you don’t sign it, employer will cite discharge due to absenteeism. not necessarily misconduct but the issue will need to be explored at appeal.

      So, it’s a horse apiece. Either way, you’ll be waiting a while for benefits.

  • Jessica Romero

    My job is doing a large layoff giving us 11/17 as a last day. They are offering a severance package that can take 45 days to receive. I have already been desperately applying for work since they announced our layoff but have not heard anything and am getting worried. What is the time frame for applying for unemployment. If my last day is the 17th – can I go in the 18th or will it be rejected due to severance?

  • Damion

    If I was fired for calling out of work because of car problems / sick children, can I get unemployment?

  • Hi, I am collecting some unemployment and working part time in phoenix az. I moved oct 1st (over a month ago) 85 miles away to Prescott valley. I have been communing to work. Can I put in my 2 weeks notice and look for a job closer to me? What do i have to do. I have already reported the address change.

    Thank you.

    • Generally, you can’t quit a job and continue collecting benefits just because you’ve moved too far away from that job. If you do, AZ requires you work again and experience another qualifying separation – see chart at bottom of page, here.

      In a situation like yours, some states reduce the benefit by the earnings from the part-time job, others stop benefits entirely. AZ just stops benefits. You have a better chance of keeping your benefits if you can find a replacement job BEFORE you quit the current job. Otherwise, if you must quit, expect to lose benefits

  • Jonathan thompson

    I worked for an hvac company for 5 years in arizona. I went and passed my contractors test so i can work for myself in the future. When i told my ex employer about this he fired me even tho my business is far from being established. I would like to know if i am eligible for unemployment? I have heard that i am and i have heard that i am not due to being a licensed contracter. Please email me and let me know thanks!

    • Being a licensed contractor does not prevent you receiving unemployment benefits unless you have actually established a business and are working to promote that business. All you need to do is assure AZ that you are not self-employed. Possession of the license is not synonymous with self-employment unless you are actively working to establish the business.

  • I was terminated because I was on intermittent fmla and my HR dept. required a Dr note for every absence. I supplied a old Dr’s note of which I changed the date. Hr called to the dr. To verify dates the date I missed. The Dr said I was not there. I only missed 5 days in a year and the intermittent paperwork called for 5-10 days in a given year. I would throw out my back and could move so there was no way to make it to the dr.Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

    • If you apply, tell AZ you were discharged because of medical absences and let it go at that. Say nothing about the false medical excuse. Very unlikely you’ll get benefits unless your employer stays silent on this issue and you do not tell AZ about it, either. If employer states you falsified the doctor’s note, AZ will deny you for sure. You can appeal – and say you falsified the excuse because of your back – but you will still need to provide medical evidence for the back issue at the time it occurred. Even then, falsifying the doctor’s note is serious misconduct. AZ pays so little in benefits ($240/wk) – you’re better off trying to find another job.

  • After my 26 week benefits, can I still draw unemployment if I returned to school for computer classes to help me in getting a job in that field? Everything is computerized in this day and age and almost every app I have applied for requires some knowledge in computers. Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you

    • No. The time to have applied for a Certified Training Benefits was no later than 13 weeks after you first began collecting unemployment compensation from the State of Arizona. It is too late now to qualify for any CTB program. Contact the State of Arizona – there may be other options for you.

  • Gavica

    My benefits page says “no disqualifiers found” but also says non payment reason “active issues”. I filed 9/12 and expect employer to fight it. I received paperwork requesting additional info, then received debit card. I’m worried since it still says active issues that I am going to be denied.

  • Nancy

    If my benefits page says “no disqualifiers found” does that mean I was approved? If I was sent a debit card does that mean I was approved?

  • Carl

    I was cited for a traffic ticket and brought into the police department booked and released.
    It was a Sunday and I was their about 1 hour.
    Can I still file for unemployment for the week I was cited ? Or should I not file for that week?


  • Ruby

    I quit my job on June 29th due to health reasons and not being able to work 70-80 hrs a week. I filed for unemployment on June 30th and was denied July 21. I appealed it and won my appeal on the 6th of September but the ALJ says I left due to “compelling personal reasons” causing medical issues. Now unemoyment has “active issues” on all the weeks I have filed for my benefits. I contacted UI and they said I have to get a doctor’s note saying when I was available for full time work. I was always available for full time work but unable to work 70-80 hrs a week because my PCP said I needed to figure out how to cut back hours and if I couldn’t I should find a new job. So my question is why is unemployment requiring a doctor’s note after I’ve won the appeal? Will I not get the 10 weeks of benefits I’ve claimed if my doctor says I was always available but not for over 40 hrs? Any info would help! I have an appointment on Monday with my doctor to discuss the request for the note.

    • AZ is making you jump through an extra hoop to get those back weeks. Medical (regardless of the reason) always raises an Able and Available issue. A doctor’s release is a necessary part of the record. That AZ doesn’t recognize the 80/hr work week reason for the medical issue is frustrating, but this is way these UI offices operate. Just get the doctor’s note stating you were fit and available for a 40-hour work week from x date, which you were. AZ should pay you. If it doesn’t, get an atty.

  • brian carlson


    I was asked to fly to a job interview out of state. I will be gone overnight. Can I still apply and receive unemployment benefits for the week I was gone to my interview. ?


  • Brandon

    I was paid about $5000 (before taxes) in severance pay. I was told the max unemployment amount wouldn’t exceed ~$6000. Does this mean I only get around $1000 maximum in unemployment benefits?

    • No. It means AZ won’t pay an unemployment benefit until 22 weeks have passed, assuming you are still unemployed at that time. Assuming your claim is for 26 weeks, $6,000/26 = $230 weekly benefit. $5,000 severance/$230 = 21.79 weeks. Continue to submit weekly claims. If you are still unemployed at the end of 22 weeks, the severance offset to benefits will be exhausted, at which time AZ will begin to pay benefits. Hopefully, you will find another position before then. Keep in mind this claim is good for one year, so should you find another job and lose it before the claim expires, you can reopen this claim and begin benefits, provided you’ve previously claimed the equivalent of 22 weeks benefits. Otherwise, the severance offset will affect when AZ can resume payments.

  • Denise

    I was terminated due to excessive absences. I notified management each time and he was aware of my family emergencies and situation. He felt covering my shift was more of a priority. I attempted to notify him in advance of a surgery and was still denied, and attended the surgery anyway. I received a written warning at that point. A couple weeks later my grandfather died and I was terminated soon after. Horrible time for me and my family. Would I still be eligible for unemployment?

    • If AZ is willing to recognize medical and compelling domestic reasons for the absences, you might be eligible – eventually. That said, given the circumstances, AZ will absolutely deny your initial application b/c employer will cite absenteeism. Your reasons at the early stages of application are irrelevant. Only at appeal will you be given an opportunity to rebut the allegations. This will take a few months. By means apply, but don’t expect any benefits for months. Frankly, a win in AZ given these circumstances will be difficult.

  • Barbara

    I WAS LET GO FOR JOB ABANDONMENT? I had a injury a back injury I called once and expressed how severe it was….I thought they knew I’d be of for at least 6 weeks?

    • How would employer know if you didn’t tell them – EXACTLY – what they could expect?? One telephone call stating back injury, then out for six weeks, with no supporting medical evidence such as a doctor’s excuse – AND no further followup or contact by you with employer – will certainly get you a discharge in any state. AZ will not grant an unemployment claim under these circumstances. If you did provide employer with medical evidence of this injury and length of recovery, then AZ may grant the claim – but you’ll probably have to appeal to get benefits – and even then there is no guarantee. AZ is not claimant-friendly.

  • Daisy

    I was fired in Arizona for fraternizing on my vacation. This was a one time incident. I worked for the company for over 5 years with salary. Would I get unemployment benefits?

    • This is a rules violation (misconduct) which apparently you knew about. Unless there is no written policy on this issue and you were never formally informed about it or acknowledged knowing this rule, you will have a hard time obtaining benefits in AZ. Know that AZ is extremely hostile to claimants. You will absolutely be denied at initial application for misconduct and need to appeal. An appeal will also result in a denial, unless you can prove the fraternization rule did not exist or you were never informed about it. Your next recourse is the Board of Review. This process can take six months or longer. You may want to hire an unemployment attorney. However, because AZ benefits are only $240/wk, it may not be worth your while.

  • Jared

    I was fired for lack of sales. No other issues. Bambi eligible to apply for unemployment ?

  • Nancy

    If I lost my job, that i WAY exceeded the thresholds in pay for my base period and was at for over 3 years, on April 30, 2015 and got approved for unemployment after 30 days (because of severance pay) and collected unemployment until mid July and then stopped applying for UI as I took an independent contractor position. I had the independent contractor position of 11 months. Which ended in June. Today is July 11, 2016 and I am still out of work with no money coming in. Do you think I could apply for UI for that employer that in worked at for 3 years? I can’t figure out if I am still qualified? It’s been alms a year that I stopped applying, or maybe just a year….
    Am I still eligible?

    • You are eligible possibly because of the IC work if you were paid on W-2 for the IC position. Otherwise, you can still apply for benefits, and then request AZ do a wage reclassification on the IC income. Many employers pay on 1099 to avoid taxes, when, in fact, claimant was never an IC but worked as an employee. The investigation and wage reclassification will take time, but it may be worth your while because you did work almost a year as an IC.

      Further, you may still have LAG from the first employer which can be used in this new claim.

      By all means, apply.

  • LosGreat

    We pay into these systems and they make it so hard for us to utilize our benefits when we need them. Not okay!

  • MRamirez

    The restaurant that I work for will be closed for a month due to remodeling. What are my options? Can I file for unemployment if the restaurant is closed and beyond my control?

    • Yes, absolutely apply for benefits. AZ does have a waiting week, but eventually you should be paid for three of those four weeks. Know that processing the application for benefits will take at least three weeks, so you’ll probably be back at work by the time AZ is in a position to pay you.

  • I was fired for not caring and being unsafe. I witnessed others performing unsafe Acts intentionally as my supervisor watched. I also watched them play a game with the object being to hit others in the scrotum, also with the supervisor’s knowledge.
    Does this make my termination discriminatory?

    • In what way were you discriminated against? You will need to prove you were fired for “discrimination.” In AZ, that’s an almost impossible task. Employer will accuse you of poor performance/misconduct – as you cited above – whether true or not. AZ will believe employer and deny benefits. You will need to appeal and disprove employer’s claims.

  • Jason Morgan

    I got let go due to the company moving and terminating my position. If I take a job making substantially less money can I still collect unemployment here in AZ?

  • Jesse

    I quit my job due to two reasons. My manager would Germany angry due to customers and punch a wall or locker, and have an aggressive answer if you asked for help. Second was I live an hour and a half away and they would not transfer me to a closer location. Am I eligible?

    • You might have had grounds under “compelling reason” to refuse that job as unsuitable due to distance. However, you accepted and worked at that job knowing the distance, so quitting now for that reason now won’t hold – unless you can somehow demonstrate family hardship. But, then, you risk a denial for ‘personal’ reasons. If you can prove a hostile work environment, you might have a better chance. However, AZ is not claimant-friendly and will deny at the drop of a hat. If you do decide to quit, of course, apply. But, realistically, expect no benefits.

  • Fernanda

    I had to leave my job in Arizona because my husband relocated to California due to a better job opportunity. I stayed behind in AZ for almost 3 months and tried to find a job before going there with him but did not have any luck. I ended up moving there myself without a job because we couldn’t afford to have two rentals. Since then, I have only been able to secure a part time job in California, and wanted to know if I can still qualify for unemployment? if the answer is yes, would I file in Arizona?

    • You would file in AZ under “compelling reason.” You should still have a year’s wages in your base period to qualify. However, know that AZ’s benefit is very low – $240 week, maximum, for up to 26 weeks.

  • shan non p

    If i am fired because i am no longer able to physically work under my job description and a doctor says that i can no longer work, can i collect unemployment benefits for the 26 weeks?

    • If you are not able to work at all, you are not Able and Available and will not be eligible to collect benefits. Able and Available means you are searching for and able to accept work if offered. If you have to quit for medical reasons, you can apply for benefits. You will be granted a claim but will not be able to collect on that claim until you are Able and Available. If your state provides disability benefits, apply for those. Otherwise, when you are again fit for work, REOPEN the unemployment claim you began, but on which you were not able to collect benefits at the time you opened that claim.

  • Stephanie

    How do you know if you are approved?

    • You should receive a formal approval letter. Keep claiming. Often your online account will show payments being made before you receive a formal approval. Notice of Monetary Award is not an approval – it just tells you what you would be eligible for IF approved.

  • iesha siegfried

    Fantastic suggestions , I was enlightened by the info , Does anyone know if I would be able to access a blank 2013 SC DoR SC1040 version to work with ?

  • Mia

    Does anyone know what day Unemployment hits the debit card? my first payment hit the debit card on the 22nd, which was a monday. but a friend of mine told me it hits on a tuesday?

    • Unemployment Guru

      The payments are released 24-48 hours after you submit your weekly claim. Payments are on hold until active issues are resolved.

  • I was fired from my job in Arizona, and have moved to Kentucky. How do I file from Kentucky?

    • Unemployment Guru

      You must file in the state you have worked and earned money within your base period (the first 12 months of the last 18 months)

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